13th LAHC Annual Conference Closing Forum


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13th LAHC Annual Conference Closing Forum

  1. 1. LAHC Closing Forum 2009
  2. 2. <ul><li>Development Plan –Strategic Intents- Further discussion </li></ul><ul><li>Development Plan – Structure Feedback from Regional Meetings and further discussion </li></ul><ul><li>Latin America Recruitment Conferences </li></ul><ul><li>Workshop feedback and collection of presentation </li></ul><ul><li>Conference feedback </li></ul><ul><li>Thanks to host School </li></ul><ul><li>Lunch </li></ul>Agenda O P E N F O R U M
  3. 3. Growth: Strategic objectives: Increased recognition as a network of educational effectiveness and significance Growth in membership and greater financial security for the organization Greater participation by schools and members of school communities in a wide range of activities O P E N F O R U M
  4. 4. Growth O P E N F O R U M Reduce administrative workload of EO in order to allow “central office” to focus on genuine LAHC services. Define which services are provided by LAHC (e.g. Review) and which are provided mutually between schools and members (eg review is an LAHC service but heads appraisal is not). Increase number and quality of services Active and effective marketing by member schools, regional reps and EO. Increase membership
  5. 5. Growth O P E N F O R U M Principally through the EO and the Chair. Sharing of databases, invitations to conferences and other events, sharing of expertise (eg review). Develop and maintain contact with other educational organizations Achieve recognition at national and international level Decentralisation. Encourage schools to initiate and promote activities through the network. Foster direct links between schools. Less dependence on “LAHC” to organise things. Increase number and quality of activities
  6. 6. Impact: Strategic objectives: Raise the effectiveness and profile of LAHC within all member schools Establish LAHC’s reputation as a body of educational weight in Latin America Extend awareness of LAHC’s existence and effectiveness throughout the educational world O P E N F O R U M
  7. 7. Impact O P E N F O R U M Conduct seminars for Heads of schools (e.g. training sessions for new Heads led by experienced ditto on the Latin American circuit, or previous LAHC Heads now leading establishments in other parts of the world) Set up consultancy service to address matters of common concern to Heads Establish mentoring system for new LAHC members Seek ways to share good educational practice both within disciplinary areas and generally Aim for continuous improvement in educational leadership and quality of teaching/learning
  8. 8. O P E N F O R U M Raise profile of Review literature (flier, ppt, Review handbook) Identify and train ‘evangelists’ for the Review within schools and/or countries Set up regional Review structure to undertake training sharing of information Make school review an integral part of every school’s thinking and development
  9. 9. O P E N F O R U M Develop committee structure at regional and inter-regional level Define and develop specific task areas for those empowered at regional level Encourage members to give greater voice and visibility to LAHC within their schools (certificates, plaques, flags, dedicated display areas, circulation of the newsletter where it is not being circulated) Produce a guide to the website, with menu, links to significant areas and documents (e.g. newsletters and Key Personnel), and access codes Increase awareness of what LAHC is and does
  10. 10. O P E N F O R U M Use the tools that are available (fliers, documents, ppts, website) Further develop active means of publicity Include such organisations as British Embassies, the British Council and IBO in publicity and information circuits Actively promote virtues of LAHC membership through networking and publicity Develop areas of LAHC responsibility within schools Actively promote awareness and use of the Key Personnel database, particularly at all levels of management, including Student Council Seek active involvement of as many members of school communities as possible
  11. 11. O P E N F O R U M Link regional LAHC ‘cells’ to national and regional educational associations (e.g. ESSARP, BSP, ABSCH, also local IB associations, and engage in joint ventures (such as INTERCAS) When a regional activity, such as a conference, is organised, ensure that regional educational association committees (e.g. ABSCH, BSP, ESSARP) are represented and the costs of such representation covered Build bridges through leadership, social service and training and learning opportunities
  12. 12. O P E N F O R U M Establish a list of what is currently on offer and publicise it. Reactivate the ‘services sought and offered’ initiative (It has been tried twice with little success. Will it work on a third attempt?) Identify, within schools, expert practitioners in any area of educational service who are prepared and able to travel and encourage them to offer their service Increase the number of services offered to schools
  13. 13. Values : Strategic objectives: Promotion of ethical principles and standards Commitment to education as a force for social change O P E N F O R U M
  14. 14. O P E N F O R U M Develop codes of ethics for Boards, school management, teachers, pupils and parents. Make adherence a condition of membership. Include educational philosophy (of school and head) as a criterion for membership. Form an ethics committee to offer advice and arbitrate in disputes (if required). Establish agreed levels of ethical practice within member schools
  15. 15. O P E N F O R U M Incorporate standards into the review model. Define minimum requirements for LAHC accreditation. Identify best practice with respect to standards within member schools. Promote training opportunities directed towards achieving standards. Dedicate conference time to standards. Establish basic standards of educational practice within member schools
  16. 16. O P E N F O R U M Use the LAHC network to develop region-wide projects. Give recognition to social action. Make a positive impact on the wider communities surrounding member schools Promote social awareness and action. Include moral and social responsibility in ethical codes and standards. Give social and moral responsibility a central importance in the educational process
  17. 17. O P E N F O R U M
  18. 18. Regional Meeting Feedback O P E N F O R U M
  19. 19. Region A Overly complicated. LAHC School Committees to take on role of regional coordinators Need to find people to take it on. Will need job descriptions Distribute strategic intents to regions O P E N F O R U M
  20. 20. Region B School Based representatives to be selected by September 15 th (in calendar) Nomination and selection for region thereafter Initiative seen as a very important way to retain staff in schools The need for a hook. Separate conference or much expanded representation in May Job outline required by end of June. Not to be paid posts – time allowance up to individual schools Urgent need to identify regional stud. O P E N F O R U M
  21. 21. Region C 3 volunteers at Regional levels Region will focus on values Green School initiatives O P E N F O R U M
  22. 22. Region D Chile – Using heads in place Opening up of ABSCH to LAHC O P E N F O R U M
  23. 23. O P E N F O R U M
  24. 24. O P E N F O R U M
  25. 25. O P E N F O R U M
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