Club sports budget presentation fy2013 show(2)


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Club sports budget presentation fy2013 show(2)

  1. 1. More Than You Can Imagine A Program of the Erb Memorial Union, University of Oregon Budget Presentation FY13Travis Knapp, Dan Auerbach Kristen Gleason, M.A, M.Ed.VP Finance, President , Coordinator, Club SportsClub Sports Executive Committee Club Sports Executive Committee
  2. 2. Program Summary“An estimated two million college studentsplay competitive club sports compared withabout 430,000 involved in athletics governedby the National Collegiate AthleticAssociation (NCAA) and the NationalAssociation of Intercollegiate Athletics(NAIA).” Source: New York Times, Rise of College Club Teams Create a Whole New Level of Success 12/1/08
  3. 3. Club Sports Summary What accounts for this “swiftly rising popularity” in Club Sports?1. A general increase in organized youth sports involvement2. Societal effects of Title IX of the Education Amendment of 19723. Economic climate forcing Athletic Departments to reduce offerings =programs becoming club Source: Women’s Sports Foundation-Women’s Sports & Fitness Facts & Fitness, Updated 3/26/09
  4. 4. Club Sports SummaryIn 1971 -1 in 27 girls participated in highschool sports.In 2008- 1 in 2.4 girls participated in highschool sportsSource: Women’s Sports Foundation-Women’s Sports & Fitness Facts & Fitness, Updated 3/26/09
  5. 5. Club Sports SummaryIn 1972 –270 participants in the UO Club SportsProgramIn 2012-1600 participants in the UO Club SportsProgramSource: A Common Ground, Adell McMillan; 2010-2011 Club Sport Annual Report
  6. 6. Program Summary NGB Samples US Rowing USA Ultimate American Collegiate Hockey Association(ACHA) USA Cycling Collegiate Water Western Collegiate Polo Association Water Ski Association Intercollegiate Northwest Men’s Collegiate Horse Show Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association Sailing Association Association (MCLA) Pacific Northwest USA Rugby USA Racquetball Lacrosse LeagueUO Club Sports Governing Body Affiliations Source: 2010-2011 Club Sports Annual Report
  7. 7. Club Sports Summary What’s the future for club sports?Club Sports are student organizations withunique and dynamic complexities, whichcontinue to evolve each year.
  8. 8. Club Sports Summary What implications does all this have on a program budget?The Club Sports Program is making an effortto monitor trends over time and plan forwhat we do know students will need tosupport them in their club sportsexperience!
  9. 9. Club Sports Summary 4 BUILDING BLOCKS of aClub Sports Budget Satisfying Student Experience Risk ManagementEvent &Travel Support Student Leadership Development Equipment Support
  10. 10. The UO Club Sports Student Experience Coordinator, Coordinators Club Sports 47 students VOLUNTEER, LEADERSHIP POSITIONS Club Sports Executive Assistant Committee, Coordinator, Club Sports Club Sports 5 students VOLUNTEER LEADERSHIP POSITIONS Office Athletic Trainers Manager, (2) Club Sports Dept. Human Physiology Club Sports Coaches Peer/Community Coaches and InstructorsStudent StaffPublicity AssistantFacility Assistant Office Assistant STUDENT EMPLOYMENTOPPORTUNITIES 1600 club members
  11. 11. The UO Club Sports Student Experience 2010-2011 Annual Report Snapshot…..48 active clubs1600 students = 7% of studentpopulation312 events (75% away)280,000 miles driven in motor poolvehicles68 destinations nationwide
  12. 12. Budget Presentation FY13Revenue Lines Overview-TravisExpense Line Overview-Kristen Questions?