<Tomorrow when the war began – Book Review> <br />Written by - Grace Roh<br />How would you feel like when a war happened ...
Tomorrow when the war began – book review
Tomorrow when the war began – book review
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Tomorrow when the war began – book review


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Tomorrow when the war began – book review

  1. 1. <Tomorrow when the war began – Book Review> <br />Written by - Grace Roh<br />How would you feel like when a war happened right now without any declaration of war? Do you think you will be able to fight against a country by yourself? Perhaps, you are going to surrender straight away. Here are the people who are very young. They are in the war situation in a book called “Tomorrow When The War Began” written by John Marsden. They are only 17. They just come back from a camp that they went for 4 days, and they think they lost their mom and dad because of the war. Did they go surrender? The answer is “no”. They became a resistance group like a guerilla fighters. While they were fighting, they started to find their real face and personality. Ellie, a girl that was just normal but she becomes a leader of the group and killed some soldiers to survive. Homer, who was such a jerk and sport guy but he also becomes a leader of the group with Ellie. Fiona, who was very princess like and stupid about life, becomes to be smarter and faster as well. By these cases of characters and events, you will be able to find out when important and extraordinary things happen in our lives, it makes people change.<br />In this story, there were lots of exciting, sad and scary events. 7 good friends decided to go on trip. They are Ellie, Homer, Fiona, Robyn, Kevin, Lee, Corrie. They love each other and they were the best friends. They play very much. However, when they went go home with great feeling, they lose their parents. They find out that there is a war going on. They have to be a fighter. It didn't matter they wanted to be or not. They kill some soldiers and feel guilty but they overcome it. They had to be more sensitive of everything and kill invaders to survive. They become mature and know better about the dangerous world. They used to be normal people as same as others before the war began, but they become different from the others. They meet some new people that they were not really related to each other before, and start to know what’s their new face. They have an experience that they killed people for their survival, which majority of people doesn’t usually do. <br />Additionally, there are some special events that are related to changes of characters in this book. First is, when Ellie sees Fiona’s fickle and selfish personality at the camping when Fiona goes out when they are cleaning. Ellie talks about the people who were in the war in different country and couldn't get any food. When the war just has gone, they were very happy about getting some foods even they were not very nice to eat. However, only one day after, they started to complain about the foods they eat. Ellie tells that people are very variable and selfish just like Fiona by telling this story. Also, Ellie kills soldiers not on purpose to survive in that situation. Which doesn't usually happen to other people. Also, they work individually and all of them are so frustrated when they think that they have no way to resist against them. But they start to do something, not just sitting there and do nothing. As we can know this from these cases, it is possible to change one’s reaction and behavior in some special cases.<br />Furthermore, characters changed evidently during the war. They changed their reaction to situations and even their personality. First, Robyn was very devout Christian. But she needs to kill people for her survival. She still feels very bad but they are okay to kill and she is overcoming. It is because she is justifying that it is okay to kill someone else to survive. Fiona was very dumb and ignorant. She thought snakes cant swim. But when the actual war starts, she starts to be very nice to everyone and she is very well grown up. Owing to the fact that Ellie is a sort of leader among her friends in Ellie’s case, she kills soldiers and she gets to be used to kill or harm opponents to survive. <br />From those previous stories, there are lots of evidences of the fact that they change. The characters change. Some specific events help them to change. It tells that human is a very fickle animal. Humans, who always think that they wont kill people or do that sort of cruel things, but they will do whenever they need to do for their own survival or something else that are related closely to their actual lives. This is one of instincts of humans in their deep inner mind. We will surly follow the instinct when weird and unacceptable things happen in our actual lives.<br />