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Works of rizal


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Works of rizal

  1. 1. LiteraryThis Literary Works Bibliography (including novels, poems, essays, notes, speeches, etc.) is basedon the list provided by the Jose Rizal National Centennial Commission, particularly in its publicationentitled Quotations from Rizal’s Writings, which is translated in English by Encarnacion Alzona fromthe original Pensamientos de Rizal in Spanish. This bibliography, on the other hand, is presumedfrom the thesis of Angel Tiaoqui Hidalgo (Saturnina Rizal-Hidalgo’s grandson) but is uncredited. Theearly bibliographies of Rizal such as Wenceslao E. Retana’s Bibliografia Rizalina (1907), and theworks of Luis Montilla (former director of the National Library) found in Rafael Palma’s Bibliografia deRizal (1949) were also used as cross references in compiling all of Rizal’s literary works.’s complete bibliography of Rizal’s works, the titles are arranged both chronologicallyand thematically, to make it easier for readers as they conduct researches on Rizal. Created/ Content Physical Originally Title Type Published in Description/Sum Date Description Published mary in No signature. It is a laudatory Three poem dedicated toA. D. Ricardo pages. 16 D. RicardoCarnicero cm. X 22.5 De Veyra, J. C. Carnicero, who 1892(English Poem cm. The Dapitan Poesias de Rizal, was the politico- AugustTranslation: To original 1946, pp. 60-62 military governor of 26Don Ricardo manuscript Dapitan when RizalCarnicero) is found in was exiled there on the National June, 1892. Library. This contains Rizals reply to. an article published by La Defensa in its No 30th of March, signature. 1889 issue, refuting Nine pages. the views 21.5 cm. X La expressed by Don 13 cm. The 1889A “La Defensa” Essay Solidaridad Patricio de la original April 30 , No.6 Escosura, and manuscript calling the attention is found in of all to the the National "pernicious Library. influence of the friar (in the Philippines) in this age." It forms part of "Memorias y Documentos Apuntes" inA mi Criador Poem Fragment Rizalinos. Documentos Rizalinos which were presented as
  2. 2. a gift by the Spanish people to the Filipino people in 1953. This is an incomplete poem of three stanzas in which the author makes an invocation of his Creator. The original manuscript is in the form of letter addressed It is believed that to Dr. A. B. this work forms part Meyer dated of Notes (in in London, 7 collaboration with January A. B. Meyer and F. 1889 and Blumentritt) on a signed ―Jose Chinese code in Rizal‖. 15 the Middle Ages pp. written in (See No. 88,Acerca de black ink on 1889 Bibliography II),Tawalisi de Ibn Notes stationary London January translated from theBatuta paper. 07 German by Dr. Original Hirth. In brief, the manuscript work says that found in the "Tawalisi" may Meyer refer to the Collection of northern part of the Luzon or to any of Newberry the adjoining Library, islands. Chicago. Facsimile copy is in the National Library. No title. It includes the Eight pages, following: 1. written in Secretary of the black ink on Academy ofAcademia de ordinary Filosofico-NaturalCiencias paper. 15.2 sciences. 2. First 1881-Filosoficos- cm. X 21.5 reunion of the 1882naturales cm. The alumni of the original Academy, 10 manuscript February 1881. is found in (Thursday) 3. the Second reunion at
  3. 3. Newberry the close of the Library school term, 1880- (Ayer 1881. 4. School Collection), term, 1881-1882: Chicago. first session 5. School term, 1881- 1882: second session 6. School term, 1881-1882: third session 7. School term, 1881- 1882: fourth session Interpolated in these records is a composition "A wheel around the hub" in English, which is unfinished. It seems to have been copied from a book. A translation into Spanish by J. Rizal and dedicated to the author of this monograph, Prof. Blumentritt. The original is a rough draft with deletions and corrections. Written in black inkAmpliacion a No signature on commercialmi mapa de la nor date. ruled paper of fiveisla de Five pages. sheets, written onMindanao 94.7 cm. X one side. Included(English 21.5 cm. Translation Dapitan is an unnumbered 1895Translation: The original page which treatsEnlargement manuscript of the mountains,of my Map of is in the etc., of the saidthe Island of National island. ThisMindanao) Library. incomplete translation taken from a detailed description made by Prof. Ferdinand Blumentritt in German of the various maps of the island of Mindanao, like the map
  4. 4. published by Fr. Juan Era in 1890 and the map of the eastern parts of Mindanao by Dr. S. F. Montano. This monograph also refers to the mountains of Mindanao and the eruptions of the Macaturing and Catarman volcanoes. A fragment of the Without title. rough draft of this No work is included in signature, the notebook no date. entitled Fragments Two written de variousAng Dalawang pages. 13.5 borradores. It is aMagkapatid Other cm. 21 cm. story in which the(Cuento writings Written in Spanish coloniestendecioso) Tagalog. and Spain are The original symbolized by two manuscript sisters who live is found in with a cruel aunt. It the National is an unfinished Library. story. A chronological list of the municipalAng mga officials ofnangagsipamu Calamba, from the No date. Sixno sa Bayan first teniente- writtenng Calamba, gobernadorcillo pages andSapol ng (1742) up to 14 blankMaging Bayan, Capitan Municipal pages.Hangan sa Lucas Quintero. Written inHina- rap na (1891). The year of Tagalog inPanahon. Other Hongkong service of every 1891- black ink.Alinsunod sa writings ? municipal official 1892 35.5 cm. Xmga Sulat na together with an act 21.7 cm.Iningatan ni or a notable event The originalDn. Vicente that has transpired manuscriptLlamas, ni D. during the is found inMariano incumbency of the NationalAlcasid. ni D. each is mentioned. Library.Gervasio It must have beenAlviar. written with the help of his brother, Paciano.
  5. 5. The notebook No contains case signature. histories of patients 74 pages in under the all. On the observation of Dr. front cover Rizal, together with may be read an index of all the the followng: cases of the Cuaderno patients. In the de Apuntes notebook there is sobre la also found part of a lengua 1883 fictional narrative in griega. It OctoberApuntes Medical Hospital of English of five contains 68 4 toClinica notes Madrid pages, the pages 1884 "Penitent Robber" written in May 29 which appears in violet ink, the Cuaderno de and six Apuntes sobre la blank pages. lengua griega (See 21 cm. X #22) and a short 15.8 cm. hebraic vocabulary The original with its own manuscript characters and is found in meanings in the National Spanish (See Library. #102). Without title. There is no mention of date nor place where written. The manuscript is a small notebook without cover,Apuntes de composed Medical 1883-Clinica of Madrid notes 1884Quirurgica commercial lined paper folded into four parts, being 13.7 cm. X 10.5 cm. There are 124 pages and 41 lessons, the latter being
  6. 6. unfinished. The first pages are missing correspondi ng to the first lessons and the beginning of the third. The original manuscript is in the National Library. These notes are found in the Ayer Collection, Newberry Library.Apuntes sobre They formgramatica Notes part offrancesa French Composition Exercises by Jose Rizal edited by Austin Craig. Without title. Listed as Estudio del idioma drabe in the National Library. The work treats ofApuntes sobre Without a part of the Betweenla conjugation date. One conjugation of the 1883del verbo Notes Madrid written verb "to kill" with its and“matar” en page. 20.5 translation in 1885arabe. cm. x 26.5 Arabic symbols. cm. The original manuscript is found in the National Library. Spanish Suriang A SpanishArte Metrica 1887 Translation Translation Pambansa translation,del Tagalog. April of the Publication, amplified and
  7. 7. German, Manila, 1943 revised from theTagalische original in German,Verskunst. TagalischeThe Verskunst.At themanuscript foot of the firstis a rough page is thisdraft with notation: "Thisdeletions work was readand before thecorrections, Ethnographicwritten in Society of Berlin infive pages, April of 1887 andcommercial published by thepaper. 32.5 said society in thecm. X 20.5 same year."cm. The Included in theoriginal rough draft is amanuscript Spanish translationis found in by Ponce of thethe National part which dealsLibrary. with "stanzas," written in pencil on two leaves of paper with the letter-head "Philippine Delegation, Japan," and on the other sheet is a note of Ponce which says that Rizal did not finish the translation of the final paragraphs of the original German. This Spanish translation was in turn translated into Tagalog with a preface by Inigo Ed. Regalado, member of the Institute of National Language, and published by the "Suriang Pambansa Publication" in Manila, 1943. It treats of Tagalog versification.
