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Foot Lameness in Cattle


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Foot Lameness in Cattle

  1. 1. By Greete Kereme
  2. 2.  Introduction Lameness Structure ◦ Phase 1 ◦ Phase 2-3 Prevention ◦ Lameness Control program Effect on productivity Conclusion
  3. 3.  Increasing problem in dairy cattles Painful for animal Effects productivity:- Milk production- Pregnancy
  4. 4.  3 phases of lameness process:1. Initial activation phase2. Local mechanical damage3. Progressive local mechanical damage of bone and support structure.
  5. 5.  Associated with a systemic metabolic insult Vasoactive mehanism increases digital pulse and total blood flow. Expansion of the corium
  6. 6.  Associated with the vascular system. Fewer nutriens and less oxygen reaches to the epidermal cells. “Heart attack” of the feet -> phase 3, where bone shifts in position.
  7. 7.  Locomotion scoring - reproducible technique, it consists of watching each cow walk on an even non-slip surface. (sound, uneven/slow, lame Routine foot trimming – likely the most important control measure for reducing lameness.
  8. 8. Below, score: walking lameUp, score: walkingsound
  9. 9.  Monitoring lameness incidence and causes A planned foot trimming program Strategic, regular footbathing Prompt treatment of lame cows Specific management of first lactation cattle Clean and comfortable walking surface for the cows.
  10. 10.  Decline in milk production 0,5 to 1,5 lts/day Causes late pregnancy Prolongs calving interval by 35-50 days.
  11. 11.  Animals whose lying time after calving gets redused are more likely to suffer claw horn diseas in peak or mid lactation. Lameness can be easily prevented with right strategy. As an huge effect on animal health and production.
  12. 12. “Recent Concepts in the Aetiopathogenesis of Foot Lameness in Cattle”Authors: U N Zahid, Swaran S Randhawa and M A Ganie. cattle.htmPreventing lameness in dairy cows: hoof lesions; their identification, treatment, management and prevention.Authors: Colin Mason, Jill Offer ss.pdf