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Covert Action Bar is a super simple to use and install (1 click install) WordPress plugin. That means the software will work on any computer, all you need in order to use it, is a self hosted WordPress blog.

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  1. 1. COVERTACTION BAR 2.0 REVIEW– DISCOUNTAND SPECIALBONUSES CovertActionBar 2.0 Review Hi my friends, As youno doubtknowbloggingisone of the mosteffective waystogenerate freetrafficthesedays. Google lovesWordPressblogsandwithverylittle effortyoucaneasilyrankhighandget loadsof traffic to yourblogs. But it can be veryhard to convertall that greatGoogle trafficintoactual leadsandsales. You see...mostof yourblogvisitors have gone completely"adblind". They've seenall the banners before - theyknowtheyare beingsoldtoand theydon't like it. The automatedamazonreviewblogyousetuplast week...they've seen100 identical copiesof thatand theyare notgoingto buy anythingfromit! Andthat Aweberformonyourside bar. well goodluckwiththat! It's not all doomand gloomthough Whenyouhave the sort of highqualitytrafficablogcan generate,itiseasytoconvertit intoleads,sales and affiliatecommissions.Youjustneedafreshapproach.Somethingyourvisitorshaven'tseenbefore... Yet somethingthattapsdeeplyintothe humanpsychologyandyourvisitor'sfearof missingouton something. Andthat's exactlywhatthe CovertActionBar isdesignedtodo Overview Vendor: IM Wealth Builders Product: Covert Action Bar 2.0 Launch Date: 2017-Apr-25 Launch Time: 11:00 EDT Front-End Price: $7 Skill: All Levels Home Page: Refund: 45 Days Money Back Guarantee Niche: Software Introduction CovertActionBar isa supersimple touse andinstall (1clickinstall) WordPressplugin.Thatmeansthe software will workonanycomputer,all youneedinorderto use it,isa self hostedWordPressblog.
  2. 2. Afteryouhave installedandactivatedthe plugin(onlytakesafew seconds) youwill see apluginadmin panel like this As youcan see youcan. Write any textyouwanton your CovertActionBar.You can evenuse HTML to make textbold,use differentcolorsandlotsof othereffects You can linkyourCovertActionBar to any page youwant. Affiliate links,CPA offers,yourownsitesetc. You decide if the linkshouldopeninthe same ora new window whenpeople clickyourCovertAction Bar. Choose if youwantyour Covert ActionBar to displayonlyonthe frontpage of yourblog,or on all pages and posts. Showyour CovertActionBar immediately,orsetanydelayinsecondsyou'dlike Andinjusta couple of minutesyoucanhave a CoverActionBar live onyourblog. It will looklike anormal popupblockernotificationfromInternetExplorer - Itwill evenplaythe same familarsound! Your visitorswill instinctivelybe drawntothe bar tosee what was"blocked" Andthenyou will have afullyclickableadthere lookingsomethinglikethis COVERT ACTION BAR 2.0 DEMO <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Who ShouldUse It? Here are justa fewof the highlyeffectivestrategieswe have used ourselves. -Ona reviewblog- make aCovertActionBar that offersa discountbuttell themitwasblocked.Then ask themto clickthe linktoclaimtheircoupon! -Offerafreebie relatedtothe contentonyour block.Make it seemlike the downloadwasblockedand ask themto clickinorder tograb it(thenlinkyoursqueeze page). -Use the same technique tolinktoCPA offersrelatedtoyourblog.Theywon'tclickyourbanners,they have seenthemall before.Buttheywill clickyourCovertActionBarand you can start countingthe $$$! -Andof course much more. There are literallyhundredsof differentwaystouse thisplugin.
  3. 3. Price AndHow To Buy It? I have to emphasize inmy CovertActionBar2.0 Review thatforthose whoare keenonowningthis pluginatthismoment,please make sure torememberthe launchdate whichis onApril 25, 2017. To be more specific,there isaSIX price packagesavailable tobe takenintoconsiderationbefore youmake your final decisiontochoose one of them. For more details,pleasevisitofficial website: Conclusion To sum up,I hope that the informationinmy CovertActionBar2.0 Review willprovideyouwithabetter understanding about this amazing plugin. However, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime. COVERTACTION BAR 2.0 REVIEW– DISCOUNTAND SPECIALBONUSES Official Site: Details: tag: buycovert actionbar 2.0, covertactionbar, covertaction bar 2.0, covertaction bar 2.0 bonus, covertaction bar 2.0 bonusreview,covertactionbar2.0 coupon,covertaction bar 2.0 demo,covert actionbar 2.0 discount, covertactionbar 2.0 honestreview,covertactionbar2.0 price,covertaction bar 2.0 reviewbonus,covertactionbarbonus,covertactionbar review,covertactionbarreview bonus, getcovert actionbar 2.0, purchase covertactionbar 2.0