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Real Members Building Your Sites & Lists On Autopilot!

Create as many high powered, profit pulling authority sites as you like… Today and from this page only, you get an unlimited site license for Covert Gawkr!
Never write a single blog post! You will have the time to build a lot of sites since you can populate them with great curated content with just a few clicks!
Have real members build your sites for you! As your Gawkr sites grow they will attract members who will naturally start curating and adding content to your sites. Your sites, lists and income will grow on autopilot!

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  1. 1. COVERTGAWKR REVIEW – DISCOUNT ANDHUGE BONUS CovertGawkr Review Hi there, Welcome tomy CovertGawkrReview The newCovertGawkr WordPresstheme justwentlive andthisperhapsthe mostcuttingedge stuff I have everseen...Justcallingit atheme hardlydoesitjustice. Watch the demovideoandsee foryourself CovertGawkr letsyourun a "FoodGawkerstyledniche authoritysite straightfromyourWordPress blog! Here are justa fewof the cool features... - Neverwrite asingle post.Fill your siteswithqualitycontentinminutesall withafew clicks - Have real memberslininguptojoinyoursite andbuilditfor youon auto pilot. - AutomatictrafficgenerationwithTumblrFacebook,Twitter,Pinterest&more - IncludingFacebook comments! - Automaticallybuildyourlistandhave all new membersaddedtoyourauto responderof choice. - Full monetization,includingintheme adsautomaticallyinsertedintoall yourpages I have NEVERseenALL of this ina WordPresstheme before. CovertGawkr istotallyunique,cuttingedge andinsanelypowerful. Yet sosimple touse it makessendinganemail seemclunky. You HAVEto watch the demovideoandsee thistheme inaction! => YOUR AFFILIATELINK Rightnowyou can grab it at the the special low earlybirdprice. Howeveritison a dime sale andthe price is goingupwitheveryorder! I highlyrecommendthatyougrabthistheme today... Anddon’tforgetread myreviewbelow Overview
  2. 2.  Creator: IM Wealth Builders  Product: Covert Gawkr  Front-End Price: $17  Official Website:  Date of Launch: 2017-Jan-29  Time of Launch: 10:00 EST  Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee  Recommended: Highly Recommended  Skill: All Levels  Niche: Software Creator of CovertGawkr The man behindthisproductis IM WealthBuilder. He isthe famousinternetmarketersinthe online marketingworld.He andhisteamhave createdso many valuable digital marketingproductsinrecent years. He isthe man behindgreatproductssuchas CovertStore Builder,CovertVideoPress,Covert PinPress,CovertMessager,andmanymore successfuldigitalproductlaunches. Introduction CovertGawkr makesitsupereasyfor people tobuildgreatlookingauthoritysite andwithjustafew clickstheycurate and fill itwitha lotof greatcontent. Here'sa screenshotshowingjusthowsexythesesiteslookrightoutof the box (butof course people can customise everythingwithourstep-by-stepwizard. Real Members Building Your Sites & Lists On Autopilot! 1. Create as many highpowered,profitpullingauthoritysitesasyoulike...Todayandfromthispage only,yougetan unlimitedsitelicense forCovertGawkr! 2. Neverwrite asingle blogpost!Youwill have the time tobuilda lotof sitessince youcan populate themwithgreatcurated contentwithjusta few clicks! 3. Have real membersbuildyoursitesforyou!AsyourGawkr sitesgrow theywill attractmemberswho will naturallystartcuratingandaddingcontentto yoursites.Yoursites,listsandincome will grow on autopilot! COVERT GAWKR DEMO <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  3. 