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Steps to Speaking Winston Marsh


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Steps to Speaking Winston Marsh

Published in: Education, Business
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Steps to Speaking Winston Marsh

  1. 1. STEPS TO SPEAKING – The “TO DO” LIST for SpeakersPRESENTATION SUCCESS LADDERS 1. Free Presentations – Rotary, Lions, Probus, Schools etc 2. Low Fee (or No Fee) Practice Events – set a number of these per year/month 3. Paid Engagements – low/medium/high fee 4. Paid Keynote – audience size 5. Product Sales as payment 1. Local Gigs 2. Regional Gigs 3. Interstate Gigs 4. International GigsPERSONAL DEVELOPMENT as a SPEAKER  Create a list of your Stories and anecdotes  Create a list of useful “One liners”  Create a Multi topic - Resource File of pictures, cartoons, jokes and ideas.  Improve Networking Skills – develop a networking hook  Develop your Client Schmoozing Skills  Work on your Own Image Improvement – Colours, Clothes, Appearance  Improve Structuring of Speeches / Speechcraft  Fitness – ability to deliver continually  Presentation Skills training  Speaking Skills Training  Voice Skills Training  Reduce the length of your stories and reduce excess/useless words.  “Workshop” your stories to make them more motivational or funnierTHINGS TO ATTEND –  Always attend NSAA events in professional attire – there are buyers in every room!  Attend NSAA Meetings  Attend NSAA Professional Speaking Academy  Attend Ron Lee’s Presentation and Comedy Course  Attend Humour Workshops – Pete Crofts Humourversity  Attend David Grigg’s “More than Words” Acting Course  Attend Interstate NSAA meetings when in town  Attend Matt Church’s Thought Leaders programs  Attend NSAA Australia Conference  Attend NSA Asia Conference  Attend NSA Conference (USA)RESOURCES (available to purchase)Keith Abraham’s Speakers System Fasttrack – forms, scripts, templates, letters, questions,templatesBE MORE PROFESSIONAL  Get Serious! – this is a business not a hobby  Develop a Business Plan – Mission, Vision, Values, Goals  Develop a Process & Policies Manual  Develop your one page Speakers Profile  Collate your Speaker’s “Promotional Kit”  NSAA Accreditation – various levels
  2. 2.  Your Pricing Rate Sheet  Design & Use Briefing Sheets  Develop Letter templates – booking, thank yous etc.  Develop Your Travel Specs – accom, flight & food preferences  Develop a List of Good Venues for presenting  Office support – someone else to sell you, promote you & book you  Hire Permanent Office Staff & Get an Office  Send gifts & Thankyou cards  Get a virtual assistant – or  - software to reduce word usage when writing  Get a cartoonist to draw cartoons & artworkCOLLATERAL & PRODUCTS  Produce Professional Handouts  Write Articles  Write E-Newsletters  Write E-Book(s)  Write Book(s)  Get a Book Published  Self Publishing on the net Make Voice Recordings  Make a Video  Produce Saleable CD  Produce Saleable DVD  Design & Develop other ProductsUSEFUL TOOLS  Mobile Phone  Laptop  Powerpoint Slides  Sound System – Microphone/Amplifier/Lapel Mike  Multimedia Projector  A Digital Recording Device to record your speeches and improve!  Get speeches converted to mp3 and typed up at (for review and book prep)PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL  Business Cards  Brochures  Ownership” of a topic area & Credibility in that area  Develop Your Own Logo  Develop Your Own Brand  Get an Audio & Video  Put your Video on  Promote your brand & web address on Powerpoint slides  Own your Positioning Statement – “Expert on …” “the marketing guru” “The …. guy/girl”EMAIL & INTERNET MARKETING  Collect Prospect Business Cards – Network at events!  Build a great Database of Prospects & Customers – CRM system like ACT  Direct mail to high quality prospects  Get a good Website & Email address  Launch the First Website –  SEO – Search Engine Optimisation of Your Website  Collect Email addresses online