  8. 8. No date, but it was possibly written during the time when he was taking up Philosophy and Letters, and studying Arabic in Madrid during the A Spanish school term translation of the 1884-1885. book of Liturgy, 11 pp. 35 part of ―Zend- cm. x 21.5 Avesta‖ dialogue cm. The betweem Ormuzd original is a and Zoroaster. ThisAvesta rough draft 1884- Translation Madrid part to the dialogueVendidad with 1885 between Ahura- deletions Mazda (Ormuzd) and and Zoroaster or corrections. Zarathustra deals The first with the creation of nine pages "the worlds filled and over a with people". half of the tenth are written in black ink, and the rest in violet ink, on commercial ruled paper. The original manuscript is found in the National Library. Taken from Retana, W. E. Noli Me Vida y Escritos, Tangere page 114; de Chapter Veyra, J. C. 1905Canto de Poem XXIII, Poesias de Rizal, FebruaryMaria Clara ―Fishing.‖ In page 55; 28 the original Laubach, F.C. manuscript Rizal Man and of the Noli, Martyr
  9. 9. this song appears with two stanzas more. Without title. No signature nor date. 21 written pages withCaracteres some pageshebraicos con Other blank. 10.5sus writings cm. x 15.25significados en cm. Thecastellano original manuscript is in the National Library. It forms part of ―Memorias y Apuntes‖ in Documentos It consists of aCharadas de Rizalinos Documentos collection of Notes MadridRizal which were Rizalinos. charades in presented Spanish. as a gift by the Spanish people in in 1953. No signature, It is a prospectusColegio no date. which deals withModerno Eight written the objectives of a(English pages. 18 college, including OtherTranslation: cm. x 23 cm. methods of writingsProspectus of The original teaching, theColegio manuscript courses, and theModerno) is found in administration of the National the college. Library. Two pages. 34 cm. x 21.6 cm. It is a tribute to The poem is Academy ChristopherColon y Juan written on of Spanish Poem Columbus, the 18872°. (Lira) commercial Literature, discoverer of the paper, using Manila New World. only one side, in the handwriting
  10. 10. of Rizal and signed by him. The original document is written on both sides of rectangular Catalan paper, commercial size, in black ink, with the signaturesContrato de of the It is a contract ofsociedad entre contracting partnership toRizal y Ramon 1883 Contract partners at Dapitan establish a lime-kilnCarreon para May 14 the bottom with more than 400construir un of the cavans in capacity.calero. document. Two pages. 32 cm. x 22 cm. The original manuscript with typewritten copies is found in the National Library. It contains a list of the errors ofCorrecciones printing andde los omissions made by No"Sucesos de the transcriber in signature,las Islas Fili- the edition of the no date. 11pinos" por el Sucesos anotated writtenDr. Antonio de by Rizal. In a note pages. 18.5Morga Alcalde Annotation/ on the first page, cm. x 25.5del crimen de Other Rizal says: "When cm. Thela Real writings this work was originalAudencia de la published, the manuscriptNueva original copy in the is found inEspana, British Museum the Nationalconsultor del had been missing, Library.Santo Oficio and the annotatorde Inquisition. could not check up the proofs with the original as he
  11. 11. wished; for which reason there were omissions in the original as well as in the manuscript." It is a short study of the Greek language, its alphabet, together with a classification of its consonants Without title. and vowels. In this No date. Six notebook there are written also four pages. 17Cuaderno de paragraphs of cm. x 21.25apuntes sobre Other Chapter V of the 1883- cm. The Madridla lengua writings Penitent Bobber in 1885 originalgriega English, a manuscript paragraph in is found in Spanish, and a the National paragraph, without Library. title, in German. Apparently these were copied from books while he was studying languages in Madrid. This notebook is composed of 105 sheets of catalan paper or 210 Questions and pages in all, answers of lessons 12 pages on universal history being blank. (75 lessonsCuaderno de The first including those ofvarias Other page of the universal history), 1874-preguntas Manila writings notebook geometry, algebra, 1875escritas por J. which reads: sphericalR. Mercado. "Cuaderno trigonometry, de varias medicine, grammar preguntas (preliminary) and escritas por geography. J. R. Mercado" was sketched by Rizal as well as the other
