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Awpf manifesto


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Awpf manifesto

  1. 1. The People First 2011 ManifestoWe want to work with you
  2. 2. What is All Wales People First? All Wales People First is the United Voice of Self – Advocacy Groups and all People with Learning Disabilities in Wales. It Shares Knowledge and Information to Achieve Equal Rights and a Positive Image.All Wales People First….. collects people’s news and views shares information finds out what is going on around the country finds out what is important in people’s lives campaigns to improve the lives of people with learning disabilities puts people in touch with each other from all over Wales helps groups to be touch with the National Government for Wales supports self advocacy groups to get going and keep going All Wales People First is a member led company, limited by guarantee, registered in March 2009. Our values are embedded in the People First Manifesto 2010, in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the Human Rights Act and the Social Model of Disability. All Wales People First is unique in Wales in that it is the only national organisation that solely represents the voice of men and women with a learning disability. 2
  3. 3. The key statements for our vision are:To make sure that all people with learning disabilities have a voice in spite of the difficult economic future we face.To make our voices stronger by building on leadership skills and by being supported to become partners in change.To make our voices heard by engaging with decision makers and driving forward our rights.To make our communities stronger by linking with other organisations that will help us achieve the things that matter to us.To make the organisation stronger by working differently, efficiently and creatively. 3
  4. 4. The People First 2011 ManifestoWales should be proud that we led the way supportingpeople with learning disabilities. The All Wales Strategy set standards that everyone else followed. We want to help you carry on this great work. Wales has signed up to the social model of disability. introduction We want to work with the you to make sure that we keep moving forward and never go back. 4
  5. 5. The People First 2011 ManifestoWe really are the experts in how we need to besupported. If you let social workers run our lives, we are over supported, never allowed to take the risks that everyone else does. This costs you a fortune and holds us back from the lives we want. Let us plan our own lives, and we guarantee we’ll save you money, we’ll have better lives and be part of our Welsh communities. People with learning disabilities living at home as our parents get older become carers. The Assembly Health and Social Care Minister needs to ensure we are planning included in the Carers Strategy for Wales. The Minister should actively support direct payments and individual budgets for people with learning disabilities. 5
  6. 6. The People First 2011 ManifestoWhen we have good support and housing we aremore confident, happy and able to get on with ourlives. Wales is again leading the way with new qualifications for social care staff. We want to be part of everyones course showing them what the housing and support Social Model of Disability means for us living in a modern Wales. Work with the Care Council for Wales to set social model training by people with learning disabilities into the new Qualifications and Credit Framework. 6
  7. 7. The People First 2011 ManifestoFree bus passes in Wales have transformed our lives. Help us make the most of this freedom by including people with learning disabilities in regeneration plans and regional development plans. We want to be part of Wales economy, if we have jobs we need less social and health services. Help us to help you save money across Wales. Include people with learning disabilities when you write regional development plans. transport Include people with learning disabilities when you develop public transport across Wales, especially in rural areas. 7
  8. 8. The People First 2011 ManifestoIts 2011, we’re adults, we’re in relationships, we’regetting married, we’re having sex, just like everyoneelse does. Help us teach social workers, nurses, doctors and support staff how to support us and we can look after ourselves and our families. The best way of protecting people isnt by removing our human rights, it’s by making sure we are well informed, confident members of society. We can be great parents when you give us the right support. The Health Minister needs to ensure that there is a Family Information relationships Service and Family Crisis Centre in every part of Wales with a plan to work with people with learning disabilities. All schools in Wales should have a clear plan to include people with learning disabilities in sex education and parenting classes. 8
  9. 9. The People First 2011 ManifestoThe annual health check is another fantastic way thatWales supports people with learning disability. We want to work with you to make sure the health checks are equally good for everyone in Wales. We want you to make sure that health services include us in prevention programmes like well woman, well man, and family planning clinics. The best way to make this happen is to change the way doctors see us. We can help you deliver social model training for new doctors being trained in Wales. health The Health Minister should work with Wales’ universities to ensure we are part of training Wales’ new doctors and nurses. 9
  10. 10. The People First 2011 ManifestoWe want to be part of the solution for Wales not part ofthe problem. So many of us want to work and do more for our communities. If we have full lives we become more independent, we dont use services as much and we give back, instead of just using services. work and education The Assembly’s Youth Volunteering scheme has been a great way for us gain peer support in the community. The Education Minister should ensure that we have access to adult literacy and numeracy classes across Wales. When the Minister for Economic Development writes support strategies for small businesses he should include people with learning disabilities. 10
  11. 11. The People First 2011 ManifestoPeople First is the only voice for people with learningdisabilities run by people with learning disabilities. The Welsh Assembly has given People First groups across Wales support and guidance to develop and grow. You can help us to help you by ensuring we are funded into the future. The Assembly should provide People First with funding that is independent of service commissioners and providers. self advocacy All Assembly Ministers should ensure that People First locally and nationally are funded as providers of training. The Local Government Minister should ensure that authorities fund People First as service monitoring and development consultants. 11
