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Glaad imagesofequality

  2. 2. 2 GLAAD’S ANNUAL REPORT 2011-2012CONTENTSGLAAD at a Glance 2 GLAAD Media Awards:GLAAD on the Ground 3 Celebrating 25 years 10Amplify Your Voice 4 Commentator Accountability Project 12A Nation in Purple: Missing Voices: A Study of Religious #Spiritday 2011 5 Voices in Mainstream MediaWorking ProBono: Chaz Takes on Reports About LGBT Equality 13 Dancing with the Stars 6 Miss Universe: Transforming ImagesSharing Stories: of Beauty 14 Tiffany and Meredith 7 #StandUpForEllen 15Equality En Español: Growing Scouts for All 16 Acceptance Through @GLAAD 17 Spanish-Language Media 8 Support 18Transforming Entertainment: Financial Statement 20 Diversifying LGBT Images on TV 9 Join the Movement 21
  3. 3. IMAGES OF EQUALITY IMAGES OF EQUALITY 1 1FROM THE PRESIDENT We’re getting closer. When the anti-gay hate group One Million Moms – a project of One story at a time, lesbian, gay, the American Family Association – called on J.C. Penney to fire bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people Ellen DeGeneres as the company’s spokesperson simply because are getting closer to equality. she’s gay, GLAAD helped tens of thousands of Americans speak out in support of Ellen and condemn employment discrimination And for more than 25 years, GLAAD that still casts a shadow over LGBT workers in a majority of states has worked through news, entertainment today. and online media to share those storiesthat make a difference. Stories that don’t just make headlines, but The Miss Universe Organization later reversed course and openedwhich move Americans toward full acceptance. the competition to transgender contestants after GLAAD worked with the group to ensure the world’s most renowned beautyIt’s an extraordinary honor to now be at the helm of that work. competition continues to be a celebration of all women.Since coming to GLAAD, I have had the privilege of bothwitnessing and taking part in this organization’s incredible power And anti-gay commentators, whose only qualification seems toto generate change. be the badge of hate they carry for their LGBT neighbors and colleagues, are today finding it more difficult to spew their hateToday, I speak to you on the heels of some great victories in the on national airwaves in the wake of GLAAD’s Commentatorpursuit of equality. Accountability Project, a tool distributed to the country’s top news outlets that exposes these so-called “spokespeople” for who theyAfter Ohio mom Jennifer Tyrrell was ousted as leader of her son’s really are: anti-LGBT demagogues.Boy Scouts troop because she’s gay, GLAAD helped bring herstory to outlets including The New York Times, The Los Angeles It’s stories like these that are leading us closer to equality. And it’sTimes, CNN, MSNBC and The Associated Press -- introducing stories like these that GLAAD needs your support to share.millions of Americans to a loving gay mom, cast out her son’s lifesimply because of who she is. Today, over 300,000 people have Herndon Graddick, Presidentjoined Jennifer and GLAAD to call on the Boy Scouts to end its GLAADdiscriminatory policies, and we’re now closer than ever before toseeing that change become a reality.FROM THE BOARD Six and counting. When networks or newspapers miss the mark in fair and accurate representation, it’s GLAAD that holds them accountable, helping That’s six states and the District of Columbia media better understand the concrete harms that stem from which have now put into law what most misinformation and stereotypes. Americans already know in their hearts: every committed couple should be able to GLAAD is at work in states across the nation, on the ground in marry the person they love. places where LGBT equality is being debated, assisting grassroots advocates and organizations with media strategy which keeps And when elected officials take to the thoughtful stories from the LGBT community above the fold. legislature floor to explain their support, they say time and time again that it’s the It’s those stories and images we are pleased to share with you stories of loving couples – their gay and here, because it’s those stories and images that continue to change lesbian constituents, neighbors and friends hearts and minds. – which move them to embrace equality. It’s those stories that are casting the final On behalf of GLAAD’s National Board of Directors, we thank you vote, and it’s GLAAD that’s working to share for your ongoing support and commitment to helping us share the them. stories that matter most – those that build support for equality.You see, for some people, the only gay or transgender people they Sheri Fultsknow are those they meet on their favorite TV shows, while at the Co-Chair, National Board of Directorsmovies, or when sitting down to read the Sunday paper. And forsome people, it’s those images they bring with them to the ballot John F. Stephensbox come voting time. Co-Chair, National Board of DirectorsThat’s why GLAAD works through news, entertainment, and onlinemedia to build support from the ground up. GLAAD brings imagesof LGBT people and allies to America’s living rooms, dining tables,and water coolers – helping people understand that LGBT peopleare just like them and want the same opportunities to love andprotect their families.