  12. 12. sketches which appear in the notebook. 21 cm. x 35.5 cm. The original manuscript is found in the National Library. Unfinished and undated. The manuscript is written in fine and small letters on Catalan paper, quarto-size, on both sides of the paper. It is really a rough draft with Introduction or the corrections, beginning of a deletions, Unfinished Dia Filipinos, 19 novel with this titleDapitan emendation Dapitan novel June 1918 in which Rizal s, etc., and describes the town is the of Dapitan. beginning of a novel (an introduction, according to M. Ponce in a little paper which accompanie s the last page). Eight pages. 23 cm. x 16 cm. The original manuscript is in the National Library.
  13. 13. It is also known as Su Defensa escrita por el en calabozo de la Fuerza de Santiago. It contains the date furnished by Dr. Rizal to his legal counsel for the preparation of his defense. With respect to the rebellion, Rizal says that he has always opposed such a movement; with respect to the Liga Filipino, he says that he has Without title. always wanted civil Eight written liberties, not pages. 22 separation of the cm. x 32.3 Philippines; with 1896Datos para mi Other cm. The Fort respect with the Decembdefensa writings original Santiago Katipunan, he says er 12 manuscript he does not know it is found in nor has he the National maintained Library. relations nor correspondence with the founder of this organization; with respect to Masonry he says that it is false that he has given orders to Pedro Serrano to introduce masonry in the Philippines; and with respect to the Asociacion Hispano-Filipina and La Solidaridad he says that it is false that he has founded such societies. Diary/ In this diary RizalDiarios de Travel gives us hisviaje notes impressions of a
  14. 14. trip from Heidelberg, Mannheim, Mainz, and Frankfurt up to Leipzig, passing through the famous Rhine river. This is a part of the diary of his life included in one of thea. Heidelberg. Diary/ P. Jacinto: 1886 pages in P.6 August 1886 Travel Memorias de un August Jacinto:(Friday) notes Estudiante 06 Memorias de un Estudiante. (See No. 80). This is a diary of a Included in this trip with manuscript are various three other diaries sketches of trips, which are made by the as follows: 1. De author and Marsella a Manila, with a 3 July, 1887. With monogram various sketches of on the the author. 31 pp. cover. 9 11.75 cm. x 20 cm. August 2. A bordo delb. De 1886. "Haiphong". 2Heildelberg a Diary/ (Monday). August, 1887. 1886Leipzig Travel Written in From Saigon to Augustpasando por el notes Spanish with Manila. With 09Rhin. paragraphs various sketches of in German, the author. 12 pp. French, and 11.75 cm. x 20 cm. Italian 3. Be Binan a inserted in Manila en el vapor the text. The Bakal. Without original date. Probably in manuscript 1888. With various is found in sketches of the the National author. Eight Library. 65 pages. 11.75 cm. x pp. 11.75 20 cm. cm. x 20 cm.c. Diario de Diary/ No This diary is written 1888viaje. Be Travel signature, in a pocket May 16-Nueva York a notes no date. No notebook of the 25
