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Cultural shock: Gleb Panov

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Cultural shock: Gleb Panov

  1. 1. Cultural Shock BY: GLEB PANOV
  2. 2. Relationships with the Finnish culture  From childhood visited Finland every year (Relatives are Finns)  Studied at school in Finnish language group (10 years)  Puhutan suomea vähän
  3. 3. Why Kajaani?  Priority was Joensuu, but do not receive enough points  So, second choice was Kajaani
  4. 4. Cultural Shock  I do not culture shock  I have studied at school about finnish culture, and was prepared to imigration
  5. 5. Interesting Facts about My Family  My grandgrandmother died in 103 years old  70 years of them she lived in Finland  I have 6 cousins living in Finland (Joensuu, Turku, Tampere)