  4. 4. 2 GLAAD’S ANNUAL REPORT 2011-2012 glaad AT A GLANCE 2011 JAN FEB GLAAD works with to remove an offensive poll asking readers whether it’s appropriate to call gay people “fa**ots.” Facebook works with GLAAD to add ‘In a Civil Union’ and ‘In a Domestic Partnership’ options to IN 2011 GLAAD user profiles, making the site more inclusive for tens of millions of LGBT people across the globe. OR TRAINED 794 GLAAD works MAR alongside Basic World Wrestling Entertainment Rights Oregon (WWE) partners with GLAAD to to unveil a PEOPLE AT 155 stand up against bullying and new statewide commercial help put an end to homophobia in series to increase sports. understanding about gay and lesbian APR couples. Los Angeles Lakers player Kobe MEDIA TRAININGS. Bryant speaks out against the harms of anti-gay language after CA GLAAD releases the “Talking About GLAAD calls on the basketball LGBT Equality with icon to address his use of a Latinos & Hispanics” guide to build homophobic slur. NBA joins support for equality GLAAD to combat homophobia on in the Spanish- speaking community. the court. GLAAD HAD MAY JUN GLAAD convenes its first-ever People of Color Media Training 933 MEETINGS Institute to elevate diverse LGBT voices in mainstream media. WITH 605 SEPT OCT Bloomberg Businessweek INDIVIDUAL MEDIA OUTLETS. partners with GLAAD to publish a multi-page spread about equality in the workplace, spotlighting hurdles still facing LGBT employees.
  5. 5. IMAGES OF EQUALITY 3 glaad ON THE GROUND GLAAD WORKS IN STATES ACROSS THE COUNTRY to train local LGBT people and allies how to speak out in their communities – whether at church, in a PTA meeting, at community gatherings or in local media. PA GLAAD helps share the story of Brian Andersen and Anton Tanumihardja, MA Boston radio TN GLAAD convenes advocates from across a bi-national couple facing deportation under DOMA. In historic move, immigration officials later grant the couple a stay. station KISS 108 airs PSAs underscoring the importance of NC Tennessee for a transgender-inclusive The anti-discrimination OH statewide training on Charlotte GLAAD protections after how to build support Observer publishes joins working with GLAAD. for equality through its first-ever wedding Equality Ohio and TX the media. NY GLAAD works announcements for GLSEN to take a stand GA same-sex couples GLAAD with the El GLAAD against bullying after after GLAAD shares the Paso Times to publish works with video surfaces of a AZ challenges outdated, stories of dozens of an op-ed featuring the Atlanta Journal- local teen being beaten anti-gay practices. couples and LGBT- Arizona 11 LGBT-affirming Constitution to correct because of his sexual affirming faith leaders Superintendent of voices of faith after coverage about a orientation. in both English and the paper runs anti- local transgender boy Public Instruction Spanish-language as gay ads from a localHI facing discrimination marriage equality MI GLAAD helps John Huppenthal priest. from his elementary GLAAD finally becomes a TX share the apologizes for anti- school. Local high teams up reality in the Empirestories of loving gay remarks after school with the Michigan State.couples as the Aloha NE GLAAD and Equality overturns ban on a Department of CivilState readies to begin GLAAD works with a local TV station Arizona speak out. Gay-Straight Alliance Rights to train localCivil Unions for gay to correct and improve coverage (GSA) after GLAAD advocates and alliesand lesbian couples. about the tragic death of a local transgender shares the story of on how to voice woman. student and GSA support for equality in founder Nikki Peet in local media. national media.GLAAD ALSO SERVES AS A COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTANT to many local LGBT organizations, which lack theresources necessary to focus on this important work when equality is being debated on the local level. JUL AUGComedian Tracy Morgan GLAAD elevates the stories of GLAAD works with Christianmeets with homeless LGBT LGBT and allied Presbyterians as magazine Sojourners to printyouth in New York City the Presbyterian Church (USA) a full-page ad highlightingafter GLAAD works with the ratifies its constitution to allow for the dispropotrtionate rates of‘30 Rock’ star to underline the ordination of LGBT clergy. homelessness facing LGBTthe importance of family youth.acceptance. NOV DECFrom Times Square to local Film director Brett Ratner partners GLAAD takes a stand againstschools and all the way to with GLAAD to combat anti-LGBT ABC’s transphobic series Workthe White House, millions images in Hollywood. GLAAD It, publishing a full-page ad with‘go purple’ in support of and Ratner later announce a new HRC in Daily Variety about theLGBT youth for GLAAD’s PSA series featuring celebrities tremendous hurdles transgendersecond annual Spirit Day. coming out in support of LGBT Americans still face in the equality. workplace. ABC cancels the series after just two episodes.
  6. 6. 44 GLAAD’S ANNUAL REPORT 2011-2012 GLAAD’S ANNUAL REPORT 2011-2012AMPLIFYYOUR VOICE glaad takes a stand against bullyingNo one should be bullied or called Building on the success of GLAAD’s including GLAAD, AFT, GLSEN, PFLAGnames simply for being who they are. 2009 “Be an Ally” PSA series, the and The Trevor Project, among severalStill, millions of lesbian, gay, bisexual new nationally televised spots – which others.and transgender (LGBT) youth are made feature the stories of LGBT youth whoto feel like they don’t fit in every day; were bullied because of who they Launched in conjunction with Spiritsome even feel unsafe. are – encourage support from equality Day 2011, the PSAs served to remind allies and direct viewers to anti-bullying millions of young people that “no matterIn 2011, GLAAD and the American resource kits on There, who you are, you have the power toFederation of Teachers (AFT) teamed up parents, teachers and students can find make a difference.”to take a stand against bullying. invaluable tools from organizationsWith the help of celebrities like RussellSimmons, Kristin Chenoweth, Amy “NO MATTERPoehler, Rashida Jones, ShaquilleO’Neal, Chaz Bono, Mario Lopez,Naya Rivera, Vinny Guadagnino, WHO YOU ARE, YOU HAVE THE POWERTori Spelling, stars of the WWE andmore, GLAAD brought messages of DIFFERENCE.”empowerment to over 20 million homesin its new PSA series, “Amplify Your TO MAKE AVoice.”
  7. 7. IMAGES OF EQUALITY 5 A NATION IN EQUALITWEETS: #SPIRITDAY PURPLE @JESSETYLER JESSE TYLER-FERGUSON I’M WEARING PURPLE TONIGHT ON @CONANOBRIEN TO SUPPORT LGBT TEENS ON #SPRITDAY. ARE YOU WEARING PURPLE TODAY TOO? GLAAD.ORG/SPIRITDAY #SPIRITDAYFrom Times Square, to LAX andall the way to the White House, Lambert, Ricky Martin, Kylie Minogue, Julianne Moore, Rosie @SANDRABERNHARD SANDRA BERNHARD SPIRIT DAY, WEAR YOUR PURPLE! EVERYONE JOIN ME IN SUPPORT OF LGBT YOUTH, AND IN OPPOSITION OF BULLYING: GLAAD.ORG/SPIRITDAYmillions of people went purple in O’Donnell, Joan Rivers, Paulina2011 for Spirit Day in support Rubio, Scissor Sisters, Tori @CHAZBONOof lesbian, gay, bisexual and Spelling, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, CHAZ BONOtransgender (LGBT) youth. stars of the WWE and dozens of others. HELP @GLAAD END ANTI-LGBT BULLYING - MAKE YOURCreated in 2010 by high school PROFILE PIC PURPLE FOR #SPIRITDAY ATstudent Brittany McMillan, Spirit For just the second time in theDay encourages people to wear network’s history, MTV turned its GLAAD.ORG/SPIRITDAY #LGBTpurple in a stand against anti- on-air logo purple for Spirit Day,LGBT bullying and as a visible as well as sister channels MTV2, @TYRABANKSshow of support for equality. mtvU, MTV Hits, and MTV Jams. TYRA BANKSWhat began as an idea posted Through GLAAD’s online tool, JOIN ME 2SHOW UR SUPPORT 4 THE LGBT COMMUNITYto Brittany’s Tumblr has, with hundreds of thousands of ON #SPIRITDAY - OCT 20! CHANGE UR PROFILE PIC 2 ONEGLAAD’s help, become an Facebook and Twitter users W/FIERCE PURPLE! GLAAD.ORG/SPIRITDAYinternational phenomenon, also turned their profile picturesattracting the participation of purple in an overwhelming @RICKY_MARTINcelebrities, news programs, display of support for LGBTmedia outlets, websites, young people. RICKY MARTINcorporations, universities,churches, local communities, and Spirit Day touches the lives END ANTI-LGBT BULLYING - WEAR PURPLE & MAKE YOUReven national landmarks. of millions of Americans, PROFILE PIC PURPLE FOR #SPIRITDAY 10/20 AT with messages of hope and GLAAD.ORG/SPIRITDAY #LGBTAmong those who ‘went purple’ encouragement. This year,and spoke out in support of Spirit Day will continue with @GOLDIEHAWNLGBT youth on Spirit Day 2011: GLAAD once again working withthe White House; Facebook; entertainers, media, entire cities GOLDIE HAWNhosts of the Today Show, Good and everyday people to take aMorning America, The View, stand against bullying and show JOIN ME! WEAR PURPLE FOR #SPIRITDAY TO SUPPORTThe Talk, Live! with Regis & our support for LGBT young GAY YOUTH & STAND AGAINST BULLYING: GLAAD.ORG/Kelly, Anderson Cooper 360, people. SPIRITDAY NO CHILD SHOULD BE BULLIED!NBC Nightly News, ABC WorldNews, Access Hollywood, For more information on howConan, The Late Late Show; you can participate, visit @WHITEHOUSEcelebrities including Chaz Bono, THE WHITE HOUSECher, Fran Drescher, NancyGrace, Kathy Griffin, Goldie .@WHITEHOUSE GOES PURPLE FOR #SPIRITDAY!Hawn, Sean Hayes, Adam
  8. 8. 6 GLAAD’S ANNUAL REPORT 2011-2012WORKING PROBONO CHAZ TAKES ON DANCING WITH THE STARSTransgender visibility on television got quite a boost in 2011, media outlets – including The New York Times, Entertainment Weeklyfollowing the announcement that author and advocate Chaz Bono and The Hollywood Reporter -- to speak out in support of Chaz andwould join the cast of ABC’s hit series Dancing With the Stars. highlight the tremendous hurdles still facing transgender AmericansBeginning in September, Chaz joined 11 other celebs – including today.openly gay fashion guru Carson Kressley -- in putting his fancyfootwork to the test on the ballroom floor. GLAAD also assembled a panel of five prominent transgender advocates for a feature segment on the entertainment news showWhile most media outlets and personalities celebrated Chaz’s The Insider. The first-of-its-kind panel underlined the impact of Chaz’sinclusion on the show, offering strong words of support, anti-LGBT inclusion on the show, as well as the growing acceptance ofactivists reacted with hateful messages and dangerous misinformation transgender equality.about the transgender community, encouraging viewers not to votefor Chaz simply for having the courage to be who he is. In 2012, Chaz was honored with the Stephen F. Kolzak Award at the 23rd Annual GLAAD Media Awards, where he spoke aboutIn response, GLAAD galvanized the support of tens of thousands, GLAAD’s work and impact:encouraging people to go #ProBono on Twitter and Facebook in astand against transphobia. GLAAD also worked through national “WE REALLY, REALLY HAVE COME A LONG WAY […] AND I BELIEVE THAT CHANGE HAPPENS FIRS T CULTUR A L LY, AND THAT’S WHERE GLAAD HAS THE GREATEST IMPACT ON OUR SOCIETY […] FOR MY PERSONAL JOURNEY, SINCE I TRANSITIONED, GLAAD HAS BEEN THERE FOR ME EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. FROM WHEN IT FIRST CAME OUT THAT I WAS TRANSITIONING, GLAAD WAS RIGHT THERE, OUT FRONT IN THE MEDIA. AND REALLY, EVERYTHING THAT I’VE DONE SINCE THEN, THEY’VE BEEN A PARTNER FOR ME TO GO TO -- WHEN ONE MILLION MOMS IS COMING OUT AGAINST ME OR WHEN KEITH ABLOW IS TELLING PEOPLE THAT ME BEING ON DANCING WITH THE STARS IS SOMEHOW DAMAGING TO CHILDREN -- THEY’VE REALLY BEEN A PARTNER FOR ME ALL THE WAY.”
