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Tams Media Brochure

  1. 1. Media & Entertainment Innovative Solutions
  2. 2. Delivering new age media solutions for next generation media The Business Case Techaccess Media Solutions (TAMS) provides solutions to telecommunications, media and entertainment customers that empower them to meet the challenges of increasing competition and demand for service innovation head-on while maintainging profitability and market share. Our Framework for Digital Media enables customers to create new service offerings, support more efficient business processes, and leverage content assets across any number of new and emerging distribution platforms and applications. The Challenge Telecommunications, media and entertainment companies are constantly looking for ways to differentiate themselves, remain relevant to their customers/audience, maintain profit margins, and expand market share in an increasingly competitive global market. Today, this is accomplished by introducing new services that meet the need of the marketplace while maintaining carrier-grade levels of performance and security. New entertainment and information services need to be flexible, reliable, secure and cost-effective from the service provider’s perspective while providing value to the consumer or business subscriber. In short, today’s communications companies need a strategic vision and robust information infrastructure that will grow with their expanding needs. tams can assist with its wide array of services and strategy building models to help media companies realise their goals and visions, while providing tangible revenue streams built on an ROI framework. We provide a comprehensive reference architecture that enables any type of rich media to be ingested, managed, transformed, repackaged, and delivered to any application, such as editing, effects, scheduling, linear broadcast, VOD across SDV/IPTV, mobile, Internet and downloads. Our infrastructure products include world leading lifecycle management storage products, network management systems, content management/ business approval systems, DRM and secure distribution, and archival/rentention systems.
  3. 3. Comprehensive Media solutions for all Sizes The business case Media companies are continously looking for new adaptive technologies that give them a competitive edge in the industry. The enterprises in the media space are continously needing to evolve and adapt to changing market conditions, driven by new technologies and end consumer requirements. Techaccess helps all organizations in the media & entertainment industry regardless of size to best realise and adapt to new technologies of the digital age, understand their consumers and clients, provide content more effectively and for a larger market, and captalize on growth oppurtunities for new performance and greater market share. Maximizing the value of your digital media. Consumers can no longer be expected to view media through television, radio and static publishing alone. They are evolving and increasingly demanding anytime, anywhere and anyhow access to content, due to a large penetration of media enabled digital devices, high speed wireless connectivity and enriched handheld devices. This means that companies within this space must create, store, share and access digital content quickly, efficiently and securely to compete within this rapidly transforming market space.
  4. 4. Increasing the value of your digital media business The Business Case With a large emergence of new technologies that are able to access media, anytime, anywhere, and anyhow, operators, television stations, and other companies that are looking to tap into this lucrative market, are left with another dilemma. Content retailing is a science, you need to know your market, your audience, their tastes, and you don’t have time to try and test. To achieve higher market shares, you need to align with a content provider that knows their business. TAMS has a cumulative experience of over 50 years in the content industry, and we are a leading provider for content solutions for diverse platforms globally. Serving telcos and other new media markets, we offer our customers complete turnkey content solutions, be it VOD, programming lineup, mobile and new media content, all of which are inclusive of programme acquisition, encoding, programming, management and security Why TAMS? Content companies must connect with their audiences on the move, but within the context of their communities. A singular focus on repurposing content for small screens ignores what makes mobile indispensable to our everyday lives: the ability to deliver the right content to the right user in the right context. - Video is the key revenue generator among value added services. - tams works with a wide range of content providers, last mile distributors and strategic alliance partners. - Centralized, streamlined and simplified process for acquisition and management of digital media rights Aggregating content on behalf of last mile distributors that do not want to be involved in media. - Representing content in markets that do not have a presence and/ or are not very strong.
