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My iwu navigation tutorial script

  1. 1. myIWU Navigation Tutorial Script<br /><ul><li>(Intro) “There are a number of important and useful functions students can perform at the myIWU Student Portal as well as vital information assisting the student in completing their educational goals throughout their journey with IWU.”
  2. 2. “Navigating the Portal is quite simple. At the top of the webpage you’ll find the major headings of ‘Home, Academics, Financial Aid, Accounting, Frequently Asked Questions, Chaplaincy and Resources.’ Some of these headings, such as ‘Academics’ and ‘Resource’ have drop down menus that appear with more selectable options when you mouseover those headings.
  3. 3. “Below the menu options is a panel displaying graphical information items of interest. Simply click on the pane displaying the subject about which you’d like more information and you will be taken the corresponding site.”
  4. 4. “Just to the right are tabs with information helpful to the new student as well as a tab linking to a monthly devotional offered by an IWU chaplain. The new student tab helps the student with the most initial and basic things needed to facilitate a seamless start to their degree program.”
  5. 5. “Under ‘Student Links,’ the student can access their Email (which is the main way IWU will communicate with the student), My Data Connect, Blackboard (for the online classroom), Academic Catalog and Off Campus Library Services.”
  6. 6. “Near the bottom left-hand portion of the website, you will find links to some of the top forms students may need during the course of their studies.”
  7. 7. “Finally, important university information and news will appear under the ‘News and Announcements’ section.”
  8. 8. “From the ‘Academics’ Tab at the top of the page, you will find Advising, Courses/Degree Completion, Graduation, Policies/Records, Programs/Degrees, Registration/Changes, Tutoring and Academics subsections.
  9. 9. From the ‘Advising’ page, you can find a description of what your advisor is here to do for you, how to contact your advisor and career development resources.
  10. 10. From the ‘Course/Degree Completion Guide’ page, students can view a generalized description of core courses as it relates to the degree program. Students can also view options whereby they can satisfy their degree though elective credits and other methods of credit achievement, whether it be electives themselves, testing, Assessment of Prior Learning, Military credit or credit transfers from other schools. If there are any prerequisites required for a particular course, there is a link describing how prerequisites can be satisfied and when. Finally, there is an informative Degree Completion Plan Resource Guide to aid the student in working with his or her advisor to construct a plan for their own degree completion.
  11. 11. There is also a link to graduation all of the details and information and deadlines that will be posted in time for students to plan on for one of the three graduations.
  12. 12. For any policies and procedures that govern the Adult and Graduate programs, the student can click on the Policies/Records tab and view the various policies to learn about from the menu on the left.
  13. 13. In the ‘Program/Degrees’ section, the student can learn about all the degree programs offered at IWU.
  14. 14. From the ‘Registration/Changes link, students can learn important information about their schedules and policies surrounding them and changes. See the left hand portion of the page for several options on various policies.
  15. 15. There are also some valuable Tutoring links/options from this link that’ll help the student in various areas such as Writing, The Bible and Mathematics.
  16. 16. “From the ‘Resources Tab’ the student may find several forms and handbooks and links to tech support.”