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Locaweb cloud and sdn


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Short slideset for 7Masters (imasters) Oct 30 2013

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Locaweb cloud and sdn

  1. 1. IaaS and Software Defined Network “Last minute for 7masters - Cloud" Gleicon Moraes @gleicon -
  2. 2. IaaS - NIST definition “ The capability provided to the consumer is to provision processing, storage, networks, and other fundamental computing resources where the consumer is able to deploy and run arbitrary software, which can include operating systems and applications. The consumer does not manage or control the underlying cloud infrastructure but has control over operating systems, storage, and deployed applications; and possibly limited control of select networking components (e.g., host firewalls).” *
  3. 3. IaaS - Wikipedia “In this most basic cloud service model, cloud providers offer computers, as physical or more often as virtual machines, and other resources. The virtual machines are run as guests by a hypervisor, such as Xen or KVM. Management of pools of hypervisors by the cloud operational support system leads to the ability to scale to support a large number of virtual machines. Other resources in IaaS clouds include images in a virtual machine image library, raw (block) and file-based storage, firewalls, load balancers, IP addresses, virtual local area networks (VLANs), and software bundles.[46] IaaS cloud providers supply these resources on demand from their large pools installed in data centers. For wide area connectivity, the Internet can be used or—in carrier clouds -dedicated virtual private networks can be configured.” *
  4. 4. IaaS - tl;dr “Automate infrastructure such as the customer doest not needs to know the underlying details, will not manage them and can provision services automagically.”
  5. 5. IaaS - building blocks • Servers: virtual and physical • Storage area • Network devices: firewall, switches, load balancer
  6. 6. Cloud • Check back NIST definition • Hypervisor + set of servers + set of storages + network = time sharing • Distinct capacity planning than physical servers • Flexible configuration options • Vertical Scaling • Horizontal scaling
  7. 7. Architecture - Cloud Internet Main Network Physical Servers hypervisor Simplestack ovs Network Gear SimpleNet/Quantum Firewall
  8. 8. Resource Metering and Monitoring - Leela • • • • • 60k writes/sec 12 TB total per cluster Read latency: 1s to read 1mo worth of data Down to minute resolution archnut.html
  9. 9. Software defined network • • • Traditional equipment: local config and controller SDN: flows (commands), openflow 1.0, central controller, distributed data plane Abstraction over VLANs with ACLs, Tunnels or even VLAN QoQ
  10. 10. Software defined network Switch Vendor A Switch Vendor B Data path (hardware) Control path API Data path (hardware) Openflow Controller Control path Openflow OpenVSwitch
  11. 11. Software defined network Cisco API Force 10 HP Net/L2 OpenVSwitch Quantum CMDB Firewalls
  12. 12. Our projects
  13. 13. Thanks