Animoto ppt handouts 3.8.11


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CLTA conference March 2011, Anim

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Animoto ppt handouts 3.8.11

  1. 1. Using Web 2.0 Animoto to Create Attention-grabbing Videos Renée Sawazaki EFL and French for Tourism and Hospitality Surugadai University, Japan Gail Hetler Site Director, East Bay Foreign Language Project Berkeley Language Center, UC Berkeley CLTA Conference March 19, 2011 Animoto for FL Education Wiki:
  2. 2. Lets get started!Today you will...1. learn about learn how to create a photo-video.3. experience different applications.4. brainstorm a plan for creating your own Animoto photo-video.5. learn how to sign up for Animoto for Education.
  3. 3. Attention Grabbers Lets vote.... Which would grab your attention? – Method 1 – Method 2 – Method 3 And...the winner is...
  4. 4. Les Photos du Sénégal
  5. 5. La Musique du Sénégalc
  6. 6. Les expériences du Sénégal
  7. 7. Animoto photo videos!(We just had a hunch that would happen...)
  8. 8. About• Since 2005• Founded by former TV producers, musicians, etc.• Mission: To link professional production with amateur video creators• We all have tons of digital photos – What should we do with them?
  9. 9. How to Make a Photo VideoStep 1: Content Photos, video clips, textStep 2: MusicStep 3: Finalize
  10. 10. Step 1: Content1a Select pictures & video Upload from your collection Select from Animoto collection Retrieve from (Step 1b) another website
  11. 11. 1b Retrieve Pictures from Another Website Upload an album from: Flickr Facebook SmugMug Picasa PhotobucketNote: Animoto will always ask for your permission, log in name and password to the chosen service!
  12. 12. Combining photos, video clips and text: International Festival in Japan
  13. 13. 2: EditAdd more Add text Spotlight Rotate Duplicate DeleteShuffle (Step 2b) Note: Click and drag pictures & text to change the order!
  14. 14. 3: Add & edit text A Click add text C Function key Type in text & B subtext T text box appears after photoNote: 20 character limit on top line & 30 on bottom
  15. 15. International fonts supported: Study abroad programsNote:Great Animoto collection of photos and video clips
  16. 16. Step 2: Music Select from Animoto collection Upload from your collectionNote: Animoto supports MP3 uploads
  17. 17. Step 3: Finalize Choose pace and length. Select opening picture.Give your video a title...and description.
  18. 18. Applications: Our ideasFor teachers• Lead into a unit – Hook; Comp Input• Closure – Prompt recap of contentFor students• Student presentation tool
  19. 19. Ideas from Jason Hsiao• Like a movie trailer• Use the best of the best• Less is more• Create a story arc: conflict or question• Show establishing shots• Make the viewer want to watch it again!!
  20. 20. Applications: Your ideasFor the teacher:• What photos and video clips could you use to make an Animoto photo-video?• What is the theme?• How could you use it?For the students:• What project could you have your students do?
  21. 21. Animoto versionsFree (Lite) Education (Plus)• Unlimited # of videos • Unlimited # of videos• 30-second videos • Full-length videos• Cannot download • Downloadable • 480p (DVD) videos $3 each • 720P HD videos $6 each • Usually $5/month or $30/year, but free for educators and their students
  22. 22. How to Sign Up for Animoto for EducationIts as easy as 1, 2, 3!1: Go to and sign up for a free account2: Apply for an Animoto for Education account Give directions and code to students once you receive it. Your account is good for 6-months: Renew after that.3: Make videos for your lessons while you wait for your account information
  23. 23. 3. Start making videos Design a story or message Choose photos, videos and music – Its helpful to make a file of your collection on your computer before making the photo-video. Make a photo-video Download it to your computer Hints: – Use in a Power Point presentation (Can convert it from MPG4 to .mvp by using if necessary). – Save to DVD ( is a great for burning MPG4 files) Use in class!
  24. 24. Lets continue sharing ideas!Access and add to: Animoto for FL Education Wiki: