Toy history


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Toy history

  1. 1. HISTORY OF MOVING TOYS - Grace Roh<br />411480088265Toys always have been reflecting humans’ life. Toys reflected in society, observation even in history. <br />There are some different kinds of moving toys, such as rolling (pulling and pushing), spinning, rocking, hopping or even more. The first toy that existed was found in 3000-1500 B.C. It was a horse-rocking toy. It was made of rocks, grass, sticks or clay that are from nature. Usually children’s parents or children themselves made their own toy instead of buying from shops. <br />Pulling and pushing toys have been existed for thousand of years. There are examples from ancient civilizations made from materials (including clay, wood, lead and ivory.). Those rolling toy were usually in animals’ shape. The more centuries have gone, the more materials are being able to be used for making toys. They are being very variety in these days and it’s still fun to play with toys.<br />ROLLING TOYS<br />4343400988060 Sometimes, the rolling toys were big enough for children to sit on the top of the toy and roll them. Horse rolling toys were very popular in the middle age in Europe. In 19th century, these kinds of toys were helpful for young kid to learn how to walk or stand-alone. In one museum in Europe, there is a duck-rolling toy. It is from 1912s, and it’s head hops when it rolls. . Also In ancient Rome, they found a crocodile looking toy; it moved its jaw in same time when it rolled. We could know this by remain that we found from Rome, a jaw. This kind (doing two things in one time) of moving were very popular. Even France royal families thought this as the most fun entertaining game.<br />-685800974725The most common example of pulling and pushing toy is a yo-yo. Children in ancient Greece and ancient Rome also played with yo-yo. The yo-yos are well known, as they are from ancient china and it works when we pull a string around the wooded round body, then it moves up and down. It needs lots of skills to get used to play with it<br />ROCKING TOYS<br />Rocking toys were is nearly from 17th century. It was big enough for children to sit. It rocked when they set on and moved their boy back and forward. In the 1880s, it was produced on swings’ sits. It became most popular in that duration. <br />SPRING TOYS (slinky)<br />A toy called slinky is well known as simple movement but attractive toy. The slinky was invited from engineer called Richard James. He was experimenting about board ship and accidently invented this. The name ‘slinky’ is from his wife Betty, and it was sold for 90 minutes in department store. It was completely big hit for people.<br /> Source:<br /><br /><br />