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GL EVENTS company profile


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GL EVENTS company profile

  3. 3. The Company Founded in 1987, a subsidiary of GL events since 1997Official Contractor for DIEC – Dubai International Exhibition Centre
  4. 4. Eastern Exhibitions Services Limited (EESL) is proud to offer you their expertise as the leadingevents solutions company.EESL has been operating in the Middle East since 1987. For over six years, EESL has alsobeen the official service provider for the DWTC (Dubai World Trade Centre); offering a completeand comprehensive package for both the organiser and exhibitor for various trade fairs andexhibitions of all sizes.In 1997, EESL was sold to GL events France ensuring our services and products continue to beof the highest international standard no matter of the size of the event. GL events are theworld’s leading events and exhibitions Solutions and Services Provider. Together with expertisegained over 30 years on 5 continents, GL events offer a complete range of services from thechoice of location and equipment, to the management of a project and the installation.This partnership of expertise has enabled EESL to deliver a paramount service that is creative,flexible and precise to our clients needs for 17 years.Whether it’s a high quality custom stand build stand, national pavilion or shell scheme project,we are proud of being able to provide a full range of services to our customers through ourprofessional and dedicated members of staff.
  5. 5. OUR SERVICES OUR PROFESSIONS AND EXPERTISE  General contracting: complete organisation and set-up of the event venue area (fair, show, convention etc.)  Creation and outfitting of event space: design, build-up and decoration of different areas in accordance with their function: reception areas, relaxation areas, VIP areas, forums, restaurants, etc.  Fittings and decoration: - temporary or permanent fittings for points of sale, show- rooms, hotels, restaurants, exhibitions, etc. - museum fittings  Outdoor layouts: - rental, installation and layout of temporary structures such as tents, grandstands, tiered seating - heating and
  6. 6. OUR PROFESSIONS AND EXPERTISE  Stand design: - Design and production of made-to- measure stands, as well as traditional and shell-scheme stands - More than 400 stand designs a year  Furniture: rental and creation of furniture and accessories - 300,000 products in stock  Signage: orientation sign posting, fair lay-out plans, signage for different events spaces, signage for stands, signage on temporary strctures, etc.  Audiovisual solutions: video, sound systems, traditional and stage lighting, simultaneous interpreting  Floral decoration  Reception: personnel for shows and PR activities, reception
  7. 7. SERVICES DIVISION OUR MARKET FAIRS & EXHIBITIONS CONGRESSES & CONVENTIONS LARGE EVENTS  Congresses  Trade fairs  Sporting events  Conventions  General public fairs  Cultural events  Proprietary fairs  Political and institutional  Shows CORPORATE EVENTS events  Exhibitions  Seminars & conventions  Product launches  Gala evenings 
  8. 8. SERVICES DIVISION: OUR STRENGTHS AND ASSETS  Complete service offer  Trade expertise and creativity: Integrated design office=> a team of 70 people: designers, architects, draftspeople, surveyors…  A-Z chain of expertise from the initial briefing to the project delivery  Independence and reactivity  Proximity: local presence  Permanent monitoring and upgrading of safety aspects  International mobility: customer support throughout the
  9. 9. Annual Exhibitions/Events Intersec Hair & Beauty Vision Clients Gulfood Dubai World Trade Centre Arab Health IIR Horse Fair Deutche Messe Careers Dubai World Golf Championship Cabsat – Cable Satellite & MENA BSIA Middle East Exclusive Trade Fair Support Middle East Coatings Export Solutions Boatshow The Supreme Council of Energy –Dubai Vision X Government of Dubai (DEWA) GITEX Technology Week Big Boys Toys Partnerships in the Middle East Abu Dhabi Yacht Show Q-Media Sweets & Specialty Foods Qatar Tourism Authority ITCA Owen Brown WETEX MECOM Motorshow – UAE Qatar Motorshow – from 2011 Dubai World Golf Championship Dubai Global Enegry Forum (DGEF)
  10. 10. VISIONS THAT INSPIRE PerspectiveClient : EGYPT TOURISM AUTHORITYDetails:• MDF Walling• Graphics• Plasma• Raised Platform Actual Photos• Furniture• Accessories• Lighting
  11. 11. VISIONS THAT INSPIRE Actual PhotosClient : SKYBANDDetails:• Flooring• Graphics• Plasma• Raised Platform• Furniture• Accessories• Lighting
  12. 12. VISIONS THAT INSPIRE PerspectiveClient : INTERCOILGROUP Actual PhotosDetails:• MDF Walling• Graphics• Plasma• Raised Platform• Furniture• Accessories• Lighting
  13. 13. VISIONS THAT INSPIRE PerspectiveClient : AL HAREERDetails: Actual Photos• MDF Walling• Graphics• Plasma• Raised Platform• Furniture• Accessories• Lighting
  14. 14. VISIONS THAT INSPIRE Actual PhotosClient : BULGARIADetails:• MDF Walling• Graphics• Furniture• Accessories•Flooring - Carpet
  15. 15. VISIONS THAT INSPIRE PerspectiveClient : TELENORDetails:• MDF Walling• Graphics Actual Photos• Plasma• Raised Platform• Furniture• Accessories• Lighting
  16. 16. VISIONS THAT INSPIRE Actual PhotosClient : QVESTDetails:• MDF Walling• Graphics• Plasma• Raised Platform• Furniture• Accessories• Lighting
  17. 17. VISIONS THAT INSPIRE PerspectiveClient : OYSTARDetails:• Flooring – Carpet• Graphics• Plasma with DVD player• Raised Platform Actual Photos• Furniture• Accessories• Electrics – Lighting,Sockets and Mains
  18. 18. VISIONS THAT INSPIRE PerspectiveClient : PURACDetails:• Walling• Graphics• Plasma Actual Photos• Raised Platform• Furniture• Accessories• Lighting
  19. 19. VISIONS THAT INSPIRE PerspectiveClient : ROSNEFTOIL COMPANYDetails:• Structure• Finish with Laminate• Wooden Parquet Flooring Actual Photos• Chenel paper hangingbanner• All logos backlit• Video wall
  20. 20. VISIONS THAT INSPIRE PerspectiveClient : SOUTHAFRICAN NATIONALCOMMITTEEDetails:• Curved Structure Actual Photos• Glass Meeting area• Laminate Flooring• Podiums counters on spraypaint finish• Logos backlit
  21. 21. VISIONS THAT INSPIRE PerspectiveClient : TMKDetails:• Double-Storey Structure• Finish with roller paint• Wooden Parquet Flooring• Specially-designed patternwooden columns Actual Photos• 3D Letters Logo
  22. 22. Contact Us Jasmin Espejo Project Manager EESL - GL events Middle East Tel:- (+971) 04 380 9918 Mob#: +971 50 368 3978 www.easternexpo.comVISIONS THAT INSPIRE Michelle Ann Castro Marketing Executive EESL - GL events Middle East Tel:- (+971) 04 04 380 9918 Mob#: +971 50 121 5897