  9. 9. IMAGES OF EQUALITY 7SHARING STORIESTIFFANY AND MEREDITHAfter spending four inseparable years all over the world descended on City Halltogether, and while snacking at their to capture the momentous occasion.favorite taco shop, Brooklyn-based coupleTiffany Peckosh and Meredith Soffrin Equipping couples with key talking pointspromised to spend the rest of their lives about the vital protections that onlytogether. marriage can afford, training couples on interview techniques and best-practices,Months later, the pair joined 823 and offering journalists a wide variety ofother loving and committed couples in spokespeople – including faith leaders,exchanging ‘I dos’ in New York City on July Spanish-speaking couples, and couples24, 2011, the first day it became legal for of color – GLAAD brought diverse storiesgay and lesbian couples to marry in the of love and commitment to statest acrossEmpire State. the nation through outlets such as The Associated Press, The New York Times,“It feels amazing -- it was such a touching USA Today, NBC Nightly News, Themoment,” Meredith told the BBC after tying Today Show, CNN, and the BBC, amongthe knot. “We’re hoping for this visibility to hundreds of others.create more understanding about the lovethat we share and about our relationship.” By introducing Americans to couples like Tiffany and Meredith – couples who simplyGLAAD worked tirelessly in the weeks want to take care of and be responsible forleading up to the historic day, connecting each other – GLAAD continues to changebrides-and-grooms-to-be with media outlets hearts and minds in living rooms, at waterand shining light on stories of love and coolers and around dining tables across thecommitment. That day, GLAAD was on the country, moving more and more people toground in New York City as journalists from support equality for all.
  10. 10. 8 GLAAD’S ANNUAL REPORT 2011-2012 EQUALITY EN ESPAÑOLGrowing acceptance throughSpanish-language mediaThe Spanish-speaking population remains This year, as the campaign continued,one of our nation’s fastest growing GLAAD President Herndon Graddickcommunities, with the U.S. Census joined NHMC President & CEO AlexBureau reporting Spanish as the primary Nogales to deliver thousands of petitionlanguage of nearly 37 million Americans. signatures to the show’s distributor, Liberman Broadcasting, Inc. (LBI),Reaching Spanish-speaking voters demanding an end to its inflammatorywith messages of acceptance is now anti-LGBT content. There, GLAAD andmore important than ever. That’s why NHMC also held a press conferenceGLAAD’s Spanish-Language Media announcing a new call for advertisersProgram works to share stories of LGBT to re-evaluate their support of the show.people across Spanish-language newsand entertainment outlets, building Finally, after 18 months of sustainedsupport for equality and challenging effort from GLAAD and NHMC,defamatory representations. José Luis Sin Censura was taken off the air. In a letter addressed to theIn 2011, GLAAD and the National organizations, the show’s distributorHispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) wrote, “We are confident that we canteamed up to take a stand against build upon this experience and workthe anti-LGBT talk show José Luis together to create positive experiences Now in its second year, GLAAD’s People of ColorSin Censura, filing a joint complaint for the LGBT, Latino and Spanish- Media Institute brings together advocates of colorwith the Federal Communications speaking communities.” for a multi-day advanced spokesperson-trainingCommission (FCC) calling on the program. GLAAD staff, leading journalists and keybody to take action against the show’s Through GLAAD’s Spanish-Language media professionals help participants cultivate skillsrepeated use of anti-gay slurs and anti- Media Program, positive images and vital to speaking about equality in both English andLGBT violence. stories of LGBT people are also standing Spanish-language news outlets. To date, more than in the face of shows like José Luis Sin 100 stories have featured or have been authored byMore than 30 organizations joined Censura -- reaching people across a GLAAD People of Color Media Institute graduate.GLAAD’s call, and advertisers including communities and helping to buildAT&T, Dish Latino, McDonald’s, and support and understanding in Spanish-Time Warner Cable even pulled their speaking homes across the from the program.
