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CIC Strategic Plan Aug 2012 June 2013


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CIC Strategic Plan Aug 2012 June 2013

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CIC Strategic Plan Aug 2012 June 2013

  1. 1. Strategic Plan Report Aug 2012 ~ June 2013
  2. 2. Introduction Community Information Centre The Community Information Centre is a not-for-profit, community based information and referral service. The Centre was established in 1976 as a volunteer organisation and has since continued to provide information to Townsville residents, community groups, government and non-government organisations. Vision An informed community. Mission The Community Information Centre Townsville Inc is a community based organization that provides a comprehensive information service to the community through print, on-line and face-to-face contact. The CIC aims to: increase the quality, quantity, diversity and accessibility of information available to the community. identify gaps within the available community services. develop the information retrieval skills of all people in contact with the CIC.
  3. 3. Introduction STRATEGIC PLAN 2012-2014 The CIC’s Strategic Plan 2012-2014 was developed in 2012 and implemented in August of the same year. It will take the CIC through until mid-2014 and continues to guide the organisation forwards into the future while continuing its strong reputation for achieving its vision of an informed community. 70% of the actions in the plan have been achieved in the first year. This achievement is with many thanks to the staff, volunteers and management committee of the Community Information Centre as well as the many individuals and organisations that work with us to provide the great variety of services and resources to the community.
  4. 4. Connects GOAL An inclusive and engaged community. NETWORKS & PARTNERSHIPS Strategy 1: Develop strategic partnerships that further the aims of the CIC. •4 new partnerships: - Learning Communities Leadership Group to develop Learning Townsville Directory - TCC Community Development, Arts & Culture to develop NQ Arts Directory - Townsville Enterprise to produce an Education & Employment information sheet for New Residents - Upper Ross Men’s Shed to create an information brochure display stand •3 potential partnerships: - Mental Health Network to produce a Mental Health Services Directory - Ewen Jones MP to produce the next edition of Active Living for Older Adults - ABC Open to organise and deliver workshops for service providers •Ongoing partnership with CityLibraries - Learning Links and English Classes. Submitted a successful application to MAQ for the STEP project. •Worked closely with Townsville City Council: •Member of 2 committees - Learning Communities Leadership Group, Inclusive Communities Advisory Committee •Delivered 5 presentations about CIC to TCC - Community & Cultural Committee, Library staff, Community Development, Marketing & Communications, Inclusive Communities Advisory Committtee •5 window displays in CIC by TCC for events - May Month of Learning, FYI Youth in the Spotlight, Youth Week, School Holiday Programs, NAIDOC week •Provision of 21 mailing lists - Sport & Recreation (monthly), Community Development (bi-monthly & one-off requests), various other departments and Councillors one-off requests •Attended 3 TCC events - Arts Networking, Arts Awards, FYI •Attended 7 TCC expos - 3 Family Fun Days, Welcoming Babies, Women’s Expo, Cyclone Sunday, Seniors Picnic in the Park
  5. 5. Connects Strategy 2: Increased involvement in network meetings. •Attended 6 regular network meetings: - Learning Communities Leadership Group - Community Network Meeting - Multicultural Local Area Coordination Meeting (new) - Inclusive Communities Advisory Committee (new) - Communities for Children Townsville West - Volunteering Nth Qld Volunteer Managers Network •Started facilitating the Community Network meetings in February 2012 •Presented information on CIC at 7 meetings: - Learning Communities Leadership Group Meeting - Community Network Meeting - TCC Marketing & Communications Staff Meeting - VNQ Volunteer Managers Network - Inclusive Communities Advisory Committee - Communities for Children Townsville West - Community Centres Network Meeting •Attended 2 new regular network meetings - above •Identified 1 new regular network meeting to potentially attend: - Housing Services Network Meetings ACCESS Strategy 3: Provide increased access to online resources and services. •CIC information now available online: - CIC Flyer - CIC Strategic Plan 2012-2014 - Halls & Venues Guide - Townsville Recreation Directory Précis •Teneale attended TCC Web Custodian training •Online access reviewed with TCC Web Content Officer •Some text on website has been updated •390 people “like” the CIC’s Facebook page
  6. 6. Connects COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT Strategy 4: Maintain a presence at community expos and events. •Attended 16 expos: - TCC Family Fun Day x 3 - TCC Welcoming Babies Ceremony - Defence Welcome to Townsville Expo - Communities for Children Community Organisation Networking Forum (new) - Townsville Men’s & Women’s Correctional Centre Reintegration Expo (new) - TCC Cyclone Sunday - TCC Women’s Expo - Palm Island Spring Fair Festival (new) - Shalom Christian College 20th Anniversary / NAIDOC - Red Cross Homelessness Expo - TCC Seniors Picnic in the Park - Cultural Fest - North Townsville Community Hub NAIDOC Celebrations •Attended 4 events: - Growing the Creative Industries in Townsville Symposium -Volunteering Nth Qld’s International Volunteer Day Celebration - International Unity in Diversity Conference - Refugee Panel Debate & Community Forum •Attended 4 new expos - above