  5. 5. IPTV Rollouts are not for Faint of Heart but Needed to Gain Greater Market Share The Business Case IPTV represents important competitive opportunities for communications companies and operators should be acting now to address their most important operational challenges. Service provisioning and customer service are extremely important, for example. So is storage and management of content, and developing true, end-to-end quality of service in a complex network. A robust and stable platform is the most important ingredient to success. Without such a platform, and the architecture that underpins it, operators cannot develop and retain the customer base necessary to succeed. What is IPTV? First of all, IPTV is not Internet TV. Internet TV is more aptly described as the ability to download streams of content over the open internet. Since the internet offers “best effort” delivery, especially to the home, the quality of user experience may suffer as the bandwidth availability rises and drops during the streaming session. This is one area where IPTV offers significant advantage over Internet TV. IPTV systems use a dedicated transport network to deliver exceptional quality of service leading to a much better experience for the end consumer. enabling better user experience With the wide variety of technology for IPTV, the choice becomes difficult, add to the wide variety of vendors quoting IPTV capability, the solution as a whole looses credibility. Techaccess Media Services (TAMS) works with it’s partners to deliver an end to end service for telcos, property developers and broadcast stations to realise the benefits of both IPTV and Internet TV. We are also able to provide content from our aggregators for your IPTV service. IPTV enables higher quality content to be delivered to your end client, allows organizations to monetize more effectively using services like VOD (Video on Demand), PPV (Pay per view), games, VoIP, and many more. IPTV has been proven worldwide that it increases market share from both subscription based revenue and advertising based revenue. Enabling a two way communication to the consumer enables more effective adverts to be positioned. Moving away from the traditional push based advertising, IPTV providers are now able to generate a greater accuracy in their statistics. Why Move to IPTV? The introduction of Internet Protocol provides the telecom provider with the ability to introduce a virtually unlimited number of services to the home. The IPTV infrastructure should be considered an enabler leading to better entertainment, communication and control of personal services and content. IPTV brings with it a number of additional benefits. First, depending upon the transport method, the pipe to the home is being increased to support between 20 Mbps and 50 Mbps. This increase in data speed to the home will support a mix of High Definition and Standard Definition channels along with internet service and multiple VoIP calls. IPTV will become an anchor service from which to attract and retain customers.
  6. 6. Studios that work for you. The business case The design and construction of a new production studio is a very daunting task. There are dozens of things that need to be considered and several rooms that need to interact seamlessly. A new studio will require thousands of pieces of equipment that need to be selected, tested and installed in a manner that creates an efficient and flawlessly functioning workflow. With so much to consider, you need a partner with the experience and expertise required to execute such a large project. Techaccess Media Solutions (TAMS) is the ideal company to help you into your new facility. We have tremendous experience in every phase of completing a new production studio. Unleash your creative potential! At tams we put the client in charge of the studios we design and build. Our systems specialists work closely with our customers to develop a plan specifically suited to their needs. Everything from the equipment to the overall workflow goes through our clients before any decision is made. Production Studios are often made up of several rooms that need to work together as one. Your new facility may require a Master Control Room, Machine Room, Editing Systems and various other systems working together flawlessly in order to ensure you get the most from your new facility. Axenttech's experience in designing each of these smaller systems as well as our knowledge of workflow design ensure that our complete facilities operate smoothly from day one and that a seamless sharing of data from station to station is a part of your infrastructure. As a systems integrator, TAMS is brand agnostic. This means that we are not tied to a specific manufacturer's gear. We go to great lengths to find the equipment that best suits both our clients' needs and budgets. Whether you're interested in Sony, JVC, Panasonic, Grass Valley or any other brand, our Integration Team can create a solution around your desired piece of gear. Upgrade Your Vision! in addition to the construction of new production facilities, Axenttech can also upgrade your current studio for High Definition. We are familiar with all the latest Professional HD Gear and have tremendous experience integrating it into existing studios. We work hard to ensure that our new gear looks like it was there during the initial construction and works in harmony with any legacy equipment you'd like to keep. Our staff also offers training so you can feel as comfortable with your new equipment as you did with the gear you were using for years.
