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New Software Get More Leads, Traffic & Engagement In Your Business Using Facebook Live

LiveSuitePro is a web based Facebook Live Video Marketing Suite that allows users the Ability to Schedule Live Videos, Send Auto Messages to people who comments, Show Live Reactions, Run News Like High Quality Tickers and Go live on Unlimited Fan Pages and Groups simultaneously on Facebook.

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  1. 1. LIVE SUITE PRO REVIEW– DISCOUNTAND HUGE BONUS Live Suite ProReview Hi there, Welcome tomy Live Suite ProReview As youknow,FbLIVE worksbetterthanFB Ads tooin CurrentScenario See the ConnectingDotshere whichMakesitmore Special foryou -HIGH QUALITY VIDEOSis the mostaccessedcontenton InternetToday -VideoMarketingisthe Fastestandmosteffective wayof Marketing -FB haslargestsetof audience inthe world - Over2 billionConnected -Native FacebookVideosgetmore Reachthantext,image post& Youtube LinkVideos -FB Live Videoisontopof the Chain& Most prioritisedformof contentwhichFacebookpromotingin orderto beat Youtube inVideoWars -AndFacebookwantsyouto Go Live to engage yourfollowersandgrow youraudience innew ways - FREE & BEST MARKETING CHANNELIN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW Why youneedto use FB Live nowinyour Business? Inspite of beingthe majorplayerinphone industry,NOKIA didn'trespondtoSmartScreenTrendbut SAMSUNG tookit withbothhands. RestALL OF US knowthe historyaboutthe downfall of NOKIA andRISEof SAMSUNG DON'T BE NOKIA,BELIKE SAMSUNG If you don't flowwiththe CurrentTrend,YourBusinesswillonlysee downfall FacebookisGettingBetter& BetterEverydayatFB Live & Videos - A Signal AboutHow Effective FB VideoMarketingissGettingwithEach Day Passing AndNowyou have the World's1st andMost Complete Software witheachandeveryfunctionalityone can thinkof withFB Live Videostogenerate ProfitsinBusiness Yes thatis amazing,thatis FacebookLive Suite Pro But wait,please readmyfull honestbelow before takingactions.AndCLICKHERETO SEE IT IN ACTIONS Introduction
  2. 2. NewSoftware GetMore Leads,Traffic& EngagementInYour BusinessUsingFacebookLive LiveSuitePro isawebbasedFacebookLive VideoMarketingSuite thatallowsusersthe Abilityto Schedule Live Videos,SendAutoMessagestopeoplewhocomments,Show LiveReactions,RunNews Like HighQualityTickersandGo live onUnlimited FanPagesandGroups simultaneouslyonFacebook. LIVE SUITE PRO DEMO <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Overview  Creator: Jai Sharma et al  Product: Live Suite Pro  Front-End Price: $47-$97  Official Website:  Date of Launch: 2016-12-21  Time of Launch: 11:00 EST  Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee  Recommended: Highly Recommended  Skill: All Levels  Niche: Software Creator of Live Suite Pro The man behind this product is Jai Sharma. Jai is the famous internet marketers in the online marketing world. He and his team have created so many valuable digital marketing products in recent years. Jai is the man behind great products such as Smart Ads Builder, LeadFunnel, Image Editting Suite, Xtreme Builder, Xpress Store, Save the Web and many more successful digital product launches. Benefit of Live Suite Pro 1.FB Live Scheduler:One and Only App in the World which allows you to Schedule your Facebook Live. No longer need bulky and costly webinar platform to interact with your audience or fan following.