  11. 11. 9 GLAAD’S IMAGES OF EQUALITY ANNUAL REPORT 2011-2012TRANSFORMING 9 ENTERTAINMENT DIVERSIFYING LGBT IMAGES ON TV In its tenth season, TeenNick’s hit young audiences to important series Degrassi introduced Adam – resources and support while also the first transgender teen character encouraging viewers to be allies to to appear as a series regular on a their LGBT peers. scripted TV show. In 2011, the George Foster GLAAD and TeenNick worked Peabody Awards recognized together in 2010 to craft Adam’s Degrassi for the trailblazing storyline and ensure that his plotline. Among the most representation was authentic prestigious of honors in the media, and sensitive to the transgender the Peabodys extoled the program experience. GLAAD worked for its inclusion and authenticity, side by side with scriptwriters saying “True to its history, the and producers, equipping them durable high-school serial’s with vital resources like style and two-parter about a transgender terminology guides – helping to teen neither trivializes nor reshape the way television depicts overdramatizes its subject.” not just trans people, but trans youth. Adam’s enrollment at Degrassi Community School not only Together, GLAAD and TeenNick helped his fellow students better also created a public service understand what it means to be announcement (PSA) to transgender, but brought positive accompany Adam’s debut messages to countless teens across episodes, which directed the globe, who – perhaps for the very first time – got to know a transgender person. “FOR THE PEOPLE IN THIS BUILDING, That’s GLAAD at work.IT’S ALMOST LIKE GETTING NOMINATEDFOR AN EMMY OR AN OSCAR. IT’S BIG NEWS AROUND HERE. WE DO PRIDE OURSELVES ON TRYING TO TELL REALLY TRUTHFUL STORIES.” - DEGRASSI STAR STEFAN BROGREN ON THE SHOW’S 2012 GLAAD MEDIA AWARD NOMINATION
  12. 12. 10 GLAAD’S ANNUAL REPORT 2011-2012 media awardsHELD IN 2011 FOR OUTSTANDING INDIVIDUAL EPISODEIMAGES PRESENTED IN 2010 (IN A SERIOUS WITHOUT A REGULAR LGBT CHARACTER):VITO RUSSO AWARD “Klaus & Greta” 30 Rock (NBC)Ricky Martin OUTSTANDING DOCUMENTARYEXCELLENCE IN MEDIA AWARD 8: The Mormon Proposition (Red FlagRussell Simmons Releasing)VANGUARD AWARD OUTSTANDING REALITY PROGRAMKristin Chenoweth Project Runway (Lifetime)STEPHEN F. KOLZAK AWARD OUTSTANDING TALK SHOW EPISODENBC Entertainment Chairman “Ricky Martin Coming Out as a Gay ManRobert Greenblatt and a New Dad” The Oprah Winfrey Show (syndicated)GOLDEN GATE AWARDKim Cattrall OUTSTANDING TV JOURNALISM Newsmagazine: “Gay Teen Suicides” (series) Anderson Cooper 360 (CNN)CORPORATE LEADER AWARDAT&T OUTSTANDING TV JOURNALISM SEGMENT “Fort Worth Speech” The Last Word withLOCAL HERO AWARD Lawrence O’Donnell (MSNBC)Kara SwisherSPECIAL RECOGNITION OUTSTANDING NEWSPAPER ARTICLE “Rutgers Student Tyler Clementi’s SuicideBianca “Nikki” Peet Spurs Action Across U.S.” by Judy Peet (The Star-Ledger [Newark, N.J.])OUTSTANDING FILM – WIDE RELEASEThe Kids Are All Right (Focus Features) OUTSTANDING NEWSPAPER COLUMNIST Frank Rich (The New York Times)OUTSTANDING FILM-LIMITED RELEASEI Love You Phillip Morris (RoadsideAttractions) OUTSTANDING NEWSPAPER OVERALL COVERAGE Denver PostOUTSTANDING DRAMA SERIESTrue Blood (HBO) OUTSTANDING MAGAZINE ARTICLE “What Happens When You Find the One...OUTSTANDING COMEDY SERIES And He’s Nothing – Nothing – Like YouTIE: Glee (Fox) and Modern Family (ABC) Expected?” by Allison Cooper (O, The Oprah Magazine)
  13. 13. IMAGES OF EQUALITY 11 CELEBRATING 25 YEARS The GLAAD Media Awards recognize and honor media for their fair, accurate and inclusive representations of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community and the issues that affect their lives. The GLAAD Media Awards also fund GLAAD’s work to share stories from the LGBT community that build support for equality.OUTSTANDING MAGAZINE OVERALL COVERAGE: SPANISH-LANGUAGE CATEGORIESThe Advocate/Out OUTSTANDING NOVELAOUTSTANDING DIGITAL JOURNALISM ARTICLE ¿Dónde está Elisa? (Telemundo)“View From Washington” (series) by KerryEleveld ( OUTSTANDING DAYTIME TALK SHOW EPISODE TIE: “Mamá vístete de hombre” Casos deOUTSTANDING DIGITAL JOURNALISM - Familia (Univision) and “La Proposición 8”MULTIMEDIA Caso Cerrado (Telemundo)“Bridal Bliss: Aisha and Danielle” by BobbiMisick ( OUTSTANDING TALK SHOW INTERVIEW “Saliendo del closet después de los 30” ElOUTSTANDING BLOG Show de Cristina (Univision)Joe. My. God. ( OUTSTANDING TV JOURNALISM – NEWSMAGAZINEOUTSTANDING MUSIC ARTIST “En nombre del amor” Primer ImpactoScissor Sisters, Night Work (Downtown (Univision)Records) OUTSTANDING TV JOURNALISM SEGMENTOUTSTANDING COMIC BOOK “Aumenta el hostigamiento” DespiertaX-Factor by Peter David (Marvel Comics) América (Univision)OUTSTANDING LOS ANGELES THEATER OUTSTANDING NEWSPAPER ARTICLESomething Happened by L. Trey Wilson “Acosados hasta el punto del suicidio” by Rubén Moreno (La Opinión)OUTSTANDING NEW YORK THEATERBroadway & Off–Broadway: The Pride by OUTSTANDING MAGAZINE ARTICLEAlexi Kaye Campbell “Estoy feliz de ser quien soy” by María Morales (People en Español)OUTSTANDING NEW YORK THEATEROff–Off Broadway: When Last We Flew by OUTSTANDING DIGITAL JOURNALISM ARTICLE:Harrison David Rivers “Fedro llegó para quedarse” by Amy Linares ( OUTSTANDING SPANISH-LANGUAGE MUSIC ARTIST Christian Chávez, Almas transparentes (EMI)
