Choosing The Right Aquarium Décor


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Choosing The Right Aquarium Décor

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  2. 2. Choosing The Right Aquarium Decor One of the most enjoyable things about setting up an aquarium in one’s home is decorating the tank. When you walk through a pet store, you will notice that there are probably hundreds of different decorations for tanks. How do you know which one’s your fish will like? How do you know which ones to choose? Here are some ideas on how to set up your aquarium décor.
  3. 3. Rock And Roll To begin, you must choose some gravel for the bottom of your aquarium. Gravel is an essential part of the aquarium décor. There are many different colors of gravel to choose from. The gravel color really does not matter because the colors will usually match most other decorations. Once you purchase the gravel, you should soak it in warm water to remove any dust before putting it into the fish tank.
  4. 4. Plants And Weeds Many people like to add plants or weeds as part of the aquarium décor. These plants or weeds can be plastic or they can be live. Only choose a few plants or weeds for your tank because you do not want it to overwhelm the scenery. Above all, you will need to leave enough room for your fish to swim. So, just pick a few plants. Remember that live plants will require more care and maintenance that plastic plants.
  5. 5. The Background Next, you will want to choose a background for you tank. Most pet stores usually have some really neat aquatic backgrounds available. Choose a background that will compliment your tank gravel or vice versa. The background is usually taped to the backside of the tank and adds extra beauty to the interior look and feel of the aquarium décor.
  6. 6. Odds And Ends There are also a lot of odds and ends that you can to the aquarium décor. There are small ships that move with the air pumps, skulls, treasure chests, fish figures and more. Some of them light up, glow in the dark or rock back and forth with the motion of the water and air pumps.
  7. 7. Small swim Some of them have small swim through that they fish love to play in. Remember, that you do not want to over stock your tank, so only choose a few odds and ends. You can always change them later. Odds and ends are a fun part of the aquarium décor.
  8. 8. Beautiful structures When setting up your aquarium décor, the possibilities are endless. There are many unique, neat and beautiful structures and fixtures that you can add to your tank to give it a cool look. The main thing to remember is that the fish will need room to swim around. So don’t over decorate it. Keep it simple, and keep it nice. Your fish will love it, your guests will love it and above all, you will love it.
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