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Blc This Is Not A Test


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Clarence Fisher's presentation at BLC on how teaching and learning is changing because of technology.

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Blc This Is Not A Test

  1. 1. This is not a Test
  2. 3. You live where? You live where?
  3. 4. What happens when... What are the trends?
  4. 6. Going global, going public
  5. 7. How do networks form? What do they change?
  6. 8. Bonding and bridging capital Collaborators and connectors
  7. 9. Growth of creative clusters Prototype culture
  8. 10. And in education?
  9. 20. And in education?
  10. 23. Thinwalled classroom Thinwalled classrooms
  11. 24. Studio learning Teacher as network administrator
  12. 25. Atellier, global, open, choice