Holding The World: Aquarium Stands


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Holding The World: Aquarium Stands

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  2. 2. Holding The World: Aquarium Stands When putting together an aquarium, most owners focus on what is inside the tank. The tank itself, regardless of size, will be filled with water, plants, fish and decorations. Rocks will line the bottom and lights and filtration systems will keep it operating smoothly and keep the ocean life happy.
  3. 3. Chemicals Chemicals will be added to balance the pH and to destroy any unhealthy bacteria or algae. However, the tank itself is the world. It contains the fragile ecosystem of the aquarium and protects it from the outside world. And the tank deserves the very best treatment, treatment possible only with the use of aquarium stands.
  4. 4. On A Pedestal Aquarium stands play a vital role in the hobby of fish keeping. Stands are made from a variety of materials, contain different décor patterns and can be decorated to fit any atmosphere. However, the stands do more than help the owner create the perfect aquarium set-up. They protect the tank itself, and allow it to truly be appreciated.
  5. 5. Aquarium at risk Many beginners put their tanks on the floor or on pre-existing tables. This interferes with viewing, but it also puts the aquarium at risk. Aquarium stands are often afterthoughts, as owners do not even think about this equipment while they are shopping for tanks and fish. They try to find a stand after the fact.
  6. 6. Dimensions of the tank However, if the tank and stand is purchased at the same time, not only is guaranteed to be the right size for the weight and dimensions of the tank, it will probably cost less than when purchased alone.
  7. 7. Aquarium stands Aquarium stands come in two main styles, stands and cabinets. A stand is a four-legged piece of furniture perfect for smaller tanks. Beginners will usually go with this type of stand since it is cheaper and simpler to set up, but if the tank is too large or heavy, a four-legged stand will not provide enough support. Cabinets provide more stability and also offer storage.
  8. 8. Trim and frame on the tank For style, the stand should coordinate with the trim and frame on the tank, and in the end, height is the most important factor to consider. The tank in the end should be visible to the most amounts of people possible.
  9. 9. Aquarium stands Aquarium stands can be made from wood, wood byproducts or metal. Metal is the chosen material of most cheap stands, usually iron or steel. Metal is not a good choice for saltwater tanks as it can rust, and while the stands are cheap they offer the least amount of support and do not come in cabinet styles.
  10. 10. Wood and wood byproduct aquarium stands Wood and wood byproduct aquarium stands offer more support and can come in cabinets. However, wood is still the optimal choice, as pressed board or fiberboard stands can swell and weaken if they are drilled improperly.
  11. 11. This Slide Show is brought to You by http:// highqualityarticles.com /