  15. 15. Liverpool. 16 title. Eight type distributed byto 25 May. written the Palmer1888. pages. 10 Company entitled cm. x 14 cm. "Palmers The original European Pocket manuscript Guide." It contains is found in impressions of his the National trip on board the Library. "City of Rome" from New York to Liverpool, and it may be supposed to have been written during the trip. Without date, but it is probable that this was written in 1889 in This diary gives hisd. Be Paris a Dieppe. Ten Diary/ impressions of hisDieppe written Travel Dieppe companions on the 1889(Impressions pages. 31 notes train from Paris toof a Trip) cm. x 16.5 Dieppe. cm. The original manuscript is found in the National Library. No date, but it is probable that this was written in 1889 in Dieppe. Two written pages. It is Brief notes about written in Diary/ the city. It gives a French withe. Dieppe Travel Dieppe brief history of the 1889 some inter- notes city of Dieppe, mingled Germany. Spanish phrases. 21 cm. x 16.5 cm. The original manuscript is found in the National
  16. 16. Library. It contains many sketches of the places, objects, and persons that called his attention during the voyage. Included in the manuscript is the work Fabrication de Champagne (See Without title. No. 8 of thef. Diario de 39 pp. 20.5 appendix toviaje. Be cm. x 32.5 1891 Bibliography I). V.Marsella a Diary/ cm. The October Elio in hisHongkong, 18 Travel original 18 to BibliografiaOctober to 19 notes manuscript Novemb Rizalina entitledNovember is found in er 19 this work Diario de1891. the National viaje de Marsella a Library. Hongkong. It treats of his observations during his voyage from Marseille passing through Alexandria, Port Said, Suez Canal, Aden, Colombo, Singapore, Saigon up to Hongkong. These notesg. Notas de are found inviaje en the last twocamino para Diary/ pages of the 1892Hongkong Travel Diario de Marchdesde notes viaje. De 07Sandakan, 7 Marsella aMarch 1892. Hongkong (See #26, f) No Rizal narrates his signature, arrival in Manila, no date. his interviews withh. Diario de Without title, Governor GeneralRizal. De su but the Na- Don Eulogio 1892llegada a Diary/ tional Despujol, the June 26Manila hasta Travel Library gave concession of the to JulyDapitan, 26 notes this diary the pardon of his father 17June to 17 July preceeding and sisters, his1892. title. Three imprisonment in written Fort Santiago, and pages. 23 his exile to Dapitan. cm. x 16.5
  17. 17. cm. This document is written on Catalan paper with numerous deletions, erasures and corrections. It is possible that this diary was written in Dapitan. The original manuscript is found in the National Library. The original manuscript is found in the National Library; iti. Diario de forms part ofviaje. De "Memorias y The diary gives theDapitan a Apuntes" in Diary/ events of hisBarcelona. 64 Documentos Documentos Travel voyage from 31dias sin tocar Rizalinos Rizalinos. notes July to 2 Novembertierra. De which were 1896.Barcelona a presentedManila. as a gift by the Spanish people to the Filipino people in 1953. Without title nor date. Five pages. 20.7 cm. x This work, withoutDigresiones 16.5 cm. any doubt, is anpsicologicos- Written in introduction to thesentimentales Unfinished five quarto- first chapter of ansobre diversos writings size paper unfinished novel. Itestados de with the contains a sensitiveanimo reverse side dedication to A. . . of the paper blank; it lacks the
  18. 18. final and, it seems, the first page, in which the title of this work must have been written. Like most writings of the author, the style of the language is subtly ironical. The original manuscript is found in the National Library. Original manuscript in French is found in the Craig, Austin. Ayer (ed.) French Collection of CompositionDimanche des the Exercises byRameaux Essay Newberry Berlin Jose Rizal, Noli 1887(Palm Sunday) Library, Me Tangere Chicago. Quarter Facsimile Centennial copy can be Series. found in the National Library. Two written pages. 23 cm. x 32 cm.Discurso The original It is a review of thepronunciado manuscript events with respecten el banquete is found in Retana, W. E. to Filipinos in Spaincelebrado en Speech the National Vida y Escritos, during 1883, and itel Cafe de Library. page 461 expresses hisMadrid el 31 (manuscript hopes for thede Diciembre originally coming 1883. owned by Eduardo de Lete)Discurso No signature V. Elio in his Speechpronunciado nor date. 16 Bibliografia
