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Networking - Empowering Leaders - Bowman, 2016

Understand what networking is and how It can contribute to business and personal success. View some tips on how to make your networking more effective.

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Networking - Empowering Leaders - Bowman, 2016

  1. 1. Glenn Muske Rural and Agribusiness Enterprise Development Specialist October, 2016 Networking and Marketing Empowering Leaders – Bowman, ND
  2. 2. You don’t have to know everything as long as you know the people who do. Harvey Mackay
  3. 3. Effective Networking • A myth - Networking means meeting other people • See in their actions and their words • Reality - 95% of networking is a waste of time • Why – You don’t have a goal. - You are unsure of the steps. • It’s not a contest • Most business cards handed out or received • Most handshakes • Most trips to the snack bar
  4. 4. Networking Goal 1. Connections • Those who need me • Those I need • Those who can help me take the next step 2. Learning - Trends, competition, industry & customer problems 3. Tips from those who have been there 4. Future 5. And……
  5. 5. Traditional Marketing Online Marketing PR Paid Promotion Distribution Channels Customer Support Visual Mix One-on-one & Networking Word-of- mouth & Reviews Reputation YOU Marketing
  6. 6. What Networking Looks Like
  7. 7. This is ineffective networking. May be your first step though.
  8. 8. Getting Better
  9. 9. Reaching the full potential of networks. Realize though that these take time.
  10. 10. Networking defined: • The informal process of linking people to each other as resources; assisting, supporting, and helping others find the resources they need • Widely-held definition - “I know it when I see it but can’t define it, explain it, or understand why I can’t make it work”
  11. 11. Networking With ??? • Competitors or Noncompetitive competitors • Like-minded AND non-like minded • Professional associations • Referral partners • Complimentary products/services • Same/Different geographical area • Business contact spheres – i.e., services • Social contacts
  12. 12. Networking – How? • Positive attitude – Set objectives - Plan • Be sincere – Be open – Be genuine – BE YOU!! • Know what you want to say – Your elevator pitch • Not a sales pitch • Be aware of your nonverbal cues • Be a good listener – 80% listen, 20% talk • Thank people • Offer help – Be a referral source for others • Practice, practice, practice
  13. 13. How to Use Networking Events • Don’t arrive late – Best opportunities in first 30 minutes • Dress appropriately • Be the host – Take advantage of “no host” events • Manage your time • Plan how to meet people and how to move • Set a limit on # of people you want to meet • LISTEN - Give undivided attention – It’s about them • Work the room • Stand by the food – Everyone comes by
  14. 14. After the Event!! • Take notes • Keep in contact • Remember your promises • Send note cards – Hand-written is nice • Critique yourself – Learn from your mistakes • Plan the next event
  15. 15. Networking Tools Your business card Business cards of others Name badge Online Profile Website
  16. 16. It’s NetWORK!!! Not Netsit or Neteat
  17. 17. Online Networking The “Who” and “Why” are the same. What differs somewhat is the “HOW.”
  18. 18. Online: Part of “how” remains the same • Know what you want - Set objectives – Plan - Strategize • Key is “online profile” and the “about us” section • Be a good listener – 80% listen, 20% talk • Thank people • Add value. Offer help. Be a referral source. • Lurk • Find the key players
  19. 19. More Online Tips •Connect •Attract – Find a niche – Can’t be all things to all people •Greater focus from getting to giving • Acknowledge, say thanks, comment on others, follow back, share, join communities and help
  20. 20. Networking in Small Communities “We already know everyone and how they might help us.” Do you??? 1. Are you inclusive? How about new residents, people outside the business community (government, social agencies, religious groups, etc)? 2. Are you thinking regionally? 3. How about those who serve the region but don’t live here? 4. Are there some people you need to seek out and find? 5. Are you having something other than surface conversations? Are you asking questions that help? 6. Are you listening?
  21. 21. Networking = Success Networking has delivered more return on investment than any other tool in my business, both financially and in non- monetary terms – Chris Garrett
  22. 22. Remember Networking may not show immediate or direct results.
  23. 23. More “How” • Start small • Lurk - Watch, listen and learn before participating • Develop a strong profile. This is your business card, elevator speech, and online profile • Find the key players – Don’t be afraid to “unfriend” • Learn the preferred connection methods of the key players and community and key players • Share and contribute – Add value
  24. 24. Expand your network by one quality person a day, forever! Mark Victor Hansen
  25. 25. Glenn Muske Rural and Agribusiness Enterprise Development Specialist NDSU Extension Center for Community Vitality Questions?? Resources: