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YouTube, Twitter & the Curriculum


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Presentation at the MassCue 2011 Technology Conference.

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YouTube, Twitter & the Curriculum

  1. 1. YouTube, Twitter & the Curriculum... Green Screen Videos & Choose Your Own Adventure Videos Greg Kulowiec @gregkulowiec
  2. 2. Video Link YouTube Channel
  3. 3. Link to the blog post
  4. 4. LearningGoal / Objective Activity Technology
  5. 5. YouTubeLink Spotlight Tutorial
  6. 6. Enable Green Screen: iMovie - Preferences - Show Advanced Tools Green Screen iMovie Tutorial
  7. 7. CYOA Planning Document Link
  8. 8. Blog Post Link
  9. 9. Publishing Student WorkDo students post their five paragraph essays on their Facebook page?
  10. 10. Live Demonstration: Green Screen &Choose Your Own Adventure
  11. 11. Download Link
  12. 12. Who is the audience? What have they created? Have they donated their knowledge?Have they demonstrated their understanding? Will they remember the experience? Was it a social experience?
  13. 13. What Makes a Good Project?
  14. 14. Contact Information Greg Kulowiec @gregkulowiec #sschat