  19. 19. en el Cafe written Rizalina gives thisHabanero pages. 19.5 work the title cm. x 16.25 Discurso en el cm. The banquete de la manuscript colonia filipina de is found in Madrid, en la the National noche del 31 de Library. Diciemhre de 1890 en el "Café Habanero." Dr. Leoncio Lopez- Rizal believes this speech of Rizal was read by another person in 1885. In this speech Rizal describes the progressive transformation of the Filipino colony, traces the history and death of the Circulo Hispano — Filipino, gives the summary of the events during the three years in Spain, and appeals to all to maintain union and solidarity among the mem- bers of the colony. It consists of six written pages with the title of Cuentos y This is a legend Ley end as about a lady who de Filipinos. lives in a grotto 18.5 cm. xDoña near the Malapad- Other 23 cm. The Cultura Filipina,Geronima (The na-Bato. This writings original May 1911.Enchantress) legend is found in a manuscript, shorter version in which does the third chapter of not contain El Filibusterismo. the date of writing, is found in the National Library.
  20. 20. This poem as it was published in the Fili differs from that which was A poem de Veyra, J. C. published in theEl Agua y el quoted in El Poem Poesias de Rizal, original manuscriptFuego Filibusterism 1946, page 59 of this novel in that o, chapter II. the eighth line reads "Creemos" instead of "Formemos." This novel The original dedicated to the manuscript memory of Fathers Manila, Chofre with many Gomez, Burgos and Co. 1900; measures and Zamora, is the Manila, 1908, by and cor- second part of Noli the Manila rections was Me Tangere which Filatelica; acquired presents Simoun Barcelona, 1908, from Ghent, (the persecuted anotated by W. E.El Valentin Boekdrudd and misunderstood Retana;Filibusterismo Ventura in rij F. Ibarra of the Noli), Barcelona, 1909,(English 1925 and is Meyer-Van seething with Novel by Maucci; 1891Translation: now in the Loo, vengeance Barcelona andThe Reign of National Vlaanderes because of the Madrid (withoutGreed) Library. The -traat, injustices which he date) by F. main text 66,1891 has suffered and Granada. contains fomenting rebellion, Translated into four which fails one English, Tagalog, preliminary, after the other. It is Pangasinan, and 279 more realistic, but Cebuano, Ilocano sheets. 36.5 less a novel, in and Ilongo. cm. x 3.75 which the seeds of cm. nationalism are sown. The poem is written on commercial paper, using only one An epic song side in the written in octaves, handwriting de Veyra, J. C. praising Columbus of Rizal.El Heroismo Poem Manila Poesias de Rizal, and relating the Incomplete; 1946, page 26. dialogue between the last Columbus and page is Neptune. missing. Two pages. 33.5 cm. x 21.6 cm. The original
  21. 21. manuscript is found in the National Library. The manuscript is written in black ink on quarto-size Catalan paper and on one side only. It is a rough draft A psychological with disquisition on the corrections, sentiment of erasures, beauty. It is an and essay in whichEl Sentimiento Other deletions; it Rizal treats of thede lo Bello writings is appreciation of the incomplete beauty of "that and is feeling in herent in unsigned.. nature, given by Eight pages. God to man and by 22.5 cm. x man perfected." 16 cm. The original manuscript with typewritten copies is found in the National Library. The original manuscript in French is Craig, Austin. in the Ayer (ed.) French Collection of Composition the Exercises byEssai su Pierre Newberry 1885- Essay Jose Rizal, NoliCorneille. Library, 1887 Me Tangere Chicago. Quarter Facsimile Centennial copy can be Series. found in the National Library.Estado de Without The work is anreligiosidad de Essay date. 43 analysis and a 1881los pueblos en sheets study of the moral
