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The Social Sales System is a simple to use cloud based app that bridges the gap between Facebook Lead Ads and CRMs/ autoresponders AND custom audiences.
It uses an ingenious system to capture the leads – using Lead ads – then adds them to an autoresponder list and email sequence.

This contains a clever “nurture” campaign – that’s seamlessly synced with a custom audience, which the software adds the same contacts to.
This allows you to expose them to emails AND highly “tuned” FB ads designed to lure them to a sale.
Once they buy the pitched product, they are automatically switched to a new autoresponder sequence – and custom audience – with a fresh set of ads to upsell them to the next product in the “funnel”.
This process continues for as many products as you want.

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  1. 1. SOCIALSALES SYSTEMREVIEW – DISCOUNTANDHUGE BONUS Social SalesSystemReview Hi there, Welcome tomy Social SalesSystemReview Overview  Creator: Craig Crawford et al  Product: Social Sales System  Front-End Price: $37-$47  Official Website:  Date of Launch: 2017-Jan-31  Time of Launch: 10:00 EST  Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee  Recommended: Highly Recommended  Skill: All Levels  Niche: Software Creator of Social SalesSystemReview The man behindthisproductis Craig Crawford.Craigisthe famousinternetmarketersinthe online marketingworld. Craigandhisteamhave createdso manyvaluable digital marketingproductsinrecent years. He isthe man behindgreatproductssuchas WebcasterWP, QSC2.0 Turbo, VideoNova, FB Livegenerator,Wiki Submitter andmanymore successful digitalproductlaunches. Introduction What isthe Social Sale System? The Social SalesSystemisa simple touse cloudbasedappthat bridgesthe gapbetweenFacebookLead Adsand CRMs/ autorespondersANDcustomaudiences. It usesan ingenioussystemtocapture the leads – usingLeadads – thenadds themto an autoresponder listandemail sequence. Thiscontainsa clever“nurture”campaign – that’s seamlesslysyncedwithacustomaudience,whichthe software addsthe same contacts to. Thisallows youto expose themtoemailsANDhighly“tuned”FBadsdesignedtolure themtoa sale.
  2. 2. Once theybuy the pitchedproduct,theyare automaticallyswitchedtoanew autorespondersequence – and customaudience - witha freshsetof ads to upsell themtothe nextproductinthe “funnel”. Thisprocesscontinuesforas manyproductsas you want. There’salsoa step-by-step36page marketingmanual forturninglasertargetedFacebookleadsinto ravingcustomers. It walksthemthroughthe audience targeting processes,adcreationprocesses…makingthe process quickand easyand remove anychance of overwhelmorconfusion. AND..if that’snot enough – italso containsthe “fill-in-the-blanks”Autorespondertemplatesfor prospects,buyersandreferral email lists. Previously,theyonlywaytogetthisclose tofunctionalityhasbeentosubscribe toTWOmonthly subscriptionappsandsetthemup to worktogether. Thisis expensive,fiddlyandtime consuming. Social SalesSystemSummary: 1. Facebookleadaddsync. Whichallowsyouto connectFacebookleadaddsdirectlytoyourautoresponder. the benefithere isthatFacebookleadaddsconvertata higherrate thantraditional addsthattake you to an external website. The con withFacebookleadaddsisthat the informationstaysinFacebookanddoesnotconnectwith any external systems. The social salessystemsoftware bridgesthatgeoandtakesthe informationsubmittedthroughalead add directlyintoyourautorespondertool 2. FacebookCustomaudience sync. Thisfeature allowstotocreate targetedaddsinFacebookthatshowsto a specificcustomaudience you create. The social salessystemsoftware syncs datafromyourspecificautoresponderlistsdirectlytoFacebook customaudiences. Thisallowsyouto automate followupaddsbasednwhere people are atinthe buyingcycle. Then... 3.The piece thatbringsitall is the methodology...
  3. 3. ...we teachinthe workbookandvideotutorialsplusthe bonusemail copytohelpthemconvert. It givesthemthe toolsandthe knowledge tobe successful inleadgenandconversionusingFacebook. SOCIAL SALES SYSTEMDEMO <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Take A Peek Inside The SSS Members & Training Area: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> How It Works 1.Capturesthe subscribersfroma desktopormobile phone usingLeadadsand syncsit to yourchosen autoresponder. Your revolutionarysoftware connectsFacebookloadadsdirectlytoyouremail marketingsystem: systemslike MailChimp,Aweber,ConstantContact,Infusionsoft,MadMiMi & Get Response. Thiswill allowyourprospectstoopt-inwithaclickof a buttonwithouthavingtofill inlengthyforms, whichwill cutdownyourabandonmentfromclicktolead. It’s where the “Magic” beginsasyoucan thentargetthese leadswithpinpointprecisionusingthe “Easy leadstoemail listbuildingsystem”of highqualityprospects. These make upthe nextpartof the systemwithcustomsupertargetedFacebookadswhichare shown ONLY to the contacts on thatlist. 2.The combined“Nurture systemandcustomaudienceretargeting“Kickin”. FacebookCustomAudience Marketingisusedtostayin frontof the prospectthroughvisual stimulation on Facebook.Yourads will complimentthe leadmagne theydownloadedtomaximizeconversion. Meaningyoucan feel confidentthatyou’re maxingyouradscampaignsto the highestpossible level. The engine of the software givesyouFULLcontrol overwhere yourcontactgo so you can gainfull control overyour marketingmessagestothem. 3.Aftertheybuy – theyare automaticallysenttoa new buyer'semail campaignandandnew custom audience fora freshsetof ads to upsell themtoyourOTO. The systemworksinthe backgroundseamlesslytotallyonAUTOPILOTsoyoucan sitback,relax and watch the moneyroll in.
  4. 4. 4.Once theybecome loyal customers…theyare thenputon a “referral”email andFBad sequence to entice themtointroduce newcustomersintoyoursalesfunnel. Referral customersmake the highestpayingandbestqualitylife longcustomersonthe planet.Youare gettingthemforfree withthisamazing system. Conclusion So Social Sales System is a significantly efficient software to do marketing . If you want to start making much money Social Sales System is right there for you. Regardless, thank you for reading my Social Sales System Review. Goodbye. You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 2 steps below:  Step 1: Order Social Sales System by Clicking here.  Step 2: Choose my Bonus BELOW and hit me through to confirm that you had done this step 2. You will get my Bonus within 12 hours. SOCIALSALES SYSTEMREVIEW – DISCOUNTANDHUGE BONUS Official site: Details: Tag: buy social sales system, download social sales system, get social sales system, purchase social sales system, social sales system demo, social sales system features, social sales system honest review, social sales system price, social sales system review, social sales system review oto, social sales systems reviews