  14. 14. 12 GLAAD’S ANNUAL REPORT 2011-2012 COMMENTATOR 2 0 1 2 Accountability PROJECT Time and time again, media outlets turn to anti-gay activists in CAP has since made waves across mainstream media, disrupting an effort to provide so-called “balance” to news stories. What extreme anti-LGBT talking heads’ ability to spew misinformation journalists may not realize, however, is that these sources often on the air, and attracting responses from the nation’s leading espouse extreme, anti-LGBT animus – sometimes even advocating journalists, including Hardball host Chris Matthews, whopublicly violence. stated that he and his producers are now reevaluating the way the show deals with anti-gay guests. Launched in March 2012, GLAAD’s Commentator Accountability Project (CAP) provides a comprehensive set of online resources GLAAD also works with local news outlets – in states like North detailing the homophobic, racist, and misogynistic sentiments of Carolina, Washington, Maine and Minnesota, where equality nearly three-dozen of the nation’s most vitriolic anti-LGBT activists. hinges on the ballot box – to ensure that reporters know about the gross misinformation spread by anti-gay activists in their area. The Commentator Accountability Project contains facts with which every journalist who covers LGBT issues should be familiar, but CAP provides journalists, producers, show bookers and network usually is not. GLAAD has already made the resource available to executives with an invaluable tool by which to hold commentators the nation’s leading newsrooms, meeting with producers to discuss accountable, in turn helping audiences better understand and the importance of fairness and accuracy when talking about accept their LGBT brothers, sisters, neighbors and friends. equality for every American. #GLAADCAP PROFILES PAT ROBERTSON TONY PERKINS MAGGIE GALLAGHER FOUNDER AND CHAIRMAN, THE CHRISTIAN PRESIDENT OF FOUNDER AND FORMER PRESIDENT AND BROADCASTING NETWORK, THE AMERICAN THE FAMILY RESEARCH COUNCIL BOARD PRESIDENT OF THE NATIONAL CENTER FOR LAW & JUSTICE (ACLJ), AND • Says that gay young people “have a higher ORGANIZATION FOR MARRIAGE REGENT UNIVERSITY (AMONG OTHERS) propensity to depression or suicide because of that internal conflict; homosexuals may • Internal memos obtained by the Human Rights • Said: “I don’t really believe homosexuals want recognize intuitively that their same-sex Campaign reveal that Gallagher’s organization, to get marriage, what they want to do is destroy attractions are abnormal.” the National Organization for Marriage, was marriage and some of the other things we have actively attempting to—in its own words— • The Family Research Council has distributed ”drive a wedge between gays and blacks” in our society.” a pamphlet that erroneously depicts gay men and “provoke the gay marriage base into • Of LGBT advocacy groups: “Some of these and lesbians as physically and mentally ill responding by denouncing (black) spokesmen radical gay groups are willing to do anything pedophiles who can be cured. and women as bigots.” A 2008–2009 Board in the world to have their way of doing sex Update also revealed that one of NOM’s goals • The Family Research Council has distributed legitimized by this country. They’ll tear down was “fanning the hostility” between the LGBT a pamphlet that begins by likening the logic any institution, the church -- the Episcopal community and the black community. behind same-sex marriage to the logic behind Church, for example -- in order to have their man-horse marriage (complete with horse • Referred to being gay as “a sexual disability way, and it’s basically wrong.” graphic). preventing certain individuals from participating • Robertson compared gay people with Satanists in the normal reproductive patterns of the human • Paid $82,500 to use the phone bank of former and tried to link gay people to Adolf Hitler: species.” Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke for an “Many of those people involved with Adolph election run-off. • Compared winning the fight to ban marriage Hitler were Satanists, many of them were homosexuals. The two things seem to go • Claims “blood of young marines” is on hands for gay couples with the fall of communism and together.” of legislators who voted to repeal Don’t Ask believes that if it is made legal, it will mean Don’t Tell. “losing American civilization.” FOR FULL LIST OF PROFILES, VISIT GLAAD.ORG/CAP
