Argentinian Teens: Our Diet


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My 1st-year students at "Instituto Santa Cruz" tell the world what teens in our community consider typical of our culture (for the BC Connecting Classrooms Programme - Project: "Identity and Belonging - Exploring who we are" .

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Argentinian Teens: Our Diet

  1. 1.  Argentina - Our food
  2. 2. Here in Argentina, we’ve got different kinds of meat. ( Like churrasco, colita de cuadril and asado.). They’re original from our country. They’re really typical here and we cook them in different ways.
  3. 3. This dish is called locro. It’s a kind of stew that has pumpkins, beans, corn, potatoes and meat. It’s an original dish from our country too. We eat it on special dates.
  4. 4. Here you can see our milanesa. They are from Milan (Italy), but they’re really ordinary here. They’re rolled in bread. They could be with chicken or meat, and fried or roasted.
  5. 5. These are empanadas. The dough can be filled with meat, jam and cheese and many other options. We bake or fry them.
  6. 6. As you probably know, pizza is an Italian dish. Everybody knows it, and here they are really, really popular.
  7. 7. Pasta is originally Italian too, as everybody knows. There are lots of kinds of pasta, such as ravioli and noodles, and in Argentina we love them all!
  8. 8. Dulce de leche is some kind of caramelized milk. It’s sweet and tastes really well. We use it to fill cakes, alfajores, pancakes and other sweet dishes. Alfajores Pancakes Little cones filled with dulce de leche Cakes
  9. 9. Instituto Santa Cruz – Teacher: Gladys Baya- June 2013 Buenos Aires - Argentina By: Giulia Juan Andrés  Belén María Agustina Me. and Lourdes