  3. 3.  Get links from/to other websites  Place Google Ads, Yahoo Ads  Affiliate Marketing  Free “Giveaway” Promotional Products  Develop a more advanced website - Gihan Perera recommendedSELLING YOUR PRODUCT  Shopping Cart on your Website  Affiliate MarketingMARKETING  Build a Speaking Support Group (or Forum) – cross referral of work from other speakers  Build a Group of Referrers (paid fee10-20%)  Get other speaker’s Profiles or “Promotional Kits” and look for ideas to improve yours  Collect Participant feedback sheets  Get Participants to visit your website  Collect all Testimonials & References  Telemarketing – selling yourself confidently over the phone NSAA Website Listing  Develop Follow Up System for prospects and past clients  Develop Referral System  Do more PR  Get on Radio & TV  Working the Media  Work with Australian Bureaus  Work with Australian Agents  Work with Overseas BureausE-NEWSLETTERS to subscribe - Dottie Walter’s - Rebecca Morgan & Ken Braly – Speaker - Fred Gleeck’s - Patricia Fripp’s - Ric Frishman’s - storytelling with Steve – Storytelling with Doug Stevenson & story Theater (NSAAConvention 2006) - Susan Berkley’s Voicecoach - Nick Osborne - Bob McMillan’s - Frank Chamberlin’s - Brilliant consultant spoke at NSAA Convention - spoke at NSAA Convention - Robert Middleton’s - Tom Antion’s – How to get clientsMAGAZINES TO READ  NSAA Newsletter  NSA Magazine – Professional Speaker  Sharing Ideas – the International Newsmagazine for Speakers  Training Australia Magazine
  4. 4. SPEAKER’S BOOKLISTSPEAKING BUSINESS Secrets of Superstar Speakers by Lilly Walters Speak & Grow Rich by Dottie & Lilly Walters NSAA Speakers Academy HandbookPRESENTATION & SPEAKING Speak with Confidence – powerful presentations that inform, inspire and persuade byDianna Booher Up Front & in Control – by Peter Miller & Ron Tacchi From Fear to Fame in Public Speaking by Roger Bourne Speak for Yourself by Richard Denny Don’t freak out – speak out – by Ruth Bonetti How to present like a pro – getting people to see things your way – by Lani Arrendondo Knockout Presentations – How to deliver your message with Power, Punch & Pizzazz –by Diane Di Resta Dramatic Success! – Theatre techniques to transform & Inspire your working life by Leigh& MaynardSPEAKING RESOURCES The Complete Toastmaster – stories, quotations, anecdotes & Quips by HerbertProchnow 50 High Impact Speeches & Remarhs by John KadorFACILITATION The Secrets of Facilitation by Michael Wilkinson Mining for Gold – Facilitation Skills to Unearth a wealth of ideas from your team byMichael Podolinsky (Prentice Hall Singapore)RUNNING SEMINARS How to make it big in the seminar business by Paul Karasik How to run successful seminars – the magic of seminar selling by Winston Marsh Successful Seminar Selling by Phillip Calvert How to run Seminars & Workshops by Robert JollesTRAINING/LEARNING nd How to teach adults in a fun & Exciting way by Doug Malouf – 2 edition How to create and deliver a dynamic presentation by Doug Malouf How to be the Best Speaker in town by Doug Malouf The Trainers Toolkit by Cy Charney & Kath Conway Artistry in Training – Thinking differently about the way you help people learn byStephanie Burns The Accelerated Learning Handbook by Dave Meier st Accelerated Learning for the 21 Century by Colin Rose & Malcolm NichollTRAINING GAMES 100 Training Games by Gary Kroenhart The Big Book of Presentation Games by Scannell & Newstrom The Big Book of Stress Relief Games by Robert Epstein PhD Fun & Games for Workplace Learning by Elyssabeth Leigh & Jeff KinderUSING HUMOUR Laugh & Learn – 95 ways to use humour for more effective teaching & training by DoniTamblyn
  5. 5. TELLING STORIES Story Theater – Audio 6 CD pack by Doug Stevenson Story Theater – Make the Move from Training to Keynotes – Teleseminar recording byDoug Stevenson Story Theater – The Science of the Art of Storytelling & Humour in Business by DougStevensonDEVELOPING & SELLING PRODUCT Infoguru Marketing by Robert MiddletonWRITING BOOKS/PUBLISHING Writing Non-Fiction – turning thoughts into books - by Dan Poynter The Self-Publishing Manual – How to Write, Print & Sell Your own Book by Dan Poynter Is there a book inside you? – writing alone or with a collaborator by Dan Poynter & MindyBinghamDEVELOPING EXPERTISE Recome a recognized Authority in your field in 60 days or less – by Robert W BlyBUREAUS How to be booked by Speakers Bureaus – CD set by Dottie WaltersINTERNET INFO MARKETING GURUS for Promoting Yourself & Selling Things on theWebGihan Perera – Wood - - building a coaching practice &www.solutionbox.comDebbie Mayo-Smith Website Promotional GuruWebProNewsAU – www.webpronews.comTom Hua (Australia) Bly - copywriting also www.ureach.comArmand Morin & www.undergroundinternetsecrets.comBob Scheinfeld – Ultimate LivingDebbie Weil - EnewslettersSearch Engine Marketing & Email marketing weekly - -George McKenzie’s publicity goldmineHenriette Martel-Lawson – www.marketingcues.comJoan Stewart – www.publicityhound.comJoe Vitale – www.mrfire.comMark Joyner – www.markjoynerinc.comKen McCarthy – www.thesystemseminar.comMal Emery – www.globalinformationsummit.comPaul Hartunian – www.prprofits.comShelley Lowery – www.web-source.netTerry Dean & Kirt Christensen – Scientific MarketingDan Lok & www.newsletterindustry.comScript It, Say It, Sell It – Tapeset by Winston Marsh on becoming a speaker.