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Ppt to web


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A walkthrough for students to publish their powerpoint presentations to a webfriendly, 2.0, embeding format.

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Ppt to web

  1. 1. Presenting aPowerPoint on Your GoogleSite eFolio A walkthrough by Mr. Lemoine
  2. 2. In the olden days, a presentation likepowerpoint was simply linked to a website so your audience could download it. Butthey could only watch the show if they hadMicrosoft PowerPoint on their computer, or if you “packaged” the show for them. Now, it is much easier and tech saavy to include a Presentation on a website…
  3. 3. You know how to create a PowerPointpresentation so get one ready. Put it on your desktop so it is easy to find.
  4. 4. Now go to and create your free account.
  5. 5. Now Upload your PowerPointSlideshare will “translate” yourslideshow into their own code in a few minutes
  6. 6. While logged into slideshare, choose theembed option for your slideshow. Once the embed code is created, choose what it willlook like on the website and copy the code.
  7. 7. Now you can paste the code anywhere intoyour google site eFolio A walkthrough by Mr. Lemoine
  8. 8. Notes•Make sure that your presentation is cleaned up and error-free •Check for spelling errors •Remember to use “best practices” for the presentations you include •Slideshare allows for music, but I recommend only music without words-this keeps the focus on your presentation content
  9. 9. Happy Presenting Let me know if you have further questions! A walkthrough by Mr. Lemoine