Big Data Analytic with Hadoop: Customer Stories


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Why watch?

Looking to analyze your growing data assets to unlock real business benefits today? But, are you sick of all the Big Data hype and whoopla?

Watch this on-demand Webinar from Actian and Yellowfin – Big Data Analytics with Hadoop – to discover how we’re making Big Data Analytics fast and easy:

Learn how a telecommunications provider has already transformed its business using Big Data Analytics with Hadoop.

Hold on as we go from data in Hadoop to predictive analytics in just 40-minutes.

Learn how to combine Hadoop with the most advanced Big Data technologies, and world’s easiest BI solution, to quickly generate real business value from Big Data Analytics.

What will you learn?

Discover how Actian’s market-leading Big Data Analytics technologies, combined with Yellowfin’s consumer-oriented platform for reporting and analytics, makes generating value from Big Data Analytics faster and easier than you thought possible.

Join us as we demonstrate how to:

• Connect to, prepare and optimize Big Data in Hadoop for reporting and analytics.
• Perform predictive analytics on streaming Big Data: Learn how to empower all your analytics stakeholders to move from historical reports to predictive analytics and gain a sustainable competitive advantage.
• Communicate insights attained from Big Data: Optimize the value of your Big Data insights by learning how to effectively communicate analytical information to defined user groups and types.

This Webinar is ideal if…

• You want to act on more data and data types in shorter timeframes
• You want to understand the steps involved in achieving Big Data success – both front and back end
• You want to see how market leaders are leveraging Big Data to become data-driven organizations today

Looking to analyze and exploit Big Data assets stored in Hadoop? Then this Webinar is a must.

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Big Data Analytic with Hadoop: Customer Stories

  1. 1. Actian and Yellowfin present Big Data Analytic Stories with Hadoop
  2. 2. About Actian and Yellowfin
  3. 3. Why Actian and Yellowfin
  4. 4. The Digital Floodgates have opened...and will never be turned off
  5. 5. Big Data equals Big Opportunity
  6. 6. Companies using Data Strategically Outperform
  7. 7. Journey to Best in Class Analytics
  8. 8. Turning Data into Transformational Value
  9. 9. Customer Use Case: Telecom Example
  10. 10. Business Requirements
  11. 11. IT Challenges
  12. 12. Demo: From Data to Dashboard
  13. 13. Call Detail Record Summary
  14. 14. Routing Performance by Area Code
  15. 15. Routing Vendor Performance
  16. 16. Routing Vendor Alerts
  17. 17. Results: Business Improvements 20,000 updates made to routing tables during first week of collecting data
  18. 18. Results: More Capacity CPU Utilization Halved
  19. 19. Results: Customer Satisfaction FASTER Connected Calls
  20. 20. Results: Save Money Deeper Analysis visibility at the andArea Code Exchange level
  21. 21. Results: Actionable Insights FASTER Alert Vendors in Real-Time as issues happen
  22. 22. Results: Scalable and Future Proof 8.9 Billion rows of data collected during first 6 months
  23. 23. Customer Churn
  24. 24. Traditional Churn Analytics
  25. 25. How do we improve Churn Identification?
  26. 26. Add more sources of relevant data
  27. 27. and more sources of relevant data
  28. 28. and even more sources of relevant data!
  29. 29. Drag and Drop ETL and Analytics
  30. 30. WHERE customers are likely to churn
  31. 31. WHEN customers are likely to churn
  32. 32. WHY customers churn? Usage
  33. 33. WHY Customers Churn? Device
  34. 34. WHY Customers Churn? Dropped Calls
  35. 35. Results: More Accurate Predictions 70% Churn Identification (up from 5%)
  36. 36. Results: Better Segmentation Segment of 1 Individual Analysis, Not Samples
  37. 37. Results: Better Inbound Experience WHERE, WHEN & WHY Not just demographics
  38. 38. Results: More Effective Outbound Campaigns Targeted Marketing Campaigns
  39. 39. Results: Better Customer Service Customer Delight
  40. 40. Results: Future Applications? Cross-Sale Mobiles, Broadband, TV Packages, Movies
  41. 41. Your Big Data Journey
  42. 42. Summary: Making Big Data Fast and Easy