  22. 22. Filipinos. written on state and religious one side or spirit of the Filipino 43 pages. in all the acts of life 22 cm. x 16 from his birth to his cm. The death. It treats of original the concepts manuscript cherished by the with Filipino on the typewritten Divinity, the Virgin copies is and the Saints, the found in the immortality of the National soul, the after life, Library. virtue and sin, prayers, promises and offerings, and pilgrimages, particularly that of Our Lady of Antipolo. It consists of a listEstudio de Other Without title. of Egyptianjeroglificos writings Four pages. hieroglyphics withegipcios their signification. Six pages. It treats of the 20.75 cm. x earthquakes 1880, 27 cm. the horrible fire, the Written on cholera, and the square typhoon, which commercial Retana, W. E. have afflicted theFilipinas Other paper in Vida y Escritos, Philippines, and itdesgaciada writings violet ink, page 461 ends with an now appeal to "the somewhat noble heart of the blurred with people" to aid the blots and towns of Colon and corrections. Magallanes. Without title. No signature nor date. The manuscript is merely a rough draft de Veyra, J. C.Flor entre Poem with many Madrid Poesias de Rizal,flores corrections. 1946, 59 It was probably written in Madrid. The original manuscript
  23. 23. is found in the National Library. It contains the following: 1. Intercontinental politics. 2. Fragment of Ensanamiento (See No. 48, Bibliography II). 3. Without title. Fragmento of Ang No signature Dalawang nor date. Magkapatid, (See The work No. 7, Bibliography consists of I). 4. Fragment of a fragments of letter. 5. His first various impressions of works on Madrid. 6. different Bibliographical sizes of notes of Torcuato paper, some Tasso. 7. A key ofFragmenton barely numbers with theirde varias begun, the corresponding Other 1889-borradores de others significations. 8. writings 1890escritas de consisting of StenographicRizal. one or two signs. 9. A list of paragraphs medicines only. 20 frequently used written with their pages. 20 corresponding cm. x 32.5 dosages. 10. cm. The Fragment of a original rough draft of Las manuscript Luclias de is found in Nuestros Dias; by the National I). F. Pi y Margall. Library. 11. Notes for the preparation of Filipinas dentro de Cien Años. a.) Notes written in Spanish; b.) Notes written in French.; c.) Notes written in German.Guillermo Tell. No date, norTrahediang Is is the place Manila, Lib. 1886inulat ni Translation indicated. 84 Leipzig Manila Filatelica, SeptembSchiller sa written 1907 ersalitang pages. 21
  24. 24. aleman, cm. x 24 cm.isinalin ni Jose Written inRizal sa violet ink.Tagalog The manuscript has deletions, corrections, and changes. The original manuscript is found in the National Library. No signature, no date. Unpublished . It forms part of the FrenchHistoire dune compositionclef (The Other s in the Ayer Berlin 1887history of a writings Collection ofkey). the Newberry Library, Chicago. The National Library has a facsimile of this work. It forms part of the French Craig, Austin. composition (ed.) French s in the Ayer Composition A story of HansHistoire dune Collection of Exercises by Andersen 1887mere (The the Translation Berlin Jose Rizal, Noli translated from the Marchhistory of a Newberry Me Tangere German into 05mother) Library, Quarter French. Chicago. Centennial The National Series. (1912) Library has a facsimile of this work.Introduccion (A The originalhistory that Other of this work 1872?seems to be a writings is found onnovel) the reverse
  25. 25. side of the original manuscript of Manila en el mes de Diciembre de 1872. The manuscript Written expressly is a rough for the Illus. D. draft with Benito Francia, erasures Inspector General and (Second-Class) corrections Chief of by the Administration and author; it is honorary superior. written on A monograph on ruled the two forms ofLa Curacion commercial supposedde los paper. With enchantmentHechizados. the work is a (bewitchment)Apuntes page in more common inheehos para el which are the Philippines: theestudio de la found vivid enchantment 1895 Other Dia Filipino, 19Medicina sketches of Dapitan caused by the Novemb writings June 1921Filipina the healer Mangkukulam, and er 15(English and the that made by theTranslation: bewitched in MangagawayThe Treatment the latters (bewitchment byof the different suggestion). ItBewitched) stages of describes the the crisis or various kinds of attacks of bewitchment of the said evil. Mangkukulam and Seven the Mangagaway; pages. 