  15. 15. 13 GLAAD’S ANNUAL OF EQUALITY IMAGES REPORT 2011-201213MISSING 2 0 1 2 VOICES a study of religious voices in mainstream media reports about LGBT equality 3out of 4Time and time again, anti-gay activists citefaith traditions when speaking out against The research, a three-year analysis of 316equality, casting a gulf between God and news stories about LGBT issues, usingHis LGBT sons and daughters that seems 1,387 different religious sources onunbridgeable. national television and print news media, showed a disproportionate reliance on of the messages with someSupport for equality continues to grow, anti-LGBT religious voices commenting religious identification werehowever -- not just among the secular on LGBT people and issues. Three out communicated by people affiliatedpublic, but across faith communities and of four religious messages came from with faith groups that have formalcongregations. The myth that people of faith people whose religions have formaldo not accept their LGBT brothers, sisters, policies opposing LGBT equality, despite church policy, religious decrees orneighbors and friends is simply untrue. the fact that acceptance of LGBT people is traditions opposing equality for growing across faith traditions. LGBT people.That’s why GLAAD and the University ofMissouri Center on Religion & the Professions GLAAD found that news media is largelyteamed up to publish “Missing Voices,” omitting a pro-LGBT religious perspectivea study that analyzes religious messages and ignoring individuals who identify aspresented in national news outlets about both LGBT and religious, particularly those The study also inspired a feature segmentLGBT people and the issues that affect their who identify as Christian. As a result of on MSNBC’s Last Word with Lawrencelives. this framing, it is likely that audiences have O’Donnell, which profiled two prominent distorted views of the relationship Catholic equality advocates and highlighted between LGBT people and religion the growing disconnect between the Roman and follow a false ‘gay vs. Catholic hierarchy and everyday Catholics inMessages Presented by Religious Spokespeople religion’ frame. America who support LGBT people. GLAAD’s efforts did not go GLAAD continues to urge mainstream unnoticed. Quickly after releasing media to make more consistent use of LGBT- the new study, GLAAD’s Director affirming religious sources, instead of turning of Religion, Faith & Values Ross to more negative or non-affirming religious Murray appeared in various voices. By overlooking LGBT-affirming media outlets, including The spokespeople, journalists can contribute to evangelical christian roman catholic Washington Post and The – and even perpetuate – the idea that those total messages: 125 total messages: 108 Huffington Post. Murray was who are religious are, by definition, opposed quoted, “Today’s media has a to equality. responsibility to reflect the diversity of religious voices, rather than just Media have a responsibility to report fairly those who choose not to support and accurately. ‘Missing Voices’ allows them LGBT people [.] By elevating to do just that, equipping journalists with the mainline protestant total messages: 63 black church total messages: 41 select anti-LGBT voices who are resources they need in order to realize that out of touch with so many in their communities of faith are largely in support of own churches, media is falsely equality for all. representing views of entire negative religious groups and contributing jewish total messages: 20 other total messages: 9 to a climate that isolates LGBT youth and adults from their faith, a neutral false dichotomy that no one should have to make.” muslim total messages: 4 positive
  16. 16. 14 GLAAD’S ANNUAL REPORT 2011-2012 2 0 1 2MISSUNIVERSETRANSFORMINGIMAGES BEAUTY OFPageant contestant Jenna Talackova attracted a long history of supporting equality for allinternational headlines in early 2012 after she women, and this was something we took verywas booted from the Miss Universe Canada seriously.”competition because she’s transgender. Following work on Jenna’s case, GLAADGLAAD immediately got in contact with the worked with media oulets such as CNNMiss Universe Organization and urged officials and The Huffington Post to profile leadingthere to reshape the competition’s policies to transgender advocates like Janet Mockaccept and celebrate all women. Just days and Laverne Cox, as well as highlight thelater, the Miss Universe Organization released tremendous hurdles still faced by thea statement announcing that Jenna would be transgender community.allowed to compete and that the world’s mostprestigious beauty competition would work with Jenna went on in the MissGLAAD to make the pageant more inclusive. Universe Canada pageant to finish in the top twelveAfter weeks of consultations, the Miss Universe and to win the MissOrganization lived up to that promise, Congeniality award. Andreinstating Jenna and vowing to end its rules with GLAAD’s help, Missbarring transgender contestants. Universe has reshaped what it means to beIn announcing the news, President of the Miss beautiful – not just at home,Universe Organization, Paula Shugart said, but in countries all across the“We want to give credit where credit is due, globe.and the decision to include transgender womenin our beauty competitions is a result of ourongoing discussions with GLAAD [...] We have
