Albena Ihtimanska, Chief Librarian at Paisii Hilendarski Municipal Library in the town of Samokov


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Albena Ihtimanska, Chief Librarian at Paisii Hilendarski Municipal Library in the town of Samokov

  1. 1. Paisiy Hilendarski Municipal Library inSamokov and Its Partners
  2. 2. Our Mission Provide access to information (all types of information for all community members) Provide education opportunities by: = supporting institutional education = training and enhancing information and computer skills of senior citizens, minority groups, people with learning difficulties, etc. = supporting the implementation of the Lisbon Strategy on lifelong learning through provision of an economically effective infrastructure for lifelong and continuing training Promote reading Provide cultural products and develop the cultural life of the community Socialize the community
  3. 3. Our Purpose Be a preferred provider ofinnovative products and services
  4. 4. Why do we need partners ? Partnership helps implement the mission of Paisiy Hilendarski Municipal Library and its goals and objectives Enhances the library’s capacity Ensures enhanced capital prestige – recognition from the community, institutions and authorities Generates interest by new library users Enhances library resources (financial, information) and experience Expands the scope of provided services Facilitates the enhanced effectiveness of implemented library activities
  5. 5. Partners of Municipal Library Samokov Samokov Municipality:= Culture Department= PR Department Municipal Council: = Culture Committee
  6. 6. Partners of Municipal Library Samokov Media:= Rila cable TV channel= Friend Newspaper= Week Newspaper= Samokov 365 Newspaper= Journalists’ society
  7. 7. Partners of Municipal Library Samokov Rila National Park Pensioner’s Club Child Protection Department Commission for Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency NGOs and clubs:= Regional Studies Society= New Age Club= Russian Club= Young Icon Painter Studio= Reform and Development Association= Patriotism Club
  8. 8. Partners of Municipal Library Samokov Educational institutions:= Nikola Vaptsarov Vocational High School= Cyril and Methodius Primary School= Avksentiy Veleshki Primary School= Hristo Maksimov Primary School= Europe Schools, Samokov
  9. 9. Partner Activities in 2012
  10. 10. ICT Training= For citizens aged 5 5 + With the cooperation of the Pensioner’s Club , the Municipal Library in Samokov organized and conducted eight information and computer literacy courses. 69 citizens were trained in working with Windows, Word and the internet; e-mail, Skype, Facebook
  11. 11. ICT Training= For first graders In partnership with Cyril and Methodius Primary School, a digital competency training course for first graders was launched in May. The young trainees learned to take pictures of Samokov’s landmarks with cameras and cell phones and then copied their pictures on a computer and created short presentations at the library computer room.
  12. 12. ICT Training Search for regional studies materials in the library electronic catalogue: in cooperation with Patriotism Club , lessons on the topic “Sources of Birthplace History: How to Search for Materials” for sixth-graders took place at the library computer room.
  13. 13. ICT Training This training took place due to the Glob@l Libraries – Bulgaria Program (another partner based program): At the room equipped with computers, printers and a multimedia device provided by the Glob@l Libraries Program Thanks to the training undergone by library specialists under the Glob@l Libraries Program
  14. 14. Pushkin Night The initiative was implemented together with the Russian Club, Avksentiy Veleshki Primary School and Druzhok Club. The presentations on Pushkin were prepared at the library computer room.
  15. 15.  ”Russia: the Shore of My Soul” Photo exhibition “Russia: the Shore of My Soul” in cooperation with the Russian Club . The exhibition included pictures of Russian landmarks: monuments, emblematic buildings and natural sights from the regions of Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, the Baikal Lake . Photograph authors included university students and school goers, members of the youth section of the Russian Union of Compatriots .
  16. 16. Reading Marathon In cooperation with the Mayor of Samokov, Mr. Vladimir Georgiev, and the Municipal Council Chair , Ms. Irena Kotseva Council Culture Committee members Journalists’ society Nikola Vaptsarov Vocational High School, Hristo Maksimov Primary School and Konstantin Fotinov Vocational High School
  17. 17. Reading Marathon
  18. 18.  250 Years “Slavonic-Bulgarian History” In cooperation with pupils from Sts. Cyril and Methodius Primary School and Patriotism Club members The program included literary reading and multimedia presentations.
  19. 19. 250 Years “Slavonic-Bulgarian History” Presentation “Letters and Books: Decoration in Bulgarian Manuscript Books” The Patriotism Club members launched a new transcript of “Slavonic-Bulgarian History”.
  20. 20. At the Pensioner’s Club Literary reading This photo was emailed to us by one of our ICT training graduates
  21. 21. Integration of Children and School Goers from Ethnic Minorities in the Education System Part of the activities under the project “Integration of Children and School Goers from Ethnic Minorities in the Education System“ of the Reform and Development Association were implemented at the Municipal Library in Samokov.
  22. 22. Occupational Safety Training In cooperation withMars 2001 Occupational Medicine Service and employers from Samokov, an occupational safety and health training program took place at the Municipal Library in Samokov.
  23. 23. With the “Young Icon Painter” Studio
  24. 24. With the Regional Studies Society Ethnographic exhibition
  25. 25. In cooperation with the Journalists’ Society Celebration of the 20th anniversary of Friend Newspaper took place at the Municipal Library
  26. 26. In Conclusion Paisiy Hilendarski Municipal Library is a preferred partner in the local community There always exist new partnership options.
  27. 27. Partnership for Success!
  28. 28. Thank you for your attention! Albena Ihtimanska, Chief Librarian, Paisiy Hilendarski Municipal Library