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Angels 03


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Published in: Spiritual, Sports
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Angels 03

  1. 1. AhaAha. .were always happy!!! Angels always there whenever you need us!!!! Mhel Jhen G-An Joy J-An
  2. 3. Yan si joy!! Bait yan soper… Loving and caring person… Part of the angels
  3. 4. Yan si Mhel.. Bait din..lalo sa mga boys pero simpleng mang-okray Part of the angels
  4. 5. Yan si jhen.. Ang soper okray..pero kahit ganyan yan mahal nya bf nia hahaha Part angels
  5. 6. Yan naman aqoe.. My name is Gladys Anne but you can call me as well as G-an (bakit wala lang) Haixt hindi ko na buburihin sarili ko…. Basta ang mahalaga im a part of the Angels..
  6. 7. Yan aman c Judy ann ..jejeje muntik pa kmi mgkpreha ng nymsung..jejeje Crush nian c nixon peo ckret lang un huh… 22o un jejeje kea lang ayaw nia svhn sa mga clsm8’s kc ang mga chismoza tkot sa chismis..jejeje.. Part of angels..