  7. 7. Assists GOAL Enhanced community awareness and ability to use CIC resources and services. INFORMATION & REFERRALS Strategy 5: Maintain reputation for the provision of high quality information and referrals. •Number of referrals – 8211 (2012-2013 financial year, less 2 weeks), approximately 1000 more than the previous year •Top ten areas of enquiry (other than administration & promotion) in no particular order are: employment, legal, new residents information, directions (including contact details of organisations), office services, seniors recreation, tourism, transport, events and education •Maintained up-to-date & relevant resources •Provided 30 mailing lists - to various Council departments as well as fee paying organisations •368 English Class attendances •Introduction of STEP project - assisted 18 people with writing resumes, cover letters & selection criteria, 4 people are now employed •Compiled 2 School Holiday Activities lists (Autumn & Spring) •Updated CIC Internal Directory •Updated Welfare information folder •Developed a timeline of publication / information annual updating dates EDUCATION & TRAINING Strategy 6: Build community capacity to understand and utilise the CIC. •Developed a PowerPoint presentation template •Ongoing scheduling of organisations to present information sessions •Provided 9 presentations on CIC services & resources to organisations: - Learning Communities Leadership Group - Volunteering North Queensland - Community Training Australia x 2 - TCC’s Community & Cultural Committee - TCC Library Staff - Community Centres Network - Inclusive Communities Advisory Committee - Communities for Children Townsville West
  8. 8. Informs GOAL Relevant information in a variety of mediums to accommodate diverse community needs. ONLINE PUBLICATIONS Strategy 7: Continue to provide online publications that are userfriendly and up-to-date. •Updated Community Directory •Ongoing maintenance of Events Calendar & Community Directory •Monthly publication of Arts e-Bulletin •Reviewed online resources with TCC Web Content Officer •Developing 3 new online directories: - NQ Arts Directory - Learning Townsville Directory - Halls & Venues Directory •Started the redevelopment of the Community Directory and Event Calendar with TCC Knowledge Management •The CIC Flyer is now available online PRINTED PUBLICATIONS Strategy 8: Continue to provide printed publications that are relevant and up-to-date. •Updated the following directories: - Townsville Community Resource Directory - Townsville Recreation Directory - Halls & Venues Guide •Produced & distributed 1034 New Residents Packs - to individuals and organisations such as the Townsville Hospital, Defence Community Organisation as well as private relocation companies •Met with TCC Marketing & Communication about current TCC publications and potentially developing a new edition of the New Residents Guide •Two new chapters in Townsville Community Resource Directory: - Mental Health Services & Organisations - Service Clubs & Funding
  9. 9. Manages GOAL Strong, open and accountable leadership GOVERNANCE Strategy 9: Implement efficient practices and processes. •Strategic Plan 2012-2014 developed and implemented •Teneale attended 2 workshops on Risk Management •Held 2012 AGM – full Management Committee elected •Complied with all relevant federal & state government legislation VOLUNTEER COORDINATION Strategy 10: Continue to grow the volunteer program to recruit and retain a knowledgeable and dedicated team. •6 new volunteers joined CIC •18 volunteers on CIC roster - equates to approximately 4 full time staff and a saving of $179,542 •Volunteers participated in 15 training & professional development sessions: - National Volunteer Week Celebration - Attended TCC Arts Awards - Group orientation session for new volunteers - Two birthday party celebrations - In-house training sessions x 2 (Community Directory & ABS Statistics and Customer Service & Introduction to TCC Community Development) - Ongoing on-the-job training - 1 x volunteer to Mental Health Awareness Workshop - 4 x volunteers to Census 2011 Community Information Session - 2 x volunteers to Salvation Army Recovery Services “Looking After YOUR Mind” bus tour ADMINISTRATION & FINANCE Strategy 11: Maintain integrity and accountability in administration and finance. •2011-2012 financial audits submitted and approved •3 funding application submitted – 1 successful, 1 pending & 1 unsuccessful •Fundraising initiatives: - Entertainment Book - Office Services - Advertisement in Resource Directory
  10. 10. Manages PROMOTIONS & ADVERTISING Strategy 12: Develop a strong, targeted, strategic marketing and promotions plan •Media articles: - Townsville Bulletin Prime Time for CIC services & new opening hours - Duo Magazine advertisement for (TCC) Event Calendar - Townsville Bulletin Guide for Defence Families - Townsville Sun for Active Living for Older Adults - VNQ’s Willing & Able Newsletter for CIC services - Townsville Sun promotion of Recreation Directory & acknowledgement of BHP funding •Regular notices in Townsville Sun Community Clippings & Townsville Bulletin Community Notices •3 radio interviews: - Live FM - Triple T - ABC Radio RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT Strategy 13: Identify gaps and opportunities in service delivery •Weekly Justice of the Peace (JP) service implemented •Weekly resume & cover letter writing service implemented •Staff & volunteers trained in accessing 2011 Australian census data
  11. 11. Future UPCOMING INITIATIVES 70% of the actions as outlined in the Strategic Plan 2012-2014 have been achieved. This leaves room on the horizon to focus on some new initiatives to ensure we continue to meet our goals and provide the highly quality services and resources the CIC is known for. Some of the initiatives that will be coming up over the next 6 - 12 months are: •Investigate providing information as outreach in areas of social needs •Assess office space for access by people with special needs •Develop an annual calendar of expos and events - either in addition to, or as a part of the current Events Calendar •Investigate new ways to engage with the public at expos & events in order to attract more people to CIC’s information service •Investigate opportunities for outreach delivery of resources and services •Develop a monthly electronic CIC newsletter to keep people informed about what we are doing, any changes & additions to our printed materials etc. •Produce the CIC flyer in different languages to better assist new arrivals to Townsville. •Develop new online directories: Learning Townsville Directory, NQ Arts Directory and Halls & Venues Directory •Continue with CIC’s main business of providing high quality information and referrals
  12. 12. Connects ~ Assists ~ Informs