Social Studies in 21st Century 2012 MACE


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Social Studies in 21st Century 2012 MACE

  1. 1. social studies in the 21st century classroom
  2. 2. 21st century student?
  3. 3. “the cogent reasoning and useof evidence essential toresponsible citizenship in ademocratic republic.”
  4. 4. communicationcritical thinking collaboration flexibility creativity
  5. 5. what does 21st centuryhistorical thinking look like?
  6. 6. how arehistory students different than historians?
  7. 7. kids seehistory asanswers
  8. 8. kids seehistory asanswers historians see history as problems
  9. 9. who won the battle of the Little Big Horn? how do you know?
  10. 10. “Has anything ever threatened the existence of thisUnion save and except this very institution ofslavery? What is it that we hold most dear amongstus? Our own liberty and prosperity. What has everthreatened our liberty and prosperity, save andexcept this institution of slavery?If this is true, how do you propose to improve thecondition of things by enlarging slavery—byspreading it out and making it bigger? You mayhave a cancer upon your person, and not be able tocut it out, lest you bleed to death; but surely it is noway to cure it, to engraft it and spread it over yourwhole body.”
  11. 11. “I will say that I am not, nor ever have been in favorof bringing about in any way the social and politicalequality of the white and black races, that I am not,not ever have been, in favor of making voters orjurors of Negroes, nor of qualifying them to holdoffice, nor to intermarry with white people; and I willsay in addition to this that there is a physicaldifference between the white and black races whichI believe will forever forbid the two races from livingtogether on terms of social and political equality.. . . and I as much as any other man am in favor ofhaving the superior position assigned to the whiterace.”
  12. 12. fastenyour seatbelt
  13. 13. communicationcritical thinking collaboration flexibility creativity
  14. 14. primary sources DocsTeach
  15. 15. problem solving Historical Thinking
  16. 16. primary sources NARA
  17. 17. materials by indicator Library of Congress
  18. 18. professional growth National History Education Clearinghouse
  19. 19. teaching resources Smithsonian
  20. 20. communicationcritical thinking collaboration flexibility creativity
  21. 21. social network Edmodo
  22. 22. online classroom Collaborize
  23. 23. teaching resources ThinkFinity
  24. 24. lesson sharing BetterLesson
  25. 25. communicationcritical thinking collaboration flexibility creativity
  26. 26. digital storytelling Tikatok
  27. 27. digital storytelling Mixbook
  28. 28. assessment Google Earth
  29. 29. communicationcritical thinking collaboration flexibility creativity
  30. 30. group texts Celly
  31. 31. online presentation SlideShare
  32. 32. online resources Digital History
  33. 33. video games Mission US
  34. 34. video games Playing History
  35. 35. digital resourcesHistory with Technology
  36. 36. 21st century curriculum Reading Like an Historian
  37. 37. communicationcritical thinking collaboration flexibility creativity
  38. 38. clean web pages Readability
  39. 39. clean web pages Print Friendly
  40. 40. anywhere access Evernote
  41. 41. communicationcritical thinking m ile ob collaboration flexibility creativity
  42. 42. any w h e re /anytim e docs apps iTunes U
  43. 43. “In times of change the learnersshall inherit the earth, while thelearned find themselvesbeautifully equipped to deal witha world that no longer exists.”Eric Hoffer
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