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Library Volunteering: a Partnership Generating Tool


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Published in: Education
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Library Volunteering: a Partnership Generating Tool

  1. 1. V o lu n t e e r i n g i sn o t a n e n d i n i t s e lf. I t i s a fr e ec h o i c e fo r a c le a r c a u s e .LI B R AR Y VO LU N TE E R I N G :TR AD I TI O N S AN D AC TI VI TI E S Li b ra ry a t N a u k a 1 8 7 0P u b li c C h i t a li s h t e , T r o y a n
  2. 2. In 2003 – 2004, a library renovationproject, supported by TroyanMunicipality, SDC, many companiesand citizens, was implemented.
  4. 4. Library Vacation 2012
  5. 5. 14 February 2012The representatives ofthe local center forwork with volunteers inTroyan distributevalentines made bythem and provide anopportunity for younglovers’ couples to takebeautiful pictures.
  6. 6. The volunteers of the local center for work with volunteers at Nauka 1870 Public Chitalishte conducted a children’s book donation campaign in Troyan. The initiative is part of the national campaign of the National Alliance for Work with Volunteers in Plovdiv. The Regional Center for Work with Volunteers at Eco-Mission 21st Century Association organized the event for Lovech district. The campaign aims to collect children’s books alleviate children’s stay in the hospital. .The motto “Donate an Old Bookand Make a Child Smile” wasused to appeal to the public todonate children’s books in agood condition to alleviatechildren’s stay at the hospital.
  7. 7. Children with special education needs from the Resource Centervisited the library at Nauka 1870 Public Chitalishte. This time, in addition totheir usual activities, they took part in a computer game and quiz competition.They used the internet to answer the difficult questions. The volunteersMartina, Todor, Monica, Victoria and Velislava helped them. There wereawards and, most importantly, high spirits.