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5 Under-Appreciated Google Tools for Social Studies


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Overview of five easy to use Google tools perfect for social studies teachers

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5 Under-Appreciated Google Tools for Social Studies

  1. 1. Under-appreciated Google Tools Easy, Engaging, Effective
  2. 2. @glennw98 Glenn Wiebe
  3. 3. don’t be that guy
  4. 4. standards & assessments
 have changed!
  5. 5. “Social Studies content is the vehicle for demonstrating mastery, not the destination.”
  6. 6. Reading so it’s possible to evaluate an argument or claim determine the main idea, identifying and analyzing evidence, relationships, and supporting details comprehend complex and difficult text identify and evaluate critical information communicated in multiple forms of media
  7. 7. Writing clearly and coherently to make an argument using evidence, logic, and reasoning to tell a story by applying the appropriate technologies for the purpose and audience by gathering multiple sources of information and integrating them into short and long term 
  8. 8. Communicating effectively by preparing and collaborating with diverse partners designing and delivering a presentation on a specific topic presenting information and evaluation to others in a manner that is not totally written text using multiple modes of communication
  9. 9.
  10. 10. find some buddies
  11. 11. why the difference
  12. 12. Google Public Data
  13. 13. Google Cardboard
  14. 14. what might this look like?
  15. 15. Google Newspapers
  16. 16.,3814641&hl=en
  17. 17. Google Cultural Institute
  18. 18. Google Collections
  19. 19. Google My Maps
  20. 20. Google Keep
  21. 21. what are you 
 zinking about?
  22. 22. @glennw98 Glenn Wiebe