Coming back from a camping, at Ellie’s home<br />Written by Lee<br />We have played for a long time in camping and yesterd...
Essay   different viewpoint
Essay   different viewpoint
Essay   different viewpoint
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Essay different viewpoint


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Essay different viewpoint

  1. 1. Coming back from a camping, at Ellie’s home<br />Written by Lee<br />We have played for a long time in camping and yesterday was the last day of the camping. So we returned home. We came home by Ellie’s dad’s landrover. We talked about the snake incident, which was very scary. Kevin said that he was very upset because his precious sleeping bag became dirty and that incident disturbed his sweet time with Corrie. I was so scared at that time that I went up to the tree. I think that was just a stupid reaction. Time passed quickly while we were talking about our camping and then we arrived to Ellie’s home. <br />Something was wrong. The first thing that I noticed when I arrived at Ellie’s home was that Ellie’s dogs were dead. Their eyes were terribly popped out and they didn't move at all like a rock. They just lay down on the cold ground and didn't move. The furs around the dogs’ necks were covered with red liquid, it looked like their blood. Their snouts were dried. I instantly looked at Ellie and she was surprisingly not upset. She checked her dogs one by one and suddenly ran away to somewhere and came back with a dog that was still alive. She shouted to Corrie to take care of her dead dogs and went into her home. Then I followed her.<br />I looked around her home. It was clean, tidy and very neat. Nothing was actually wrong or bad. But once again I looked around the house, I suddenly figured out that there were no parents. There were no parents and no welcomes from parents. Did they go somewhere? I was not sure but they might be somewhere else, I hoped. Ellie looked for a note from parents which might tell her where they are but there wasn't any. So I started to think of something else. Homer went to refrigerator and tried to get some foods for the dog but he came back with nothing. He said that all the foods in the refrigerator were rotten so it smelled like under the sun dried milk. We tried to call mom and dad but there was no electricity so we failed to reach them. Ellie looked very scared. Including radio everything related to communication was shut. <br />I have a gut feeling and that has been always very sharp and correct. That time, I could only think of two possibilities depending on my feeling. They went to commemoration day’s showground, or worse they got an invasion. I got this feeling from my Taiwanese dad and Vietnamese mom. She experienced cruel Vietnam War so she knew well about wars. She always told me about the war and the way to be safe in dangerous situation. At that time Robyn was next to me so I talked to Robyn about the possibility of the invasion. She agreed but didn’t want to talk about that anymore. If it were invasion then it would suffer my friends and confuse them, so I didn't mention. Friends started to be scared and horrified. I thought they felt the same way as I did. I guessed their instincts in their inner mind were shouting and telling them that situation was not good but terrible. <br />Suddenly, everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at me like they thought I had an answer, but I didn't want to tell them. I couldn't assure about the invasion thing, however we couldn't just sit there and do nothing so we went to Homer’s home to check his home was same as Ellie’s or not. Ellie drove the landrover to Homer’s place. When we arrived, she just parked it in front of his house. At that time, I suddenly thought of this. If that was a case of invasion and soldiers might notice the car wasn't there before, we might get in dangerous trouble. Therefore, I went to hide the car behind a palm tree. While I was driving the car, Ellie was staring at me. I thought she got an idea about the war and came close to me and shouted out that I was wrong and what I thought would not happen. She seemed like she was scared to mention the word ‘war’ or ‘invasion’. Robyn came close to us and relaxed Ellie, however Robyn seemed like she completely accepted the theory of the invasion. <br />I went into Homer’s home and the situation was just same as Ellie’s home, even dirtier. He told us that he has a RF radio at office. We rushed to find it to check what’s going on. When we found that, Ellie thought their parents might have escaped from their village on huge fire. But Homer reminded her how the bad fire destroys everything cruelly but her and his houses were too clean. She easily abandoned the theory of the fire.<br />Everyone started to lose control after Robyn told us about something bad was happening and we couldn’t just avoid that thing. The first one who lost control was Ellie therefore she started to cry and scream at Robyn and told her that her father would never leave her dogs to the death. After her shriek, I did lost control too, like others. Corrie started to scream louder than Ellie and Kevin grabbed his hair hardly. Fiona put her whole hand into her mouth and became pale. I was so sad about I could do nothing. I was becoming rigid and made a fist very hard. Involuntarily I started to cry. I couldn't stop dropping hot tears on my face. The place that we were standing was just in chaos. Suddenly Homer made us laugh by making a hysterical joke about Fiona’s reaction so all of us could calm down stably.<br />On that, we started to think of some theories about the reasons why parents weren’t here, dogs were dead and there was no electricity. I was pretty sure about the invasion thing, but I thought nothing would be worse than the invasion so I listened to my friends. First, Corrie thought of commemoration day, as same as I thought and everyone accepted and then Homer told an idea of a needlepoint of his mom (he said that she always displays her needlepoint at Honour Wall). Furthermore, not everyone would be there where Homer’s mom was and for a minute Homer went Hounour Wall and checked. But no one was there. <br />Robyn was the most adaptable person among my friends at that time, thus she started to make friends accept the invasion situation with a new fact. As Ellie mentioned the airplanes we saw at Wirrawee had no lights. That fact made me became assured of the invasion but Fiona didn't want to accept it. She talked about some theories, which sounded too impossible and irresponsible for me. No one actually regarded her ideas seriously, so she started to shout and cry out loud. I had never seen her shouting before, by that I found out she was not a princess-like anymore. Anyway I was the one who made her cry out by bad reaction so I had to soothe her in logical ways. Even though she started to understand but didn't stop crying.<br />After that, I found out that I couldn't avoid the fact just because my friends were scared. I knew that the invasion had been started and we were in dangerous situation, but I also didn't want to accept the fact. I was a young boy same as them. I loved my family and loved peace. But for now, we all have to be really cautious and know the circumstance of this case. I had to tell them to consider of invasion, not avoiding it just as one case. It was very hard to keep my control either. I said ‘just as one case’ because I really didn't want to accept the fact just like the others. Now I am very confused and I know that we have to be prepared for some Blue = AdjRed = AdvYellow = conjunctionunexpected events just in case of war.<br />