  17. 17. 15 GLAAD’S ANNUAL REPORT 2011-201215 IMAGES OF EQUALITY2 0 1 2#STANDUPFORELLEN Retail giant J.C. Penney tapped of the company’s new spokesperson. America’s favorite talk show host, “Importantly, we share the same Ellen DeGeneres, as the company’s fundamental values as Ellen,” he said. new spokesperson in 2012, drawing “We’ll be focused on being in sync the ire of anti-gay fringe group One with the rhythm of our customers’ lives Million Moms, a project of the and operating in a ‘Fair and Square’ American Family Association. manner that is rooted in integrity.” In an open letter, OMM wrote OMM later abandoned its call for that DeGeneres “is not a true Ellen’s removal, announcing that the representation of the type of group would be “moving on.” families that shop” at J.C. Penney and that “by jumping on the pro- GLAAD President Herndon gay bandwagon,” the company Graddick spoke of the effect that would “lose customers with #StandUpForEllen had: “Turns out traditional values.” ‘one million’ anti-gay activists just can’t compare to the millions more In response, GLAAD launched – moms, dads, sons and daughters the #StandUpForEllen campaign alike – who agree with J.C. Penney to expose OMM’s anti-gay witch- that no person should be fired simply hunt, garnering support from tens of for being gay. As a result of this thousands of Americans who spoke failed attempt to oust Ellen, more out against the group’s anti-gay vitriol. people than ever are now speaking Through sweeping media coverage, out against the injustices faced by GLAAD also shed light on the gross hardworking LGBT Americans in the discrimination LGBT people still face workplace.” in the workplace, where in 29 states a person can be fired simply for being Since joining GLAAD to take a stand gay, while in 34 states, a person for Ellen, J.C. Penney has continued can be fired simply because they’re its commitment to inclusion, releasingYOU CAN BE FIRED JUST FOR BEING GAY IN transgender. ads throughout 2012 that feature gay and lesbian couples and their familiesTHESE 29 STATES. IN 34 STATES, YOU CAN After nearly 50,000 people joined – helping to show America that GLAAD to take a stand for Ellen families take many forms, all of whichBE FIRED JUST FOR BEING TRANSGENDER. and show their support, J.C. Penney deserve to be celebrated, to be seen, re-affirmed that the company to be employed, and to look good in “stands behind its partnership affordable clothing. with Ellen DeGeneres,” with J.C. Penney President Michael Francis announcing his unwavering support
  18. 18. SCOUTS ALL 16 GLAAD’S ANNUAL REPORT 2011-2012 16 GLAAD’S ANNUAL REPORT 2011-2012 2 0 1 2When the Boy Scouts of Americatold Ohio mom Jennifer Tyrrell thatshe could no longer be the leader ofher seven year-old son’s Tiger Scoutspack because she’s gay, Jennifer of Americans to a loving gay mom and her family. Under mounting pressure, the Boy Scouts revealed that a resolution was FORwas devastated. But she also introduced to possibly end the banwasn’t willing let the discrimination in 2013.continue. But that simply wasn’t enough.After getting in touch with GLAAD, Jennifer worked with GLAAD toJennifer launched a start another petition,petition, calling on the Boy Scouts calling on leaders within the Scoutsof America to end its ban on gay to take a stand. In response, Boyscouts and LGBT leaders. In a matter Scouts Board member and Globalof weeks, the petition garnered Chairman & CEO of Ernst &over a quarter million signatures, as Young, James Turley, announcedwell as support from celebrities like that he would work from within theRicky Martin, Julianne Moore, Josh organization to end the anti-gayHutcherson, Dianna Agron, Perez policies.Hilton, Fran Drescher, Benicio DelToro, and more. The Girl Scouts of the USA, the 4H Club, the Boys & Girls Club,GLAAD helped share Jennifer’s story and even the United States militaryacross mainstream news media, accept and welcome gay membersincluding The Associated Press, The – it’s time the Boy Scouts followNew York Times, The Los Angeles their lead and end its long history ofTimes, MSNBC, and CNN among discrimination.several others -- introducing millions SUPPORT ALL MOMS For Mother’s Day, GLAAD launched a digital campaign to draw support for Jennifer and share her story. GLAAD asked followers to send e-cards and Mother’s Day messages to the Boy Scouts of America asking them to support all moms and #SCOUTSFORALL. EQUALITWEETS: #SCOUTSFORALL @RICKY_MARTIN @_JULIANNEMOORE @PEREZHILTON @FRANDRESCHER RICKY MARTIN JULIANNE MOORE PEREZ HILTON FRAN DRESCHER COME ON EVERY1 RT AND TELL DEAR @BOYSCOUTS, ON MOTHER’S RT & TELL @BOYSCOUTS: ON READ JENNIFER’S STORY & SIGN @BOYSCOUTS: ON MOTHER’S DAY TO DAY I SUPPORT JENNIFER & MOTHER’S DAY I SUPPORT JENNIFER THE PETITION. SUPPORT JENNIFER SUPPORT JENNIFER AND ALL MOMS, ALL MOMS, GAY & STRAIGHT! & ALL MOMS, GAY & STRAIGHT & ALL MOMS, GAY & STRAIGHT! #SCOUTSFORALL #SCOUTSFORALL #SCOUTSFORALL #SCOUTSFORALL @BOYSCOUTS CHANGE.ORG/SCOUTS CHANGE.ORG/SCOUTS CHANGE.ORG/SCOUTS CHANGE.ORG/SCOUTS
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