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Glazebury visit to Malaga 2012


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Published in: Education
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Glazebury visit to Malaga 2012

  1. 1. Glazebury Primary schoolhas been part of the ongoingComenius Regio project inwhich schools in Malagaand schools in England aretwinned to share ideasabout education, specificallyfocussing upon the culturaldifferences/similarities,dance and sport.
  2. 2. This year, Mrs Bullough and Mr Snelson were lucky enoughto visit our partner school, CEIP Clara Campaomor when allschools in Andalucía were celebrating peace day.
  3. 3. All the children at the school took partin a performance to celebrate peaceday.
  4. 4. Different year groups at the school selected a NobelPeace Prize winner and performed a short drama basedupon their chosen person – as you can see, this all tookplace out January!
  5. 5. In many ways, CEIP Clara Campoamoris similar to Glazebury; in the schoollibrary they have an English sectionwith books that we have taken to them on our visits; we have Spanish books in our library as well, many of which have been donated to us by our partner school.
  6. 6. In this Olympic year, weare looking forward tocelebrating our partnership and theculmination of our work over the pastyears. Our school in Malaga has an Olympic-sized swimming pool, a basketball arena and an Athletics stadium nearby. Colleagues from Clara Campamoar will be visting us in May to see how the Olympics have had a positive impact upon our local area.
  7. 7. During our stay, we got chance tovisit some of the most importantplaces in Malaga; the children andteachers are very proud of theirlocal area and we are lookingforward to showing them all thethings that we are proud of inWarrington.
  8. 8. Education isn’t just about Educating our children, adultsstill learn everyday and wehope that when the teachersfrom our partner schoolvisit us in May, they willlearn a lot from thechildren, teachers, parentsand whole community ofGlazebury.