3. Features Here are justa fewof the manyexcitingfeaturesinthe CovertGawkrtheme... -Neverwrite asingle word!Youcan buildaCovertGawkr site full of greatcontentinminutesbylegally curatingand usingotherpeople'scontent.Thisissomethingwe KNOWourcustomerslove! -Have real membersbuildyoursitesforyou!withCovertGawkrpeople canjoinyoursite,curate and postfor you - and theyhave a strong incentive todoso(everybloggerswantsmore backlinks). -Automaticlistbuilder!CovertGawkrintegrateswithyourfavorite autoresponderandall new members will automaticallybe addedtoyourlist. -Kickass tutorialswithmini tutorialvideosforeverysettinginthe adminarea - right where youneed themwhenyouneedthem! -Full social mediaintegration,includingFacebookcommentsforautopilottraffic. -CovertGawkris superflexible andcaneasilybe usedforaffiliatesites,authoritysites,portal sitesfor your otherblogsetc. -Anditlookslike amillionbucks - plusit'sveryeasyto customize justthe wayyouwantit Why ShouldYouBuy It? 1.100% Responsive:The CovertGawkrtheme isfullyresponsiveandwill alwayslookandworkgreat, regardlessof whetheryourvisitorsare usingaphone,tabletof PC! 2.Step-By-StepTutorials:Asusual we have createdasupereasystepbystepsetupwizardforthe theme alongwithdetailedmini-tutorial videosrightwhereyouneedthemwhenyouneedthem! 3.AutomaticListBuilder:WhennewmembersjoinyourGawkrsitestheywill automatically be addedto your autoresponderof choice,soyoucan marketto themoverand overagain! 4.Free Social MediaTraffic:The CovertGawkrtheme hasbeendesignedtobe aviral trafficmagnet.The Facebookcommentsandmanyotherfeaturesare sure to grow your trafficon autopilot! 5.Full Flexibility:The theme buildsmore thanauthoritysites...withoutanymodification,it'salsoperfect for affiliatesites,portal sitesforyourotherblogs,productsetc. 6.Great Support:As alwaysyouwill getall the supportyouneedandalsofree accessto all future updatestothe theme! 7.Easy Customisation:The CovertGawkrtheme looksgreatoutof the box,butwithour step-by-step wizarditextremelyeasytomodifyittolookexactlyhow youlike it! 8.FullyMonetized:The CovertGawkrtheme hasseveral inbuiltadvertisingspotsyoucanuse to promote anythingyouwant,includingbanners,AmazonadsandAdsense.
  4. 4. FrequentlyAskedQuestions 1.Is multi-site anddeveloperslicenseincluded? Yes,your license code is validforunlimitedsitesanddomainsandyoucanevenuse the theme tobuild sitesforclientsorto buildsitesthatyousell/flipforprofit. 2.Are there any upsellsorupgrades? Yes,there isa greatupgrade available,itincludesapluginthatwill runall of yourGawkr siteson100% autopilot.However,while the upgradeshighlyrecommended,theyare 100% optional andNOTneeded inorder to achieve anythinglistedonthispage. 3.Can I contact you? Yes,our customersandvisitorsare alwaysmore thanwelcome tosubmita ticketat our helpdeskand we alwaysaimto replywithin24 hours(andusuallyaLOT fasterthanthat). 4.Can I geta refundif Idon't like the theme? Yes youcan, we have a full 45 day"no questionsasked"refundpolicy.Whenyougetyourrefundyour sitesusingthe theme will stopworking,butwe'll partasfriendsandwe'll still thankyouforgivingusa try. 5.Will the theme be updatedandsupportedgoingforward? It sure will andyou'll findthatwe have one of the besttrack recordsfor continuouslyupdatingand improvingourthemesandplugins. 6.Are there any othercostsexceptforbuyingthe theme? You needtohave a hostingaccountand a domainname withWordPressonitin orderto run the theme. Otherthan that there isnoextra cost. Conclusion So Covert Gawkr is a significantly efficient software to do marketing . If you want to start making much money Covert Gawkr is right there for you. Regardless, thank you for reading my Covert Gawkr Review. Goodbye. You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 2 steps below:
  5. 5.  Step 1: Order Covert Gawkr by Clicking here.  Step 2: Choose my Bonus BELOW and hit me through to confirm that you had done this step 2. You will get my Bonus within 12 hours. COVERTGAWKR REVIEW – DISCOUNT ANDHUGE BONUS Official site: Details: tag: buycovert gawkr,covertgawkr,covert gawkraffiliate,covertgawkrbonus,covertgawkrdemo, covertgawkr features,covertgawkrhonestreview,covertgawkrjvzoo,covertgawkrreview,covert gawkr reviewandbonus,covertgawkrreview bonus,covertgawkrreview oto,covertgawkrsale page, covertgawkr theme,downloadcovert gawkr,getcovertgawkr,purchase covertgawkr