The I Word Solution


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Only 20% of homes have broadband yet advertisers still send people to their websites! The iWord solution overcomes this problem and allows reach to almost all

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The I Word Solution

  1. 1. Royal Marine House, Strand Road, Bray, Co. Wicklow Providing integrated advertising and marketing solutions onto mobile phones for companies
  2. 2. By combining text messaging and a mobile website we enable companies SELL to potential customers
  3. 3. WHAT WE DO This call-to-action solution allows companies create leads (well, not this kind of lead!)
  4. 4. The customer is encouraged to text an easy to remember keyword to an easy to remember standard rate text number
  5. 5. Currently advertisers ask people to call a phone number or go to a website www…….. BUT---People do not remember phone numbers… and generally don’t have a pen and paper handy to write a number down. AND---When someone looks at a website…. isn’t it natural that they also might look at a competitors website as well?
  6. 6. Isn’t it a fair presumption to make that a high percentage of viewers would look at a website out of curiosity and then move on? Are you happy sending people to make their own mind up by viewing your website? Doesn’t it make more sense to have the ability to SELL to them?
  7. 7. Did you realise your website has to be adapted so it can be viewed on mobile phones? AND In areas where people cannot view websites due to no access to a PC or no broadband coverage ---- they will be able to view a mobile website
  8. 8. Sending people to your website Start sending people to your mobile website where they see your website and only your website!
  9. 9. Mobile phone screens are getting bigger It is easier to open a mobile URL --- and stats show people do open them
  10. 10. The mobile phone operators have spent a fortune investing in this area knowing this is the future In most packages that the operators offer today A substantial amount of free access is included A mobile website will open on 99% of mobile phones
  11. 11. Summerhill House Hotel is a hotel that specialises in weddings They bought the keyword WEDDING to the standard rate text number 51101 EXAMPLE OF HOW THIS WORKS
  12. 12. They use this as their call-to-action in their advertising This is how an ad of theirs looks and sounds in the press and radio: ‘ For further information and a brochure on our wedding package Call us on 01-2867928 or Text WEDDING to 51101’ (and they drop the phone number in some ads)
  13. 13. When the person texts WEDDING to 51101 they get back a response: Thank you for your interest in The Summerhill House Hotel a member of our sales team will be in touch soon to discuss your individual needs. In the meantime click on this link and view our website
  14. 14. The person can view their website and their website only The hotel (in this case) have now captured the mobile number of someone who is interested in what they have to offer The hotel are now in a position to SELL the benefits of their wedding package. Instead of the person viewing and making up their mind (which currently happens) the hotel can help persuade them that what they are offering is the best!
  15. 15. We will adapt your current website so it can be viewed on a mobile phone anywhere. We offer a standard 5-page mobile website Or If you want your mobile website to integreate with your current website and provide booking facilities, payment facilities, video we can do that for you
  16. 16. Royal Marine House, Strand Road, Bray, Co. Wicklow Tel: 01-2021044 Email: [email_address] TEXT: PETER to 51101 (ROI) To set-up this call-to-action method for your advertising And/or have your website adapted