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The Advantages Of Freshwater Aquarium Fish


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The Advantages Of Freshwater Aquarium Fish

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  2. 2. The Advantages Of Freshwater Aquarium Fish Although they are not as brightly colored as salt water fish nor as unusual as some species of brackish water fish, freshwater aquarium fish have many advantages over their more brilliant cousins. Freshwater aquarium fish are generally hardier, less expensive to take care of and they are usually farmed instead of harvested from the wild.
  3. 3. Hardier Soles (Sorry for the pun. Soles are actually saltwater fish). Anyway, freshwater aquarium fish don’t need as specific requirements for their water chemistry in order to thrive. In contrast, brackish water fish need the salinity of their water constantly monitored, as does saltwater fish.
  4. 4. Less stressed They also seem to be less stressed when any temperature or chemistry changes happen to their tanks, while other fish die for reasons that tend to mystify the average aquarist. Freshwater aquarium fish are ideal for the beginning hobbyist, while saltwater fish are recommended only for devoted and financially stable experts.
  5. 5. Less Expensive Since they need less chemical treatments and less specialized equipment, freshwater aquarium fish are much less expensive to take care of than their brackish and saltwater cousins. You need to get very specific lighting, filtration and sump pump systems with most saltwater or brackish water fish. Freshwater aquarium fish are more flexible in their filtration requirements. They also can eat most commercially available fish food.
  6. 6. Environmentally Friendly The pet fish trade has a bad record of keeping their stock alive, as far as saltwater fish are concerned. In the 1990's, this writer lived near one of the nation's largest importers of saltwater fish, That Fish Place of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Their fish were captured from the oceans, not captive-bred. Some of the species they had are now endangered, partially due to the demands of American hobbyists.
  7. 7. Mortality rate The mortality rate of a saltwater fish from ocean to just reaching the pet store is over 50%, according to conversations I've had with That Fish Place employees who wish to remain anonymous. In contrast, most species of freshwater aquariumfish that you find in pet stores are captive bred. So buying them does not support depleting rapidly diminishing wild stocks.
  8. 8. Varieties of goldfish in pet stores Some species are even domestic fish – so if they were ever released into the wild, they wouldn’t last too long. These species include all of the varieties of goldfish in pet stores and many freshwater fish tanks in homes and offices around the world. Before you get any fish, please do your research, but I think you'll come to the conclusion that freshwater aquarium fish are the best fish to keep.
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