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About the TrainerG K Lim is President of HRD Gateway, a 40,000-member international non-profit organization dedicated to e...
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G K Lim\'s "Negotiation Skills Workshop," on 15 -16 June 2011, at Melia Hotel, KL


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A 2-day program on strategic negotiation skills, conducted by G K Lim, at Melia Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, on 15 - 16 June 2011. This program is also available inhouse

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G K Lim\'s "Negotiation Skills Workshop," on 15 -16 June 2011, at Melia Hotel, KL

  1. 1. HRD Gateway Professional Workshop Series Strategic Negotiation Skills Facilitated by G K Lim (Sawadpong Limtrakul) MBA, CEI, CMS 15 & 16 June, 2011 at Melia Hotel, Kuala Lumpur THEY ARE PLAYING THE NEGOTIATION GAME ON YOU RIGHT NOW! Those who know how to negotiate get the bigger piece of the pie. No exceptions. Negotiating effectively is a subtle, unobtrusive professional skill. It has to be learnt just like any other skill. It directly influences corporate profitability. All company staff members SHOULD know how to negotiate. If you are not aware of negotiation principles, you are costing your company millions of dollars in lost opportunities. Your prospects, customers, suppliers, partners and associates are applying negotiation principles and tactics on you right now, encouraging you to give them a bigger portion of your share of the pie -- with- out your realizing it. Of course, you don’t realize it -- because the basic premise of negotiating is that it is applied without the other side even remotely sensing it. This program equips you with powerful negotiating and influencing techniques and strategies. Program supported by
  2. 2. Strategic Negotiation Skills Facilitated by G K Lim (Sawadpong Limtrakul) MBA, CEI, CMS 15 & 16 June, 2011 at Melia Hotel, Kuala LumpurWhy this program is special Benefits you will receive You will …..• Links ideas presented directly to participants actual negotiation / • Discover your negotiation profile; influencing situations • Learn how to prepare for business negotiations; • Learn how to apply negotiation strategies in various situations;• 40% expert input (or lecture), • Know all about money in negotiations; 60% audience participation • Maintain control in most difficult situations; (learning by doing); • Be able to place and give concessions; • Know how to use variables in negotiating;• Discusses current best practices • Be aware of negotiation games other people play on you; in business negotiations, • Learn to use countering tactics in negotiations; adapted to suit the dynamic Asian • Know how to use the perception of power when negotiating; business environment • Learn how to be credible in the eyes of the other party; • Know how to close a deal.• Each participant receives a comprehensive fact-filled workshop- manual-cum-resource-book for easy on-the-job reference; Objectives• Endorsed by HRD Gateway, By the end of the session, participants would understand princi- Malaysia HRonline, HumanTal- ples of international B2B business negotiation that they can use to ents International, and Training create a competitive edge for themselves and their companies. Malaysia They would be able to prepare, plan, develop and execute appro- priate strategies in business negotiation and transaction.• This program is offered by HRD Gateway in India, Pakistan, Who should attend? Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, All executives or managers who need to negotiate with local or Brunei, Thailand, Cambodia, international customers, clients, vendors, suppliers and others, in Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Philip- all industries. pines, Czech Republic, and USA
  3. 3. About the TrainerG K Lim is President of HRD Gateway, a 40,000-member international non-profit organization dedicated to excellence inhuman resource management. He is also a training consultant in the area of consultative / solution-centric selling skills, keyaccount management, negotiation / persuasion / influencing skills, 360-degree managerial excellence, collaborative lead-ership, personal productivity / resilience skills, and mind / intuition enhancement.He holds an MBA from American Heritage University of Southern California, and currently working for his DBA from IfugaoState University, Philippines. He has had consulting and training assignments in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore,Brunei, Philippines, Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, United Arab Emirates, and