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Gladys Anne Sarmiento was born on Oct.01,1993. She is a daughter of Mr. Jose
Sarmiento and Mrs. Corazon Sarmiento. She has...
But her dream is to become a good lawyer but she cannot pursue it because her
parents don’t want to. She is planning to ta...
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Published in: Education, Career
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  1. 1. Gladys Anne Sarmiento was born on Oct.01,1993. She is a daughter of Mr. Jose Sarmiento and Mrs. Corazon Sarmiento. She has five siblings, She is the eldest among the girls of the Sarmiento`s couple. She enrolled in Kindergarten in Siniloan Elementary School of Siniloan at the age of four. In their graduation day she got an special award. She finished her Elementary grades at the same school. She enrolled at Siniloan National High School when she is in her secondary age. In her first year of schooling she got an award for being the top three of the class. In her second year of schooling in high school she got another award which is being the top one of the class. When she is in her third year she was enrolled in the higher section, unfortunately at the end of the school year she don’t have any award. But after that instance she promised to her self that she will graduate in high school with an award. In her fourth year of high school came, She experience the most memorable band happiest part of her high school life. Being with the four-Pilot TVC batch 2008-2009, is too memorable for her, because that was the time that she always funned of being in the school because of her loving and jolly classmates. Their batch is considered as the nosiest batch of all. Being a part of that group is a great gratitude for her .Because she considered this batch as her second family when she was in high school. In this school year she experience the most unforgettable moment of her life, That was being with the group whom consider her as the part of it. When she in high school she learn many things like hanging out with her friends, and treasuring every day of her life to the people whom I love, but besides from that happy moments of her she has too many trials in that year of her life. Because when she is in her fourth year of her high school life, she experienced every day test, too many projects, requirements and many more. But she granted her dream of being a part of the honor students when their graduation day comes. She graduate as the Third Honorable Mention of their batch, that time she has a mix emotion to her self, of course she is happy because her dream of being part of the honor students come true, but sad because of the fact that it is the end of friendship that they have build for a year. When their graduation day comes, she almost cried thinking that they will be far from each other from days to come. The night after their graduation is their get together celebration. That night she almost wish that there will be no tomorrow. But as all we know we must move on to another chapter of our lives. She is now on her first year of her college life, At Laguna State Polytechnic University - Siniloan, her course was Bachelor of Secondary Education.
  2. 2. But her dream is to become a good lawyer but she cannot pursue it because her parents don’t want to. She is planning to take an engineering course somewhere in Manila next semester. Being a teacher is not her personal course it is just the profession her parents wanted her to be. She is that adventurous one. She loves doing things that she never experience before. She loves going to places that she never been. She loves dresses and shoes a lot, whenever she is at the mall or even in the market she always make sure she can buy one. She loves noisy people like her because she knows she belongs. Her favorite colors are Violet and Green, for her violet means “sophisticated” and Green means “being girly”. One way to describe her is “sophisticated and girly”. She grew up in the town of Siniloan where her family lives. She is closest to her mother because she knows that she and her mother is closely alike. She and her mother was comfortable in many things, she is the most favorite among the siblings to the point that her mother give all she wanted. She came from a middle class family. Her greatest dream is to be remembered by the people she loved as the person that she is. She don’t like “plastic people”. Because she’s that very true to her self. She says whenever she is mad at someone, or even if she has a crush on someone she always tell everyone what she feel. She likes crowded places because she has a fear of being alone. Most of her life is dedicated to someone and she never feel being alone and she don’t want to. Her ideal man is like her very own “buni boys” a boy group when she was in high school. Because at that group she feels like somebody is caring for her and she is important. She loves using cell phone all the time and sometimes even if she is in the classroom she text a lot. She don’t like commitment a lot because she has that “pasaway” attitude that she will do everything that she wants. Even though someone is saying that is doing wrong, but as long as for her it is right she will continue to do that. One best thing about her is she never afraid of “karma” because she know if she is doing a wrong thing and she is not afraid of instances to come. Her motto is “good, better, best - don’t let it best until your good becomes better and your better becomes best”. By: giyel_09