  7. 7. Media anywhere, anyhow, anytime! The Business Case The primary benefit of mobility is that it speeds things up. That is, employees don't need to wait until they're back in the office to access information. The primary benefit of collaboration is that improves overall context — employees have a better and more targeted information base from which to make decisions. Mobiles are now new media enabled by default, able and enabled to access media & entertainment at all times via high speed connectivity like 3g, wifi and other forms of wireless access. However building a mobile application requires a strong business case: both in terms of increased efficency and revenue. Operators and others are starting to realise the value of this untapped market. With fast connectivity cost becoming more affordable, consumers are increasing adoption of wireless packages, but without VAS (Value Added Services), there is only so much revenue that can be acquired from wireless data packages. Best User Experience Techaccess Media Solutions (TAMS) drives additional revenue for converged operators and service providers by delivering the best multimedia user experience, while reducing associated costs. We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions that deliver any multimedia content to any device, focusing on the best possible user experience to drive consumer adoption of converged services like MMS, mobile & web TV, user generated content and video on demand. Being able to create an ecosystem for the ingestion, optimization, management, delivery of multimedia content is key to service success. The only way for network operators to monetize these new services is to own the infrastructure that controls the management and delivery of the content. The User experience is crucial, so it is mandatory to manage best look and feel for each device and network variations. The only way to profitably introduce these new services is on a modular platform that is able to help with management of the bandwidth necessary for the roll out. The TAMS Offering The TAMS Offering enables operators and media related organizations by: Best quality and broadest reach media content ingestion, optimization, filtering, and streaming platform Single point of optimization for all converged services, including messaging, TV & radio, browsing and downloads Only platform that combines multimedia optimization, advertising insertion, publishing and delivery range of services contributing to ARPU growth, brand recognition, intimacy and increase customer loyalty Mobile Applications centered around various consumer interests like sports, etc. Offering real time information, embedded streaming of related information and community portals to encourage customer loyalty customized applications on operator request, including consultancy, build of scope and ROI projection.
  8. 8. Quantifying the value of Digital Signage Why digital signage? Getting the attention of your audience is the most important part of any display. With “video-like” digital signage, viewers are not only more likely to notice your dynamic sign but research shows they are more likely to receive the message and act on it. Your content can dynamically change to deliver a focused message to your targeted audience at each point of playback (location). Eliminating the need to print and distribute static signs each time your message or campaign changes saves on costly printing and distribution fees. Operation can be done in house or outsourced. No heavy logistics. No more hours lost reprinting outdated or erroneous materials. Benefits of Digital Signage Digital Signage messaging is dynamic, possessing the capability to display complex graphics and videos, resulting in attention garnering messages. The marketing messages are capable of rapid deployment system-wide, store-wide or in a single store aisle, and can leverage specific regional and store conditions, such as customer demographics, weather conditions, promotions, educational content, and can further be fractionalized into day-parts. The Signage networks can be centrally monitored, ensuring that system-wide, brand-compliant messages are deployed. This represents a major advantage over other forms of in-store communications, which are plagued with questions of store compliance. The Effective Dynamic marketing can enhance customer service and improve store personnel productivity. Digital signage assists customers in locating the merchandise they are looking for in the store, and can provide in-depth information and product demonstrations to aid in the purchase decision. Digital signage marketing networks can reduce in-store operating costs associated with graphics deployments and increase labor productivity relative to other types of signage. Digital Signage eliminates the costs associated with printing, distributing and installing static signage. In addition, Digital Signage may decrease store labor costs, while improving labor productivity. For example, the UAE Postal Service is experimenting with digital signage marketing to direct customers with simple service requirements to self-service options, and to educate customers while waiting in the lobby line about products and services to reduce time spent with a retail associate at the counter, thus improving its employee productivity. Most Importantly, the Digital signage marketing networks are capable of timely and accurate measurement of a message's impact upon a consumer. Integration Concepts With our experience in integrating various forms of live data into a digital signage network, such as live telephone PBX data, live weather data and others we can provide you a system to suite your specific needs.