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LF Networking Overview


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Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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LF Networking Overview

  1. 1. LF Networking Overview Heather Kirksey VP, Ecosystem and Community
  2. 2. Hyperledger ODPi R Consortium Linux Node.js Foundation OpenAPI JS Foundation Open Mainframe Open Project MAMA Let’s Encrypt! CII ONAP OpenDaylight, OPNFV FDIO, PNDA, CORD, ONOS FRR, Openswitch DPDK, OvS, IO Visor OSC Tungsten Fabric DANOS AllJoyn/IoTivity EdgeX Foundry Zephyr Project AGL Dronecode Yocto Project Tizen Cloud Foundry CNCF OCI Xen Project The Linux Foundation Leads Open Source Momentum Cloud Embedded & IOT LF Networking & Projects Platforms Blockchain, Data & Analytics * Few examples only 2
  3. 3. Sustainable Innovation: Open Source Networking Creating de-facto platform and standards to enable next generation solutions in Telecom, Enterprise and Cloud Networks Solutions Value Network Automation/Zero Touch New Services 5G/IOT/Edge/AI New Services in minutes $576M shared innova De-facto platform for >60% Global Sub Carrier Services Cloud Services Enterprise Services LF 9/10 Most important projects SDO+OSS harmonization
  4. 4. LF Networking Vision: Automating Cloud, Network, & IOT Services 4 Residential Services Enterprise ServicesCloud Services Data Centers Carrier Network Cloud Network IOT Services Cloud Automation IOT Automation Infrastructure Software & Automation Services Enterprise Software Defined Data Centers (SDDC) Public/Hybrid Cloud Service Providers Cloud Hosting Private Cloud Providers Web Service ProvidersService Providers MSO/CableCo (ONAP, OPNFV, ODL,, SNAS, PNDA)
  5. 5. Open Source and The LF: Foundation for Rapid Innovation › For carriers and service providers: open source = foundation of 5G and beyond › For enterprises and cloud providers: next-generation private/public/hybrid cloud networking & orchestration › VMs, Containers, or the next technology not yet imagined › LF networking projects separately have each dramatically accelerated networking innovations over the past 5 years › Deployed at scale in major carriers and cloud providers around the globe › Together, they will enable data networking advancements at an unprecedented rate for decades to come 5
  6. 6. Open Source Networking Landscape Linux Foundation hosts 9/10 Top projects 6 Product, Services & Workloads CI/CD Linux Foundation Hosted Disaggregated Hardware Network Control Network Operating Systems Cloud & Virtual Management Orchestration, Management, Policy Application Layer / App Server IO Abstraction & Data Path SystemIntegration&TestAutomation Network Data Analytics Automation of Network + Infrastructure + Cloud + Apps + IOT LF Networking Harmonized Outside Linux Foundation Standards InfrastructureSoftwareServices SONiC
  7. 7. Introducing LF Networking Governance Integration + Technical Independence 7
  8. 8. LF Networking Governance LFN Governing Board Marketing Advisory Council Technical Advisory Council (TAC) ODL TSC OPNFV TSC Developer Communities TSC ONAP TSC Etc … ODL WG OPNFV WG WG ONAP WG Cross-project collaboration Converged Infra New Project Induction Developer Voice to GB Budget Strategy Marketing Strategy Legal Board Committees End User Advisory Group Compliance & Verification China PR WG Etc… Annual Marketing Plan PR Events Content/Web Branding Market Development
  9. 9. › End User Advisory Group › A forum for end users to discuss their pain points, requirements, and engage with the technical community › Launching 2Q18! › Wiki (Meeting Agendas, Minutes, EUAG Membership Agreement) Guide • Share feedback based on experience • Partner with the technical community Assist • Assist in feature prioritization • Describe intended usage Engage • Grow the community • Deploy
  10. 10. Open Source Networking User Groups › 37 Groups – 23 Countries – 6,411 Members › Open Source Networking User Groups are locally managed groups passionate about network transformation through open source › Groups hold 2-4 meetups per year › See the global network of groups and upcoming meetups:
  11. 11. There are lots of ways to get involved! Join TSC calls and subscribe to project mailing lists Attend Hackfests, Plugfests and developer events Contribute to release documentation Provide your deployment feedback through the EUAG Search for Open Bugs, or Report a New One, in the project JIRAs Start or join a local OSN Meetup Define compliance and verification test cases Review and submit code patches
  12. 12. Platinum and Gold Members Gold Platinum
  13. 13. 14 CertusNet Silver Associate Silver & Associate Members
  14. 14. Questions? 15