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Manual Penalty Recovery by Dean Chew


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Manual Penalty Recovery by Dean Chew in MORCon 2015

Published in: Marketing
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Manual Penalty Recovery by Dean Chew

  1. 1. Manual Penalty Recovery Dean Chew MORCON – November 7th 2015
  2. 2. /DeanChew #Morcon2015 What is a Penalty? Hint: Not something that David Beckham scores
  3. 3. /DeanChew Google Panda Chewing through sites like bamboo since 2002 2002: 1st ever documented Google update 28 versions of Panda released 7 versions of Penguin released Panda/Penguin wiped out a lot of poor links Google way off being algorithmically perfect #Morcon2015
  4. 4. /DeanChew 2008-2011: The Industry Goes To War Maybe not war, but everyone’s getting outed Google can’t detect bad links effectively Matt Cutts publicy denounces paid links SEO’s start outing each other Manual Actions get applied 2012 Penguin/Panda updates Link Warnings in GWT (Search Console) #Morcon2015
  5. 5. /DeanChew Big (Publicly Known) Sites Get Hit SEO starts making the mainstream news #Morcon2015
  6. 6. /DeanChew Case Study: Intercasino June 2012: Hit by Panda Sept 2012: Hit by Penguin/Panda June 2013: Marketshare lost entirely Apr 2014: Manual Action Cleanup #Morcon2015
  7. 7. /DeanChew Hello, Penalty #Morcon2015
  8. 8. /DeanChew Identifying Low Quality Links 72,000 links Dowloaded Source: Google Webmaster Tools Source: Source: Ayima in-house Tools Source: Majestic SEO Source: Moz Open Site Explorer #Morcon2015
  9. 9. /DeanChew Categorizing Links Links with commercial anchors i.e. [online casino] as identified by Google needed to be removed Excessive links or “sitewides” from the same site back to InterCasino were removed Low quality or toxic links were targeted for removal #Morcon2015
  10. 10. /DeanChew Creating a Link Matrix #Morcon2015
  11. 11. /DeanChew Reconsideration Request 1 First batch of links reviewed & contacted was 11.5k Removed 7% of links Disavowed 72 domains Blocked low quality affiliate sites in robots.txt Switched all owned domain redirects from 301 to 302 Submitted 17th July #Morcon2015
  12. 12. /DeanChew Google’s Response? #Morcon2015
  13. 13. /DeanChew Reconsideration Request 2 Dataset of links increased from 72,000 to 88,000 2nd batch of links was triple the amount of the 1st request Removed 24% of links Submitted: 30th September Disavowed 2,000 domains Outreach team spent 2+ months removing links #Morcon2015
  14. 14. /DeanChew Google’s Response? #Morcon2015
  15. 15. /DeanChew Reconsideration Request 3 3rd Batch contained only 15,000 links Removed 36% of links Disavowed 4,000 domains from batch 3 Submitted: 24th November Disavowed links now equaled 80% of dataset Any site that could not be contacted was disavowed #Morcon2015
  16. 16. /DeanChew Google Penalty Lifted #Morcon2015
  17. 17. /DeanChew 2014 Recovery Timeline 15 Apr •Google manual action penalty detected May & Jun •Identification of low quality links •Takedown outreach begins 17 Jul •Reconsideration request 1 submitted 30 Sep •Reconsideration request 2 submitted 24 Nov •Reconsideration request 3 submitted 19 Dec •Manual action penalty lifted #Morcon2015
  18. 18. /DeanChew Summary of Actions The following were undertaken to form the basis of the 3 reconsideration requests required to lift the manual action penalty  Removed links with commercial anchor text e.g. [Casino], [Play Blackjack], [Free bets], [Online Gambling] etc  Outreached and Removed links of low quality  Switched 301’s to 302’s to stop negative equity passing through  Switched affiliate system redirects and added nofollow to linking method  Provided Google with proof of outreach and takedown requests  900 combined hours of outreach + around 160 hours of management #Morcon2015
  19. 19. /DeanChew The weaponization of links, to destroy your enemies Can I Use This to My Advantage? #Morcon2015
  20. 20. /DeanChew Who wants milk and cookies? Story Time #Morcon2015
  21. 21. /DeanChew #Morcon2015
  22. 22. /DeanChew #Morcon2015
  23. 23. #Morcon2015/DeanChew
  24. 24. /DeanChew #Morcon2015
  25. 25. /DeanChew #Morcon2015
  26. 26. /DeanChew 1) Download exisitng links 2) Register similar domain 3) Start changing existing links 4) Start buying new links 5) Negative reviews/FB page 6) No obvious spam/virus sites Poison Jec on stage at Morcon (Like the Red Wedding) 7) Be sure to use commercial anchors 8) Must look natural! To Do: Destroy Jerico #Morcon2015
  27. 27. /DeanChew Is it Worth It? Yes • Finding the links is easy due to the tools available • Webmasters tend to be trusting and will make the requested changes • Small changes will at least alert Google to look at the link landscape • Large changes can have a direct impact on rankings • It takes a lot of company resource to appease Google and get the penalty removed No • Link tools have difficulty finding links for smaller sites • Webmasters may want money for making the change • Despite “looking into” the link landscape, the links (at best) may just be nullified • Large changes may also just be a drop in the ocean with little noticable impact • It takes a lot of YOUR resource to execute a successful negative SEO campaign #Morcon2015
  28. 28. /DeanChew You wont find Jec ranking for “Jericos Cupcake Manila” #Morcon2015
  29. 29. Thanks for Listening /DeanChew Dean Chew E: W: T: F: Stephen Massart: Datasets and penalty removal management Ondrej Machart: “Story Time” artwork and assests Shout Outs #Morcon2015