27 the first refers in cm.x 21 cm. general, to a man The original who is born with manuscript this power, and, is found in second is always a the National woman. Library. Without A chronicle, written date, but in French, on the according to picturesque andLa fete de Sain Ponce, it traditional feast ofIsidro (The 1884 or Chronicle was written Madrid? San Isidrofeast of San 1885 in Madrid, Labrador, which isIsidro) and Retana annually celebrated supposes in Madrid with a about the flower festival. A
  26. 26. year 1884 or verse of Alfred de 1885. It is Musset heads this written on chronicle: "What two quarto- more do you desire size sheets of me who am together about to die?" with a Spanish translation consisting of five pages and a half, written in pencil made by Ponce at the petition of V. Sotto. Four pages. 21 cm. x 17.5 cm. The original manuscript is found in the National Library. No date, nor is the place indicated where written, but A dissertation on Retana teaching in the presumes Philippines, that this seeking for article was improvements in one of the schools as well as many which in methods of Rizal wrote teaching and Dissertatio and while a maintaining that theLa Instruction Madrid 1882 n recent backwardness of arrival in the country is not Madrid in due to our 1882 (it may indifference, apathy have been or indolence, but to at a latter the neglect of the date). It is representatives of written on its government in one side of the Philippines. 29 sheets of quarto-sized Catalan paper in
  27. 27. violet ink, and with the passage of time, the paper has become faded and blurred. It is signed "Laong- Laan," a pen-name of Rizal. 16 pp. 23 cm. x 17 cm. The original manuscript is found in the National Library. In this speech, Rizal dwells on virtue, which he defines as "the The place constant where performance of written is not duty," and he mentioned, explains duties, but it is their concepts and believed to practices. It is also have been Delivered known as Discurso written in in theLa Masoneria en una Logia 1889 or lodge El Renacimiento,(or Ciencia, Masonica, 1890. 1889 or Speech 1890. 18 "Solidarida 22 SeptemberVirtud y Delivered in the 1890 written d," Number 1906Trabajo) lodge "Solidaridad," pages. 19.5 53, Madrid, Number 53, cm. x 16.5 1890. Madrid, 1890. cm. The Translated into original English by Michael manuscript Golden-berg and is found in published in the National pamphlet form with Library. the title Science, Virtue and Labor, Manila, 19 June 1956, Fragment ofLa Politico, a OtherColonial en manuscript writingsFilipinas. is found in the National
  28. 28. Library. It is a part of the French composition Craig, Austin. s in the Ayer (ed.) FrenchLa Pecheuse Collection of Composition It seems to haveet le Poisson the Exercises by been a translation(The Translation Newberry Berlin Jose Rizal, Noli of a story by Hans 1877Fisherwoman Library, Me Tangere Christianand the Fish) Chicago. Quarter Andersen. The National Centennial Library has Series. a facsimile of this work. Written on a folded double sheet of catalan paper. On the upper left hand This document, corner of the which is alleged to document have been found and on the 39 years (1935) letter "C" of after the execution "Creo" of the hero, is an 1896La Other appear Fort object of DecembRetractacion writings holes made Santiago controversy; there er 229 by are many persons bookworms. who doubt the The paper authenticity of this bears the retraction, alleging water-mark that it is "Hijo de J. apocryphal. Jover y Serra" continuously across the two sheets. 32 cm. x 22 cm. The effigy of the Cumaean It is an oracle Sibyl isLa Sibila Other consisting of sketched in Dapitan 1894Cumana writings questions and ink on one answers. of the first pages. Written on