  3. 3. 2.Send Automated Messages: Live Suite Pro will Send a Personalized Response to every Customer who Comments on your Facebook Live while you concentrate on your FB Live without having to worry about replying to the audience. 3.Show Live Reactions: Show user reactions inside your Facebook Live in real time, generating huge excitement and engagement. 4.Go Live on Multiple Pages and Groups at Once: Instant Syndication of your Facebook Live on all of your Fan Pages and Groups. Notify All of your fans, subscribers, customers at once about your FB Live to increase your LIVE Audience up to ten folds. 5.Run High Quality News Like Live Tickers: Make your FB Live highly professional using LIVE Tickers On Your FB Live Videos just like news channel program shows as the bottom of the screen about latest update news. 6.Unlimited Video Repurposing for List Building: One Click Panel of All your Live Videos at one place which requires user to Opt In to watch all the Videos. Unlimited List Building for your Customers. 7.Live Video Analytics Dashboard: Premium Facebook Live Analytics which will show each and every details of the Live Video to help you plan your Live Videos in a Better way. 8.Monetisation Triggers: Monetize your Facebook Live Videos by showing ‘Call To Actions’ anytime in between/ end of the Video. Generate Urgency Triggers and Go to Url Links. Why Should You Buy It? Live Suite Pro's Lifetime Access Provides You.. 1. Live Suite Pro Membership World’s 1st & All In One FB Live Suite To Get More Leads, Traffic & Engagement In Your Business Using Facebook Live 2. Schedule your Live Video
  4. 4. Live Suite Pro will allow you to Schedule your Live Videos at a Specific Date and Time, which will create Super Hype and Enthusiastic audience for your Live Video. Automated Notifications will be sent to your Audience as soon as you will Go Live. 3. Run Live Tickers Run News like Professional looking Live Videos, which will create Stunning Impact among the attendees of your Live Video. Highlight important points, Website Links, Unique features and anything that you want to come inside Live Ticker. 4. Send Automated Messages Send Personalized Automated messages to your customers who Comment in your Live Video. With 100% message Inbox delivery you can promote anything you want. 5. Show Live User Reactions Show user reactions inside your Facebook Live in real time, generating huge excitement and engagement. Connect with people’s emotions and show Real Time Engagements inside your Facebook Live. 6. Go Live in Multiple Locations Go Live on Multiple Locations at ONCE. Instantly Syndicate your Facebook Live on all of your Fan Pages and Groups which notify All of your fans, subscribers, customers at once about your FB Live to increase your LIVE Audience up to ten folds. 7. iOS and Android Mobile App
  5. 5. Run Facebook Live on the Go from anywhere with Live Suite Pro Mobile App. You will be able to use all the Power Packed features of Live Suite Pro while you are on Vacation or want to Go Live from an Outside location. 8. Premium Live Video Placeholder Templates Select One of the Live Video Placeholder Template from drop down to increase your FB Live Aesthetics & gather special attention of audience Nobody does it till now which means attention grabbing feature 9. 24/7 Support Staff Got questions? For any query, problem, or question, get in touch with our friendly support staff, who will resolve all your problems instantly. 10. Video Training Although Live Suite Pro is simple, we have made step-by-step training to make you well-versed with the tool and all features inside it. Within 10-15 min, you'll handle Live Suite Pro, like a pro, having full control. Funnel 1.Front-End: Live Suite Pro ($47/year - $97/Lifetime) -Schedule Your Live Video (25 per month) -Send Automated Message to Everyone who comments on your Live Video (1000 per month for 10 Pages) -Show Live User Reactions -Go Live On Multiple Pages and Groups Simultaneously
  6. 6. -Run Live Ticker in your Live Videos (25 Templates of Ticker) -Live Suite Pro Mobile App (iOS and Android) -10 Premium Live Placeholder Video Templates 2.OTO 1: Live Suite Pro Advanced ($97) -Social Syndication (Twitter, Linkedin and Google+) + Email Syndication -Automatic Inbox Message sent When someone Comments (Unlimited per month, Unlimited Accounts) -50 Templates of Ticker + Plus 50 Ticker Templates every month -Scheduling of Live Videos along with custom Profile Picture (unlimited schedules per month) Picture (unlimited schedules per month) -500 4k HD Backgrounds -25 Ultra Premium Live Video Placeholder Templates 3.OTO 2: Live Suite Ninja ($97) Video Analytics Monetisation Triggers - Overlays (Logos and CTA’s) 7 Figure Facebook Mastermind Group -WordPress Plugin - Auto Posting on Fanpages -Elite Webinar with Facebook Experts Gaurav & Saurabh - How to Grow your Fanpages from Scratch to 125,000 likes in 3 Months
  7. 7. -25 Video Repurposing Lead Generation Templates + 25 Templates every month for next six months 4.Developer License ($297-$497) -Users get Developer license for clients -Create accounts for your clients & Charge them fat price on monthly or onetime fee -Easy 4 figure per week in few bucks investment Conclusion In a nutshell, Facebook Live Suite Pro covers all possible functionality you can think of to Leverage FB live for Business -Show Live Reactions: Live User Reactions inside FB Live to Generate Huge Excitement -Auto Message: Send Auto Set Message on Every Comment -Live Scheduler: Schedule Live Videos with Custom Profile Pic -Complete Step by Step Video Training and Tutorials -Go Live on Multiple Pages and Groups at Once -News Tickers: Use Tickers to increase engagement in FB Live -Mobile App: Handle Live Suite Pro on the go from Mobile -Newbie Friendly and Completely Cloud Based Software -10 Premium Live Video Placeholder Templates to boost video aesthetics So Live Suite Pro is a significantly efficient software to do marketing . If you want to start making much money, Live Suite Pro is right there for you. Regardless, thank you for reading my Live Suite Pro Review. Goodbye.
  8. 8. You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 2 steps below:  Step 1: Order Live Suite Pro by Clicking here.  Step 2: Choose my Bonus BELOW and hit me through to confirm that you had done this step 2. You will get my Bonus within 12 hours. LIVE SUITE PRO REVIEW– DISCOUNTAND HUGE BONUS Official site: Details: tag: buylive suite pro,getlive suite pro,live suite pro,live suite probonus,livesuite probyjai sharma review,livesuite procreator,live suiteprodemo,livesuite profeatures,livesuite prohonestreview, live suite projvzooreview,live suiteprooto,live suite proprice, live suite proreview,live suitepro reviewandbonus,live suiteproreview bonus,livesuite prowork,purchase livesuite pro