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MACE - 21st century Social Studies and the Common Core


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MACE - 21st century Social Studies and the Common Core

  1. 1. Common Core’sdefinition of 21st centuryhistorical thinking?
  2. 2. “the cogent reasoning and useof evidence essential toresponsible citizenship in ademocratic republic”
  3. 3. so what does that look like?
  4. 4. why thedifference?
  5. 5. why thedifference? academic discomfort
  6. 6. State Standards Best Practices Literacy Expectations Course Expectations
  7. 7. Anything simpler for me & my kids?
  8. 8. collect collaboratecreate communicate
  9. 9. how ca n I use this toenhance t eachingand le ar ning?
  10. 10. fastenyour seatbelt
  11. 11. collect collaboratecreate communicate
  12. 12. clean web pages Readability
  13. 13. 21st century curriculum Reading Like an Historian
  14. 14. 21st century assessment Beyond the Bubble
  15. 15. primary sources DocsTeach
  16. 16. collect collaboratecreate communicate
  17. 17. resource sharing MentorMob
  18. 18. teaching resources ThinkFinity
  19. 19. lesson sharing TeachThought
  20. 20. professional growthNational History Education Clearinghouse
  21. 21. collect collaboratecreate communicate
  22. 22. digital storytelling infogram
  23. 23. summarizing Google Story Builder
  24. 24. video creation PowToon
  25. 25. historic timelines MyHistro
  26. 26. collect collaboratecreate communicate
  27. 27. group texts Celly
  28. 28. student response system Socrative
  29. 29. website sharing ReadLists
  30. 30. flipped lessons TED-Ed
  31. 31.
  32. 32. communicationcritical thinking m ile ob collaboration flexibility creativity
  33. 33. all of the above Google Earth
  34. 34. In a few seconds, we had ceased to bemen. Had the situation not been so tragic,we might have laughed. We looked prettystrange! Meir Katz, a colossus, wore achild’s pants, and Stern, a skinny littlefellow, was floundering in a huge jacket.We immediately started to switch.
  35. 35. I glanced over at my father. Howchanged he looked! His eyes wereveiled. I wanted to tell him something,but I didn’t know what.
  36. 36. The night had passed completely. Themorning star shone in the sky. I too hadbecome a different person. The studentof Talmud, the child I was, had beenconsumed by the flames. All that was leftwas a shape that resembled me. My soulhad been invaded – and devoured – by ablack flame. Elie Wiesel Night
  37. 37. What is the difference inhuman and inhumane?
  38. 38. Does the definition change depending on time and place?
  39. 39. “In times of change the learnersshall inherit the earth, while thelearned find themselvesbeautifully equipped to deal witha world that no longer exists.”Eric Hoffer
  40. 40. view the entire list at:
  41. 41. win a prize!
  42. 42. have more questions? contact:Glenn