  12. 12. The People First 2011 ManifestoGrowing up into adults is hard enough for anyone.Its much harder for us. Becoming young adults means leaving home, getting our own place and starting out on our own lives. Too many of us can’t take that first step and we are stuck at home. This makes life hard for everyone. With a little support we can make the first step and get ready to move on to independence. young people The Assembly needs to ensure our voices are heard in young peoples’ groups across Wales. The Assembly Minister should ensure that there is enough social housing for everyone and housing associations provide short stay and support to move on to independence. 12
  13. 13. The People First 2011 ManifestoMost communities in Wales are caring supportive andfriendly but not always. Living with a disability in Wales can still be hard. People don’t always respect us or treat us fairly. When you’re different to other people you stand out and sometimes this makes you an easy target. We want to help build positive supportive communities in Wales, fit for everyone to live in. community The social justice and Local Government Minister should include people with learning disabilities in community safety and cohesion initiatives. 13
  14. 14. What people saySome people do n’t need 24 houmuch time and r support. Ther money being sp e’s toorather than lett ent on ‘prepari ing them have a ng’ people go and get on w ith it. bilities. ith and w ithout disa u’re ix w ith people w g disability label; yo If you m the learnin munity. You h aven’t got r own com just a ci tizen in youWe want support that is individual to us.We want personal support, someone to talk to,help with money – support that is flexible. ears. for four y rough my Mum h look ing after h the day and all t I’ve been her all throug er h. I look aft ’s getting too muc . It the night My life’s been m essed up and I do help to look after n’t get any my Mum; there’s no support. n the r transp ort. It gets i We need bette at we want to lead. ives th way of the l Transport is the main issue in Ceredigion. Transport’s alright in big cities. But in rural areas you can’t get home, even if you can get out! I can use the bu every month ses and we go clubbing . We look aft in Cardiff new friends, er each othe old friends, r. We meet have a gossip . ry bad. netw orks are ve t to do training, Transport a big effor ransport. u hav e to make ecause of t Yo leisure b emplo yment and 14
  15. 15. They didn’t want us to live together. They said ‘you can’t have sex’. , so I was us sharing a bed They didn’t like e was living dow nstairs. nd h living upstairs a We want child ren. I’ve got lo and I do know ads of experien what to do but ce I’m worried th people think I ey will be taken don’t. off us later. The obstacle is staff not believing we can do it.I wish my daughte r was living with mI asked for suppo e now. rt quite soon afterI got some suppor I became pregnan t well after the ba t. by was born. s centre There needs to be a family crisi where people can go for help. One of my fr after their iends thought abou babies we t re taken a suicide way. I had to go through a Police check to be in my relationship. We want se with it. I x education BEF had an e ORE we xperienc e in colle have to deal ge. I got scared. e real or ther these ar sses e risks, whe eir bo e too s cared to tak es wrong, th Staff ar mething go not; they th ink that if so hem. will blame t 15
  16. 16. My condit ion was diaHealth Fai gn r. It wasn’ osed at Swansea Peo t picked up p at the Hea le First’s lth Check. pport worker. I want the do ctor to talk to me not my su e to see the doctor They ha ve no understanding. I’d lik check. I want to see for my health When I w ent into h distance o from me. spital, the nurses but not t T k o me. Th hey chatted to th ept their disabiliti ey eo es as if th treat people with ther patients ey are a n learning obody. e offer . And w eople isability ut Lea rning D n what we do. P around e nu rses abo ed i et involv rses get their h eads h tr aine real ly gWe teac s nurses. They elps nu nt wa y that h s.placeme bers train in a pert m re the exFirst me Disability. We a g Learnin The nur se just thou s said about us: ght they ‘W were a b e it odd .’ en I lived dgeting in college. Wh a week. learned bu ennerWe never mon ey. I got a t move out. id n’t see my y money when I didat home I d mad with m wentBut then I 16
  17. 17. good, ng my educa tion wasn’t very When I was you r write. I can’t r ead or write read o I didn’t learn to have I got? no w; what chance People wi go to co th learning di u sa They ca rses through j bilities are hav n ob in read an ’t even get star Seekers Allow g to d write ted bec . ause th ance. ey can’ t imes people SAME is not go od enough; somet reating people the ntly in order toT bilities have to be treated differewith learning disabe equal. They bung u don’t reco s down on the lower gn b made prog ise our achievemen racket; they ress towar ts. I think ds being c we’ve itizens.Advocacy helps us to live independently at the end of the day.If the money stopped for self advocacy, parents would take controlof our lives again. People would just stay in the house all day. and conf idence there ut w ith our he time and ife help ed us o things all t day to day l Fi rst has e learn new n. It makes People dence. W o lear en indep things we need t le. are still isable d peop easie r for d It make s us less we need de fewer se pendent on serv rvices. ices; 17
  18. 18. People Fir st their voice is our life. It helps p and speak eo communit out. We’re ple to find ies and go p out and ab art of our out in it. who’s still livingI know a young person with a learning disability l day. She or k, so she stays at home alwith her parents. They w e’s not Serv ices think she’s OK but shcleans and cooks. Social ing a job.getting out into he r community or even find My Mum u sed to wond cope but I l er ove living in how I’d dependentl y. metimes my Some people call me names; so blic say it. friends say it and the general pu Peopl e com of the e out day a of sch nd tak ool at e the the en Mick. d ssue. ust is a big i u can trust. orta nt and tr you that yo eed g sa fe is imp eople around ow w ell. We nBein o have p nd us that we kn we know. tYou need eople arou hat p munity t We need things in the com d shops an 18
  19. 19. Contact details All Wales People First Stebonheath Terrace Stebonheath Centre Llanelli SA15 1NE Telephone: 01554 784905 E-mail address: Website: Facebook: Notes to media and press: All Wales People First National Council Members are available for interview and comment on any issues arising from the Manifesto for TV, Radio and Press from Monday 4th April and throughout the election period. 19
  20. 20. The People First 2011 Manifesto