Business Intelligence Dashboard best practice webinar (2013)


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Business Intelligence Dashboard best practice webinar (2013)

  1. 1. Dashboard Best Practice Webinar Getting the most out of your strategic BI technology
  2. 2. Who you will be chatting to the the next 45mins Senior Consultant, Ivan Seow Consultant, Cameron Deed
  3. 3. Dashboards What are they all about?
  4. 4. 2 Types of BI There are two types of Business Intelligence 1. Analysis for and by the individual versus 2. Productionised mass distribution of pre-defined analysis
  5. 5. Yellowfin on the latter BI for the BI Consumer Yellowfin is not just an Analyst tool Yellowfin is for the BI Consumer A focus on what business users want and need Trying to figure out how data actually gets used in organizations
  6. 6. Why Dashboards? Helping people to do their jobs Easier than opening a dozen reports Summarized view of the user's "world" A simpler way to consume data
  7. 7. Today's session
  8. 8. Starting Out Dashboard design and planning
  9. 9. Best Practice #1 Design the dashboard for a specific purpose Operational vs Analytical Focus on a single subject area per tab Can the user act on the data?
  10. 10. Best Practice #2 Ensure high data consistency and quality
  11. 11. Best Practice #3 Plan well & make it relevant Know your audience Tailor each dashboard for a specific group Different needs Different data Display metrics that are of value for different departments/teams How would we start this design process?
  12. 12. What & Where?
  13. 13. Best Practice #4 Display important metrics through KPI dashboards
  14. 14. Usage User interaction and analysis
  15. 15. Best Practice #5 Start with the big picture in mind The dashboard has a clear purpose Contains high level summaries Avoids information cramming Can the dashboard answer the core what and why questions?
  16. 16. No massive reports on the tab Keep it short & sharp
  17. 17. Summary to Detailed
  18. 18. Best Practice #6 Dashboards should (must) be interactive Drill Down Drill Through Drill Anywhere Analytical Filters Time Sliders Series Selection
  19. 19. Best Practice #7 Less is More - Keep it Simple Display less reports per tab Clarity and Readability At-a-glance insight Performance - must be fast!
  20. 20. Formatting Help the user to help themselves
  21. 21. Best Practice #8 Draw the users attention the right way Key points and areas stand out Use colors appropriately and consistently Users can generate conclusions fast Quickly see areas of concern/potential
  22. 22. Best Practice #9 Complementary Layout & Placement Natural alignment and flow Ease of understanding Logical ordering Filters Reports
  23. 23. Best Practice #10 Position & Size to Reflect Importance
  24. 24. More Important, More Space Size to Reflect Importance
  25. 25. Best Practice #11 Communication is the Objective Make data the center of attention Features should never detract or distract Strong connection between visuals and data
  26. 26. Insight? What Insight?
  27. 27. Best Practice #12 Plan for Mobile & Device Independence How will it look and feel on a tablet? How will the information be consumed? Plan for small screen real estate Easy to understand reports Create and publish once
  28. 28. Questions
  29. 29. More Information @YellowfinBI Yellowfin LinkedIn User Group Yellowfin Feedback and Questions