Nadezhda Mihaylova, Librarian at Hristo Botev 1907 Public Chitalishte in Roman


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Nadezhda Mihaylova, Librarian at Hristo Botev 1907 Public Chitalishte in Roman

  1. 1. Implementation of the Informed and Healthy Communication Strategy of the Ministry of Health by the Library at Hristo Botev 1907 Public Chitalishte in Roman District Thematic Meeting Innovative Services in Public Libraries in Vratsa District Vratsa, 3 – 4 April 2012
  2. 2. The campaign in Roman was launched as soon as we received the visuals from the Glob@l Libraries – Bulgaria Program
  3. 3. National Campaign against Psychotropic Drugs Abuse by Young People
  4. 4. Talks were held with our partners – VasilLevski Secondary School and the Complex forSocial Services to Children and Families. Wediscussed the initiative we were about toimplement and received their support. Weinvited the health specialist from RomanMunicipality Ms. Chelakova and prepared aschedule for participation of upper graders inthe health initiative.
  5. 5. The health specialist delivered a lecture on drugprevention –types, description, effect, consequences…Everyone received brochures and promotionmaterials.
  6. 6. Then the participants took deep interest inwatching 5 videos on amphetamines, ecstasy,cocaine, marijuana, heroin.
  7. 7. Our partners from Nikola VaptsarovComplex for Social Services to Children and Families
  8. 8. National Campaign againstOccupational Traumatism
  9. 9. Guests to the event were the workers from Stal InvestEOOD Company in Roman, Bulgaria’s biggest producer of carrying and holding devices.
  10. 10. With the kind support of the manager Mr. Todorov we held the event in the lunch break.
  11. 11. The Head of Department presented the reasons for occupational traumatism and the enhanced risk caused by inattentive behavior, then they watched 3 videos.
  12. 12. National Campaign against Sport Traumatism
  13. 13. Meeting Conversation with the Manager of Autotransport EOOD Company, RomanAll company driverswere pleasantlysurprised by theinitiative they attended.Some of them sharedthat this was their firstvisit to the town’slibrary.
  14. 14. The lecture was delivered by the Manager, Mr. Krustev, who reminded participants about therisks of high speed, traffic rules, damages causedby alcohol. Participants watched and discussed 3 videos with great interest.
  15. 15. National Health Campaign against Excessive Table Salt Intake Do not put salt in your health!
  16. 16. Ms. Chelakova, the lecturer at the event, told us about the harm of excessive table salt intake, the consequences and the diseases caused by it.
  17. 17. At all the events, I explained that they are initiatives underthe Glob@l Libraries – Bulgaria Program which we thankfor all the provided materials and with which we willcontinue working in the future.
  18. 18. Thank you for your attention!Prepared by: Nadezhda Mihaylova