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Class expectations

  1. 1. Mr. Glasco 6th Grade2012-2013
  2. 2. Classroom Expectations• Come to school on time.• Have necessary tools for learning.• Be organized for learning.• Maintain a clean workspace.• Follow the directions the first time given.
  3. 3. When entering the classroom… Class starts upon entering the room; not when the bell rings. You should place your personal effects (items that do not belong at your desk) in the cubby that corresponds to your student number. Sharpen pencils, turn in homework, and obtain correct materials for morning lesson. Be seated at the appropriate desk and begin working on the “Quick 5” (Do- Now). Upon completion of the Quick 5: You should preview the morning lesson, practice math facts, review notes, or read while waiting for the morning lesson(s).
  4. 4. Your “Desk” You will have assigned seating. This will change often depending on the needs of the lesson plans to best fit the activities for the day/week/month. You may not store anything inside of the desk unless you are instructed to do otherwise. You may store your backpack on the back of your chair.  Not on the floor.  Not on the top of an empty desk or other counter space.
  5. 5. When transitioning to another area… Line up in numerical order (Cubby Box #/Science Book#) Quite Line Line leaders and door holders will be chosen “on the fly”. Stop at appropriate stopping points or as directed by the teacher. Respect the walls, doors, and other objects along the way by keeping our hands, feet, and belongings to ourselves. Respect the fact that learning is occurring behind those shut doors and clear windows. Enter room quietly and follow directions of the adult(s) in the room.
  6. 6. When needing to sharpen a pencil orusing the trash can… Become accustom to using a pen; blue or black ink only. Use a mechanical pencil. When sharpening a pencil:  Do this before 8:55am, before/after transitioning to another area, and after school.  DO NOT take up important educational time of others by distracting the class. When using the trash can:  This is not the NBA…  If you miss the can, period, then you need to pick the object up and place it in the garbage can on the second attempt.
  7. 7. Bathroom Guidelines Use the bathroom before 8:55am, before/after transitions, and after 3:05. If during instructional time, raise your hand and point to the bathroom door. Wait for permission (Verbal or hand gesture). This use of the bathroom will be documented and relayed to your parents if excessive. There will be a time limit for bathroom use. Generally, 2 minutes will suffice. Boys: AIM Girls: Use the bathroom before 8:55am, before/after transitions, and after 3:05 for personal hygiene time.
  8. 8. Bathroom Guidelines You will wait beside the classroom door to the bathroom area. You will wait for an open door to enter the bathroom area. You will use the bathroom appropriately, wash/dry off hands, and return to class. This is not social time, hang out in the hallway, or anything of the sort. You have been warned… Only males in the boys bathroom and only females in the girls bathroom. Period. You have been warned…
  9. 9. Where to turn in work… In the front of the classroom, there is Bulldog standing beside his dog bed. You will place your homework into the dog bed. I will ask a student, at random, to collect student work. All other works will be placed into a neat stack on the table in front of the room. This is the same table as the homework dog bed is located. If you need to turn in late work, please place on the small bookshelf located in the back of the room where the ‘Angry Bird’ speaker is located.
  10. 10. In the cafeteria… Transition expectations are to be adhered to while entering/exiting the cafeteria. If you bring your lunch, you will report to the assigned class table. If you are getting school provided food: you will report directly to the lunch line in a straight, quite line.  You will move briskly (active, fast) through the lunch line. If you are to attend silent lunch: you will report to the appropriate table assigned by the teacher or the teacher on lunch duty.
  11. 11. During recess… You will have recess. This means you will be ACTIVE during this time. It is “free time” – but this will be ACTIVE free time. Be safe and follow all rules of the school. Don’t “forget”. You have been warned. The teacher will ensure that you have your recess time. Please ensure recess time is pleasurable for the teacher as well. For example, follow school rules, line up when asked, be a leader and not a follower.
  12. 12. Dismissal Please clean your area.  Top of desk, inside of desk, and on the floor around you. Place all textbooks back into your cubby. Any announcements at the end of the day require silence throughout the duration of the announcement. Line up when instructed to by the teacher. Follow transition policy while exiting school grounds.