China, and has appeared on TV2 (KL),TVM (Maldives), UNTV (Manila) and RPN9 (Manila).He is Fellow of the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management; Approved CMSI Sales Personnel Certification Advisor &Instructor; ISO Certified In Marketing & Sales (ISO CMS 991182); Certified e-Business Associate (EC-Council); Certified EC-Council Instructor; Certified Herrmann Brain Dominance Instructor; PSMB-certified trainer, Certified Competency-BasedTraining & Education Instructor; Accredited Facilitator, Accelerated Entrepreneurs Development Program; and Member,Intuition Network.A partial list of in-house training clients include: ABB, Aesculap, Acer, Aon Vietnam, ANZ Bank Hanoi, B Braun, Bristol-MyersSquibb, Cadbury, Canon, Ciitibank, Cycle & Carriage Bintang, Datacard Group USA, Dell, Dexion, DHL, Digi, Euromedical,Flextronics, GE Toshiba Silicones, HAVI Food, IQPC Oil & Gas Dubai, IITM Sri Lanka, Intel, Jabil, Jaya Jusco, Komag, LandmarkGraphics, Maersk Medical, Maybank, Maxis, Microsoft Thailand, Mitsui-O.S.K. Lines, Mitsui Sumitomo, NEC, New ZealandMilk, Nordberg China, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, OConnors, Panasonic, Permodalan BSN, Public Bank, PSA Maldives,PWTC, Reliance, Roche, Samsung India, Shell, Sime Darby, Singapore Institute of Management, Syngenta Crop Protection,Taaheel FZ. Dubai, Tara Prima Megah Bandung, Texchem, Tecumseh-Euro-Malaysia, TUDM, Wearne Brothers, Xepa-SoulPattinson, Yves Rocher, and Zuellig Pharma.PROGRAM TOPICSIntroduction Deadlock, impasse, stalemateProblems you face when negotiation with others DefinitionSo far, how have you been negotiating? The wrong way to break a deadlock, impasse, stalemateGroup exercise: “How not to lose your shirt in a negotiation How to break deadlocks, impasse, stalematesencounter”The paper tearing exercise – Don’t ASS U ME Solo negotiation or team negotiation Solo negotiator – advantages; areas of concernOpening tactics A team of negotiators – advantages; areas of concernTest yourself on "The Opening Statement" The negotiation team – rules of engagementAbout the opening statementWho opens first? Money and negotiationKrunch early and krunch often Various ways of working around moneyIf you have to open first The use of “funny money”Assumptions How to create perceptions on value of money The ubiquitous “It’s too expensive......”All about trades offs and variablesThe need for trade offs Power in negotiationVariables in negotiation Informal leadership powerSome variables Legitimate powerOther variables applicable to your business Tactical powerTactics -- How tos How to help the other party come to a decisionOver 50 tactics used in negotiating / influencing How to trial-closeHow to counter tactics Buying signals -- spoken, unspoken Making final offersWhen they say they want this, do they REALLY mean they Conclude with a nibblewant this? What to do when a decision with the other party is reachedIssues, positions, interests, options, and variablesThe question of position versus interest Role plays used at the workshopPosition-Interest role play Distributive negotiation simulationCreating options The general manager and the consultantOptions role plays Althesa International Supply, Inc. simulation GE International, Inc. contract simulation
  4. 4. Yes! Please register the following delegates for the public program Strategic Negotiation Skills on 15 & 16 June 2011 at Melia Hotel, Kuala Lumpur facilitated by G. K. Lim, MBA, CMS, CEI REGISTRATION FORM Call/email us for email friendly word format registration formName:(Dr/Mr./Mrs./Ms):Title: Email:Name:(Dr/Mr./Mrs./Ms):Title: Email:Name:(Dr/Mr./Mrs./Ms):Title: Email:Approving Manager:Title: Email:Exec. In charge of Registration:Title: Email:Company/Organization:Address:Email:Tel: Fax: INVESTMENT FOR ATTENDING THIS WORKSHOP IS RM 1,550 PER DELEGATEEarly bird discount of RM 170 (total: RM 1,380 per delegate) before 16 May, 2011. Please contact us for details on GroupDiscounts for registration of more than one delegate.PAYMENT DETAILS:We have transferred the sum of RM……….......................…. to MAYBANK Account No: 514299128474 in favor of HRD Gate- way Sdn Bhd. A scanned copy of the transfer slip is enclosed, or will be emailed to an email address below; OREnclosed herewith is a cheque No:................................. for RM................................. made in favor of HRD Gateway Sdn. Bhd. Mailing address : HRD Gateway Sdn Bhd, B-23-2, Sri Intan One, Batu 5, Jalan Ipoh, 51200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Tel.: (Kelly Teoh / Azura Ahmad) 03-61005992; 019-2268987; Fax: 03-23811060 Email: ; Website: Creative Consultant : Prof. (Dr.) Sudhi Ranjan Dey Pic source: