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Toolbox.com presentation as part of the Wharton panel on how social media is changing the technologist role in corporate strategy.

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    1. 1. Online Communities in the Workplace George Krautzel, President and Co-Founder, Toolbox.com
    2. 2. Who is Toolbox.com? • Mission — Provide an online platform that enables professionals to easily share knowledge with their peers • Existing communities — IT (10 years), HR (<1 yr), and Finance (<1 yr) — More than 3 million monthly unique visitors — Over 2.4 million pages of practical user-generated content • Knowledge-sharing platform — User profiles — Vendor profiles — Blogs — Discussion groups — Wiki 2
    3. 3. Where Toolbox.com Lives in the Media Space User-Generated • Content is communication, specific appeal • Content is communication, specific appeal • 2-way conversations between friends • 2-way conversations between peers • Personal experiences, socially driven • Personal experiences, best practices Editorial • Content is carefully vetted, broad appeal • Content is carefully vetted, broad appeal • 1-way conversation from experts to readers • 1-way conversation from experts to readers • News, consumer interests, and trends • News, case studies, best practices Consumer Business 3
    4. 4. Online Communities’ Appeal to the Knowledge Worker Online Research Communities Specific User Groups Vendor Books Web Sites Training Granularity of Information Editorial Trade Shows Web Sites Broad Magazines Periodic Continuous Velocity of Updates 4
    5. 5. Tracking Social Media Usage Among Professionals • Trend: consistent increase in social media consumption across IT job roles • Results from the Toolbox.com/PJA Social Media Index Survey of 3,000+ IT pros in each of the three waves 100 W1 W2 W3 W1 W2 W3 W1 W2 W3 W1 W2 W3 W1 W2 W3 Note: The Toolbox.com/PJA Social Media Index uses editorial media consumption rates from Wave 1 to calculate a mean score of 100. 5
    6. 6. How Professionals Leverage Social Networks • Increase productivity and efficiency through knowledge sharing • Support professional information needs – Solve problems through peer-tested solutions – Learn from the challenges of peers – Evaluate vendors with input from experienced users – Advance career through networking Cost-effective, timely, Member Question Community Feedback and better solutions 6
    7. 7. Solve Problems – The Wisdom of the Crowds Problem: “What’s the best antivirus for an SMB? Any suggestions or recommendations for a good product that will give good protection? I recently picked up a permanently attached banner on my desktop that says your computer is infected.” - Jim Galloway, Business Manager, NOW Enterprises “SuperAntiSpyware seems to work good to get rid of those rouge ““Download ‘Malwarebytes’ and run ...problem solved.” Suggested anti-virus applications. More information can be found at…” - Jared Lewellyn - Tony Stanley solutions from the IT “Use SuperAntiSpyware combined with HiJackThis! You'll need to run community: SuperAntiSpyware first, and run HijackThis! to get rid of obvious malware. Turn off system restore after the scan, reboot and re-enable system restore. This virus is everywhere recently.” - Deanna St.Croix “I suggest you Kaspersky 7.1 full version. I don't know “I've had great luck with AVG (which, since V8, the exact price of the product. But I found it very includes an anti-spyware component).” excellent. Check the URL for more details...” - Debra Carlson - Sekhar Help Desk Decision: “Kudos and my appreciation to Deanna St Croix. She hit the nail on the head. SuperAntiSpyware stopped it and removed it from 2 registry keys and 8 different files it had created in about 12 minutes. I was so impressed I bought it and am very happy.” - Jim Galloway, Business Manager, NOW Enterprises - From the Toolbox for IT Antivirus-Select Discussion Group 7
    8. 8. Professionals Building Their Brand Share knowledge to build professional Showcase reputation experience and expertise Build a personal network of peers for networking and knowledge sharing 8
    9. 9. Companies are Actively Engaging Communities Community Background on the conversation about vendor the vendor and products White papers, documents, and other research from the Connections with vendor interested community members 9
    10. 10. Opportunities for Technologists to Affect Strategy • Customer Relationship Strategy Inside Web Site- Play an active role in defining how the company is structured to engage prospects and customers inside the web site- user experience, features, communication tools, etc. • Customer Relationship Strategy Outside Web Site- Working closely with marketing to build a strategy that can leverage technology to reach and engage prospects and customers outside of the company website. • Resource Planning- Company champion on how to minimize expenditures by having a clear roadmap to eliminate duplication, increase efficiency (i.e. save energy cost), and reduce threats. • Business Intelligence- Help shape the strategy to utilize the volumes data being generated by and about the company and it assets. 10
    11. 11. To Connect With Me • Toolbox.com Profile- http://it.toolbox.com/people/george_krautzel • Twitter Profile- http://twitter.com/georgekrautzel 11