Club Sports--A Program Overview


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This presentation was used to introduce the program to board members.

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Club Sports--A Program Overview

  1. 1. A Sports and Leadership Program Kristen Gleason, M.A, M.Ed. Program Director, Club Sports
  2. 2. Welcome to Club Sports at the Erb Memorial Union! The mission of the Erb Memorial Union is to provide an open, inclusive, and resource-rich community where students and staff collaborate to inspire and sustain extraordinary programs and services that promote diversity, social interaction, and growth.
  3. 3. Club Sports Overview Student-initiated, and student-run organizations at the University of Oregon, providing opportunities for students to participate as collegiate athletes, while gaining leadership skills to enhance their educational package.
  4. 4. Learning lifelong healthy habits and teamwork through sports. Provides an outlet for students which helps to attract and retain students at University of Oregon Learning hard and soft skills through an intentional leadership development experience
  5. 5. Director, Club Sports Executive Committee, Club Sports Club Sports Assistant Director, The Club Sports Council 5 students Club Presidents + extended leadership teams VOLUNTEER LEADERSHIP POSITIONS Club Sports Office Manager, Club Sports 60+ VOLUNTEER, LEADERSHIP POSITIONS Athletic Trainers (2) Dept. Human Physiology Student Staff Club Sports Coaches Program Assistants Peer/Community Coaches and Instructors STUDENT EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES 1000+ club members 45+ organizations
  6. 6. Members Membership is exclusive to current, full/part time, incidental fee paying students of the University of Oregon. Faculty and staff members may be associate members. There is no minimum G.P.A. All members must register on Org Sync.
  7. 7. Clubhouse Services Leadership training 1. Training events 2. Advising-club development, event consultation Policy Development & Club account services Event facilitation1. Facility 2. Travel Risk Management oversight Club Sports Executive Committee Programs Council Community Events Policy Development Supplemental funds distribution Peer Mentoring Annual Awards & Recognition Program Outreach & Recruiting Events IntroDucktion, Intermingle, Club Sports Open House
  8. 8. 48active clubs 1100 students 312 events (75% away) 280,000 miles driven in motor pool vehicles 68 destinations nationwide
  9. 9. Who What Where Golf Competitors NIRSA Nationals-Las Vegas Men’s Soccer competitors NIRSA Regionals Women’s Soccer competitors NIRSA Nationals-Tennessee Running National Champions NIRCA Nationals--Pennsylvania Dance competitors USA Nationals-California NDA Nationals-Florida Hockey 2nd Place Pac 8 Regionals--California Women’s Volleyball competitors NCVL Nationals--Texas Men’s Volleyball competitors NCVL Nationals-Texas Cycling competitors USA Cycling-Utah Men’s Ultimate 2nd Place USA Ultimate Nationals-Wisconsin Women’s Ultimate National Champions USA Ultimate Nationals-Wisconsin Men’s Lacrosse competitors MCLA Championships-South Carolina Women’s Lacrosse competitors US Lacrosse Nationals-Colorado Disc Golf competitors NCDG Championships-Georgia Rowing competitors ACRA Nationals-Georgia Swim competitors USMS-Washington Water Polo competitors Corvallis, OR
  10. 10. RISK MANAGEMENT Emergency Action Plan Medical Clearance Protocol Athletic Training Program Education Insurance Waivers
  11. 11. STUDENT ENTHUSIAM Both on and off the “field”
  12. 12. 1. Club Sports Executive Committee Partnerships 2. Org Sync Rollout-Phase 1 3. Restructured club leadership training to more accurately address the needs of current club officers
  13. 13. 4. Incorporation of Social Media 3. Capacity Building
  14. 14. Support EMU/SRC Renovation Efforts Supporting broader Org Sync adoption Creating the skills and infrastructure to support assessment