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FanContact is software which can transform your facebook account in your very own autoresponder in 3 simple:

Step: 1 – Create facebook page or use existing one ;

Step 2: Connect your page to Fan Contact with a few clicks ;

Step 3: Import your current page contacts and start collecting new the easy way.

Yes you heard it right the latest facebook platform update now allows you to not only to import existing page contacts but also no longer messaging your page is the only way for people to get on yours facebook messenger subscribers list. (FanContact has Passive Opt-in Accelerator)
(Passive Opt-In Accelerator is proprietary FanContact feature, which allows you to add people who commented to any of your post on any of your Facebook fan pages passively without any other action needed on their part.With Passive Opt-In Accelerator people are no longer forced to message your page, which is a large obstacle in messenger list building.)

You can respond to people automatically using autoresponser sequence or if you want to you can send out immediate broadcast and the software with do that too.

That combination of comment response & contact import technology allowed us to get 3.1 more subscribers comparing to number of subscribers from “message a page” action alone

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  1. 1. FANCONTACT REVIEW - DISCOUNTANDSPECIALBONUSES FanContactReview Overview Introduction FanContactis software whichcantransformyourfacebookaccountin yourveryownautoresponderin3 simple: step:1 - Create facebookpage oruse existingone ; Step2: Connectyourpage to Fan Contact witha few clicks; Step3: Importyourcurrent page contacts and start collectingnew the easyway. Yes youheardit rightthe latestfacebookplatformupdate now allowsyoutonotonlyto importexisting page contacts but alsono longermessagingyourpage isthe onlywayforpeople togeton yours facebookmessengersubscriberslist. (FanContacthasPassive Opt-inAccelerator) (Passive Opt-InAcceleratorisproprietaryFanContactfeature,whichallowsyoutoaddpeople who commentedtoanyof yourpost on anyof yourFacebookfanpagespassivelywithoutanyotheraction neededontheirpart.WithPassiveOpt-InAcceleratorpeopleare nolongerforcedtomessage yourpage, whichisa large obstacle inmessengerlistbuilding.) You can respondtopeople automaticallyusingautoresponsersequence orif youwantto youcan send out immediatebroadcastandthe software withdothat too. That combinationof commentresponse&contact importtechnologyallowedustoget 3.1 more subscriberscomparingtonumberof subscribersfrom“message apage”actionalone How It Works -Step1: Create facebookpage or use an existingone -Step2: Connectyourpage to FanContact witha few clicks -Step3: Importyour currentpage contactsand start collectingnew subscribersthe easyway FANCONTACT DEMO <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> FanContact VS every other BOT API based app <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  2. 2. Price AndHow To Buy It? I have to emphasize inmy FancontactReview thatforthose whoare keenonowningthissoftware at thismoment,please make sure torememberthe launchdate whichis onApril 18, 2017. To be more specific,there isaFIVEprice packagesavailable tobe takenintoconsiderationbeforeyoumake your final decisiontochoose one of them. FanContacthas 1 Front-Endand5 OTO: -Front-End(FanContactApp5kSub - $37) (See Details) -OTO1 (CommentReplyAssistant - $9.95-$29.95/m) (See Details) -OTO2 (SmartContact Adder- $47) (See Details) -OTO3 (SegmenterModule - $67) (See Details) -OTO4 (BusinessFBAccPacks - $47-$197) (See Details) -OTO5 (SenderAppsPacks - $47-$197) (See Details) For more details,pleasevisitofficial website Why ShouldYouBuy It? -WhenYour MessagesGetThrough,EverythingGetsBetter FanContacthelpsyouto save time andmake moneywithautomatingfacebookmessengermarketing. In our busyworld,failure tocommunicate isafactand it became the biggestissue marketersand businessesface currently. It doesn’tmatterwhatindustryyou’re in -- the biggestchallenge foranyone inbusinessishow to effectivelycontactbusinessandprospects.Whenyourmessagesgetthrough,everythinggetsbetter. -The Good ThingsThat HappenWhen You Can EffectivelyMessage YourAudience. You convertmore prospectsintoleadsandbuyers,increase engagement,andturnone time shopper intolongtermcustomers. You make more salesandprofitfromeveryofferyoushare. These are the goodthingsthathappenwhenyoucan effectivelymessage yourAudience. However,whenyoufail tocommunicate,youmissachance to make sales andengage withcustomers. - SkyrocketOpt-inRates
  3. 3. WithFanContactyou can buildtargetedlistrightinsidethe Facebookinanyniche andsendyour subscribedunlimitedmessagesdirectlythroughfacebookmessenger. No matterif theyare ondesktopor mobile,yourmessagesalwaysgetthroughwith100% deliveryrate. The marketingpossibilitiesare endless. WithFanContact,it’snoweasierthaneverfor people tosubscribe soyouropt-inrateswouldgothrough the roof. -FanContacttakesthe bestfeature of email autorespondersandmakesthembetter You can alsofullyautomate yourcustomersupport,andwhenpeople reachout,theycanreceive automaticmessagesgivingthemthe answerstheyneed. Increase salesandprofitswithyourmessages,sendpromosandspecialdealstoyourentire subscriber listanytime youwant. FanContacttakesthe bestfeature of email autorespondersandmakesthembetter. Create unlimitedlistsandsegments,designentire follow-upsequencestomaximizeprofitsfromevery subscriber. - FanContactmakessendingdirectmessagetoyoursubscribersridiculouslyeasy You can broadcast a promoofferto all of your subscribersatonce or resendmessagesjusttousersfrom selectedfanpages. Thisis yourchance to standout fromthe competitionandcommunicate directlywithyousubscribersin a way that’smore effective thananyotherformof marketingcommunication. FanContactmakessendingdirectmessage toyoursubscribersridiculouslyeasy. FEEDBACK ABOUT FANCONTACT Conclusion To sum up, I hope that the information in my FanContact Review will provide you with a better understanding about this amazing software. However, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime. FANCONTACT REVIEW - DISCOUNTANDSPECIALBONUSES Official site: Details:
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