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Digging Deeper into Primary Sources


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Primary sources presentation - South Dakota Digging Deeper into Primary Sources conference keynote

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Digging Deeper into Primary Sources

  1. 1. Digging Deeper into 
 Primary Sources
  2. 2. sticky idea?
  3. 3. primary sources support
 historical thinking
  4. 4. historical thinking rewires brains
  5. 5. rewiring brains is a good thing
  6. 6. HOW WHY Q&A
  7. 7. don’t be that guy
  8. 8. don’t be that guy
  9. 9. “Kids don’t hate history. They hate the way we teach it.”
  10. 10. • All the Light We Cannot See • American Sniper • The Boys in the Boat • The Da Vinci Code • Killing Patton
  11. 11. • Unbroken • Gone with the Wind • Schindler’s List • Dances with Wolves • The Imitation Game
  12. 12. so what does it look like?
  13. 13. problems to solve evidence to analyze
  14. 14. - The C4 FRAMEWORK - COLLECT COLLABORATE CREATE COMMUNICATE Find even more C4 information, resources, and useful goodies at
  15. 15. collect evidence
  16. 16. find a buddy
  17. 17. text, context, subtext
  18. 18. primary sources analysis worksheets
  19. 19. Sourcing Overlay
  20. 20. Literacy activities history frame word sorts quick draw book bits fact pyramid
  21. 21. select a visual “anchor” graphic notes
  22. 22. this image shows . . . a connection between then & now would be . . . make a prediction
  23. 23. write lines of dialogue
  24. 24. where when what
  25. 25. what do you see?
  26. 26. how are they different? how are they the same?
  27. 27. My name is Walking-Dog. I lived a long time ago. I am an Osage boy. The sun is coming up. I am getting ready for a busy day. Today my brothers and I will help our father. We will go hunting near our home. We hunt for deer and rabbits. We will eat some sweet, wild berries when we hunt. My sisters will help our mother. She is cooking buffalo meat and wild potatoes in a stew. It will cook all day long. When we come home from hunting, we eat the buffalo stew. Then we will sit around the fire and talk. My grandfather tells us stories. He tells us about our history. I like to hear my grandfather tell stories. I learn many things from my grandfather. The sun has gone down. It is dark in our lodge. It is time to go to sleep. Tomorrow will be another busy day.
  28. 28. My name is Sarah. I lived a long time ago. I am a pioneer girl. The sun is coming up. I am getting ready for a busy day. Today my sisters and brothers and I will go to school. I help my mother make a lunch for me to take to school. I will take a piece of fried chicken for lunch. I will take an apple, too. My brothers help our father. They milk the cows. My sisters and I feed the chickens. We walk a mile to go to school. Our teacher helps us to read. We learn many things from our teacher at school. At the end of the day we walk home again. After dinner Papa reads the Bible to us. I learn many things when Papa reads to us. The sun has gone down. It is dark in our cabin. It is time to go to sleep. Tomorrow will be another busy day.
  29. 29. How is your day the same and different as Walking Dog and Sarah? Do how we live change depending on when and where they live?
  30. 30. Stanford History Ed Group
  31. 31. DocsTeach
  32. 32. online bibliography BibMe
  33. 33. Library of Congress primary sources
  34. 34. National Archives primary sources
  35. 35. collaborate using evidence
  36. 36. collaborative document analysis Padlet
  37. 37.
  38. 38. evidence “dropbox” presentation tool print a book “back channel” exit card survey / brainstorm
  39. 39. Supporting History Inquiry with Technology
  40. 40.
  41. 41. > Using Primary Sources in the Social Studies
  42. 42. Warsaw Ghetto
  43. 43. have more questions? Glenn Wiebe glennw98