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Online marketing 2012 extension fall conference


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An introduction to online marketing in general with additional specific information for etailing, agriturism and food products

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Online marketing 2012 extension fall conference

  1. 1. Online Marketing for Small Businesses NDSU Extension Fall Conference 11/8/12 Glenn MuskeRural and Agribusiness Enterprise Development Specialist NDSU Extension Center for Community Vitality MORE INFORMATION Website: Facebook: Twitter:
  2. 2. Objectives• Examine need to be online• What does online mean?
  3. 3. Is an online presence needed?
  4. 4. Define “Online”
  5. 5. Online Help for Small Business Owners• Direct Marketing Food Specialty Products Online• Online Marketing for Agritourism• E-tailing or Retailing Online
  6. 6. Curriculum and Supporting Newsletter:
  7. 7. Agritourism
  8. 8. Outline• Being Online• Getting Found• The Experience• Customer Focus• Telling Others Facebook YouTube LinkedIn Twitter Pinterest Instagram Email Podcasts Photo sharing Blogs Taping the Experience• Future Trends• References and Resources
  9. 9. E-tailing Spring/Summer, 2013
  10. 10. Final Thoughts• Online is just one part of marketing• Curricula can be self-guided or used in a traditional educational setting• Large files – If doing them where you have slow (or no) Internet service, you may want to preload PDF versions.• To best help SBOs, use social media tools yourself.• ENCOURAGE, ENCOURAGE, ENCOURAGE!!!